Canopy, Tequila and More

Find time in the jungle
February 27, 2023
This excursion was amazing. Felt safe and the crew helping out made us enjoy our time. We went with our 5 year old daughter and she had a blast afterwards the tequila tasting and restaurant had some great Mexican food and a fun water slide to slide into the creek
Reviewer: Joe
5 Stars
Awesome excursion
December 23, 2022
Our group ranged from 5 years old to a few folks in their mid 60s and everyone had a blast. Our daughter who is five was treated great. The boat ride over to the village was awesome and they had a little restaurant and water slides available with great food while we waited for the tequila tasting and animal sanctuary to open.
Reviewer: Joe
5 Stars
March 01, 2022
Loved this! Went on this with my 6 and 8 year old and we all had a blast!
Reviewer: Sunshine Rush
5 Stars
Fantastic Canopy Tour
February 04, 2022
Have a fantastic time on this tour. The staff was very friendly, safety conscious and just all around fun to be with. This was followed by some good tequila tasting and a wonderful petting zoo where we held a monkey, large snake and a toucan bird.
Reviewer: Howard Leong
5 Stars
Great fun and service.
December 31, 2021
My wife and I were looking forward to zip lining at this port stop. It did not disappoint. It was about an hour drive in an open air transport truck. Once there, the team that led us were fun and very helpful. Not only were there 15 zip lines, but there were some animals, (monkeys, snakes, and birds) we were able to interact with at the end of the tour. Be prepared to walk a little in-between some of the starting points.
Reviewer: Scott Hubbard
5 Stars
Awesome tour!
April 01, 2020
We had an awesome time on our zip line and tequila excursion. The guys who run the zip lines were friendly, funny and made sure we were safe at all times. We even got to zip line upside down and they filmed us with a Go Pro! We had a tasty lunch (purchased from restaurant menu) and played in the river. My son kayaked and enjoyed the water slides. The tequila tasting was fun and informative too. We highly recommend this tour! You won’t be disappointed!
Reviewer: April Martinez
5 Stars
Zip Line and Tequila!
February 12, 2020
This was the highlight of our trip. The Zip line was so fun and the crew working was just amazing. I would highly recommend this excursion!
Reviewer: Dave Snyder
5 Stars
January 30, 2020
I booked the zip lining for my kids (18 & 21) and I and we were really happy with everything. The team is really great, tons of fun, the place is great, we were safe and entertained! Highly recommend, this is really worth it!
Reviewer: Celine
5 Stars
November 13, 2019
We loved this tour and can't say enough about it. Read all the excellent reviews on Trip Advisor - Los Veranos Canopy Tour! It is so well set up and organized. And a 5 min walk from the cruise ship terminal. We met the owners who were both working in PV and the site. Make sure you try the Tequila tasting which was a lot of fun too.
Reviewer: Karen Cumpstone
5 Stars
SO fun!
September 18, 2019
We absolutely loved this! This was by far our favorite day of the whole trip. When we first showed up to the office they told us that they had extra space on the speed boat if we wanted to take the boat since it was faster even though we didnt pay for it. We are SO glad it worked out that way. If i were to go back i would definitely pay the extra cost to take the speedboat. It was not only fun, but much quicker than the alternative 45 minute drive. It was also nice to have the cool breeze and take a break from feeling hot and humid. All of the guide's we worked with were friendly and made us feel comfortable... and they were also hilarious. The zip-lining was so fun and exhilarating. After the tour while we were waiting for our food we went over to see the animals. They gave us each little cups of fruit and let us hold the monkeys. They were so cute! It was also VERY nice to be able to relax at the restaurant and in the river without anyone harassing us to buy things.
Reviewer: Heather
5 Stars
September 04, 2019
We had so much fun and the crew was amazing! The restaurant was really good as well. Overall, it was a great day and by far our favorite excursion.
Reviewer: Chris
5 Stars
fat guy with asthma still made it
August 07, 2019
the staff at this location was great, they kept it fun and motivated the ones who struggled with the walk up the 25 flights of stairs (according to my apple watch). the scene is very pretty and the zip lines and equipment was well maintained. Tequila tasting was really good, just enough to make you want more drinks. the shuttle ride is long to the location but see some nice views and meet some good people in the back of the truck. on the way back the shuttle driver was willing to drop people off downtown in PV if they wanted to shop. just know you have to get a taxi from where you are to the cruise line. we had a group of 6 aging from 13-47 and we all really enjoyed the trip. food is good but not included and the mango margarita was really tasty. highly recommend this excursion.
Reviewer: Ector
5 Stars
Great Ziplines!
June 30, 2019
One of the best ziplines we have tried going to, great excursion! highly recommended!
Reviewer: Zita
5 Stars
So Much Fun
June 01, 2019
My husband and I had a great time. The crew was funny and thorough in the introductions and safety portion of the program. During our zip lining the crew was funny and made sure we were having a great experience. They were understanding and caring when I had a couple of height induced meltdowns. The tequila tasting was informative and welcomed after our zip lining adventure. I highly recommend this company.
Reviewer: Renne
5 Stars
May 18, 2019
Pepe and his crew were amazing!! We had a party of 4 that wanted too zip line I thought I could handle the heights but the biggest ones I opted out of it, which the crew made me feel that it was ok they had me go to a different line to go down and I was ok. Be prepared too walk up stairs too zip down and it’s a hike. The crew really goes over the information and prepares you for the adventure even during they will correct you if you are stopping too soon and they is always a guide when you go and when you land. After your done zip lining Pepe will do a tequila tasting my husband Phil really like it Pepe was informative about tequila and how to tell the difference. The food was good and the staff was friendly. Our driver was great he pointed out the sites and told us about the town. This was the highlight of our excursions that we booked. Thanks again guys
Reviewer: Carmen
5 Stars
An Enjoyable Zip Wire Experience
April 18, 2019
Well looked after by the staff , felt very safe. We are in our seventies and we are so glad we did it,still on a high.
Reviewer: Ron and De Ball
5 Stars
We had fun
April 17, 2019
The zip lining was fun and the drive there was interesting. I wish the drive had been narrated since you drive through a lot of interesting areas to get there. The time after the zip lining was relaxing but the food from the restaurant was just ok. Very small portions compared to a typical Mexican restaurant. We did buy the pictures and again they are just ok. Overall it was a great fun time!
Reviewer: Alice Holyoak
4 Stars
April 10, 2019
Amazing experience for me and my 2 teen bots! The staff was efficient and we didn't have to wait between jumps! We loved swimming in the river as it was refreshing! The only problem I had was the fact that my cruise itinerary said arrival time was 8am so I booked it ( from drop down menu) for 9am thinking I had plenty of time to walk to the meeting place. What I was never told was tbe ship was on CA time (1hr behind) so I only had 15min to get there. I couldn't use my phone to call to reschedule which caused a lot of stress!
Reviewer: Hideko schroeder
5 Stars
Canopy, Zip Line and tequila
March 30, 2019
First class adventure! We would highly recommend the speed boat over the bus trip if possible. We got to see numerous whales on the way. Very impressed with the guides and length of the zip lines. More impressed that the group took the afternoon to give a group of blind people the chance to zip line!!!
Reviewer: James Wegener
5 Stars
Canopy, Tequila and more....than we bargained for!
March 02, 2019
We paid for the 'Canopy Tequila and More' excursion, and got the speed boat ride for no additional cost! Of the 3 stops our cruise ship made (Cabo, Mazatlan, and Puerto Vallarta), this excursion was the highlight of our trip!
Reviewer: Robert D Barton
5 Stars
Great Family Day
February 13, 2019
If you’re in Puerto Vallarta and are looking for a fun and exciting outing, this is it! The zip-lining was a blast and the views were awesome. Do it!
Reviewer: Derrick Vander Meulen
5 Stars
Amazing Time!!!
January 30, 2019
Great time had by all. Some really high and fast zip lines. All the staff were great. Loved the boat ride over to area, saw some whales and got up close to the caves. Tour office was very accommodating as well. Would definitely recommend to anyone interested.
Reviewer: Will Charles
5 Stars
Our favorite excursion
January 29, 2019
I don't have enough good things to say about this excursion. We had a group of 11 ages ranging from 8-44 and everyone loved it. The staff is amazing, safe and fun. The scenery is gorgeous. The ziplines are fast. They took some really great pics that not only show how much fun we are having but get the beautiful background too. The food at the restaurant was delicious too.
Reviewer: Tara Tanner
5 Stars
Zip-lining Awesome
August 06, 2018
My grandson and I took this tour.He is 14 and I am 71.. It was awesome... We both really enjoyed it, we would do it again. The guys were simply amazing, helpfull, courteous funny and put you right at ease.. This is definatly a trip to remember! Watch out for the stairs.. Beautiful country and great trip.
Reviewer: Maria Salaiz-Valdez
5 Stars
Canopy zip line
August 06, 2018
Great experience. Professionally run. Pictures were taken but we didn’t get a chance to see them or purchase them; would have liked to so
Reviewer: Steve
5 Stars
Los Veranos Canapy tours
June 25, 2018
Awesome staff, ride is a little long up the mtn, but well worth it!
Reviewer: Chris Erickson
5 Stars
Zip Line
May 21, 2018
Well run. Excellent staff. Great fun and exciting. Also offer speedboat trip to location for very small additional sum
Reviewer: David
5 Stars
Zip Heaven
March 07, 2018
A spectacular experience. Our ship departed late out to the marina for passengers to visit and we arrived late at the office but they were more than accommodating. Super friendly and all spoke very clear english. Once we reached the facility in the mountains, we were greeted by another group of great staff. Very helpful and had our best interest and safety in mind. The many zip lines were safe, well placed for beautiful scenery and staffed with the ultimate in professionalism. Post zip lining, we had a great snack, swam in the river, and of course: Tequila tasted! Cheers!
Reviewer: Dave Eklund
5 Stars
Canopy zip line
January 16, 2018
The Canopy zip line, Without a doubt was the best part of our Riviera cruise! Climbing The stairs was a bit strenuous but going down the zip line was worth every step that we took! I highly recommend this excursion, and would definitely do it again!
Reviewer: Anthony and Chris Rohrbach
5 Stars
Great Tour
January 11, 2018
This tour was the best one we booked for our mexico cruise. The drive to the excursion was great because you drive through the city and jungle so you catch a glimpse of everyday life. The workers at the excursion are fun and energetic. The animals they have on display there are fun to see. We even got to play with monkeys. Best tour ever.
Reviewer: Eugenia Santos
5 Stars
Order # 615361 Puerto Vallarta Excursion
January 09, 2018
We were impressed by the facility, personnel and equipment. I felt safe throughout the zipline experience and would recommend it to anyone traveling in this area. The resort was first class with friendly, helpful staff, good food and comfortable surroundings.
Reviewer: Daryl Haggstrom
5 Stars
A fun and fabulous day!
January 08, 2018
I have done several canopy tours in other countries, but this one was the best ever! The staff was very well trained, extremely friendly, and made you very comfortable while zipping from one platform to another. I felt very safe, the platforms were well built, and the zip lines were first class. Thanks for a great experience!
Reviewer: Janet Eckle
5 Stars
Zip lining
December 28, 2017
It was definitely thrilling! Not for the faint of heart or afraid of heights! You must try this at least once in your life! Very safely strapped and beautiful views! Be prepared for strenuous hiking but well worth the work out! The staff was very friendly and entertaining.
Reviewer: Judith Vizcarra
5 Stars
December 18, 2017
Zip lining experience was excellent. The crew providing the experience was professional, safety oriented and had an excellent personality.
Reviewer: Phillip Waldman
5 Stars
Active, Fun, Entertaining and Good Value!
October 30, 2017
Los Verandos hosted a spectacular canopy tour and variety of activities.15 zips with a very entertaining crew that were attentive to safety concerns yet ready to keep you smiling. Some uphill hiking involved between platforms. Beautiful scenery and river to zip over. Base camp had a restaurant, photo gallery, time to wander through small zoo with miniature monkeys.You could get in to feed the monkeys.Toucans, Macaws, Iguanas, and Tarantulas also. 2 rock slides drop you in the river for a cool swim after the zips. A cross rope will keep you from drifting too far. Very enjoyable! Then the finale Tequila tasting! Such a good time.Only complaint was bumpy shuttle ride to canopy. Well worth the trip and a great value. You should be in reasonable shape for this. I was probably the oldest participant at 63,no problems for me. My husband struggled a bit from some uphill hiking. It was hot that day, but plenty of shade to take a rest and water available in several areas. Highly recommended!
Reviewer: Jane Stone
5 Stars
October 25, 2017
Awesome awesome awesome! Great guides, beautiful scenery,and good tequila at the end. We had a small group, which was fun. Best time for my first time.
Reviewer: Kelly
5 Stars
Great Experience
October 25, 2017
Easy walk from cruise ship pier to Los Veranos office, taken through the city to the zip line course. Tour guides are awesome, much more then simply hooking you up to the line, they are fun and full of energy and jokes. Jimmy and crew were awesome, the pictures and video available for purchase are top notch. Food available at the restaurant was delicious, and the margaritas surely hit the spot. Make sure you cruise over to the monkey cage and feed them, another unforgettable experience.
Reviewer: Nick
5 Stars
So much fun and perfectly safe!
October 25, 2017
This has been a truly memorable outing with super nice guides. I am still thinking about this excursion weeks later: What a perfect day! Just make sure to bring some bug spray or buy it there. There is nothing better than zip-lining across the river. Make sure to buy the video!
Reviewer: Simone Pannebaker
5 Stars
Zip line
September 20, 2017
So exciting, great crew, wonderful adventure!
Reviewer: Duilinda Soares
5 Stars
June 15, 2017
The whole experience was amazing. Staff did a great job and the food was yummy! Tequila tasting was so much fun and highly entertaining.
Reviewer: Annalise Minks
5 Stars
Beautiful Location and Amazing Staff
May 19, 2017
So glad we did this tour. Lots of ziplining and after they have a beautiful spot to enjoy the river, have a bite to eat and drink. The guides on this tour work extremely hard to ensure your enjoyment and safety. This tour is a tour you should definently take.
Reviewer: Lori
5 Stars
Fun and thrills
April 27, 2017
about an hours drive to site. Zip lines crisscrossed the river. had to do some hiking uphill from one station to another, but it was manageable. The zip line can handle senior citizens and a person of my size 6ft 235lbs with ease. If you enjoy a thrill, this is for you. Recommend going down upside down for added adventure and do bring your cell, but attach a leash.
Reviewer: Steve Kalilimoku
4 Stars
Ziplining and so much more
April 21, 2017
I went on this tour with a 75 year old friend of ours. It was my first time ziplining. I was blown away by the scenery in the bus on the way to the jungle. We drove along the coast and then up into the hills. The ziplining group was very professional, ultra-safe and personable. We had 12-15 lines across a deep ravine with a river at the bottom. It was both beautiful and thrilling. I told my husband he should have signed up just for the stuff afterwards. We tasted 15 different kinds of tequilla, and had margaritas at their lovely restaurant by the river. Everyone spoke excellent English and the tour guide cut a mango off of its tree and cut it up for us. A totally super trip!
Reviewer: Adrienne Friedman
5 Stars
April 20, 2017
Everything about this escursion was great. It was well planned and well executed. What I liked especially was that they didn't spend half a day explaining every little detail in advance, unlike some other zip lining experiences I've been on. First class.
Reviewer: Jim Callan
5 Stars
Zip line!
March 30, 2017
Super fun guides! Great fun and exciting, beautiful views. Totally safe. Some uphill hiking but not too bad. Yay Rafael and crew! Nice restaurant, local fish, butterflied and barbequed. Wow!
Reviewer: rosemary
5 Stars
Review regarding Excursion for Canopy,Tequila,etc
March 23, 2017
This excursion was over the top fun and a whole lot more than I could have imagined. The zipline was thrilling and so glad I did it! There was free tequila tasting afterwards and a zoo with some very exotic animals. The meal wasn't free, but the foods and spices were authentic and really hit the spot.
Reviewer: Michael Eades
5 Stars
Excursion for Canopy,Tequila,Zipline,and more
March 23, 2017
We (group of 4) wanted an excursion that would include all the best of Puerto Vallarta. This one was it: ziplines, tequila, food, zoo, swimming, and other water fun to cool off afterwards. I would recommend this one to everyone. This excursion is more arduous than expected but doable, and kids as young as 5yrs old can participate! The food wasn't included in the price, but definitely worth it for authenticity and flavor. Great experience all around.
Reviewer: Laura Eades
5 Stars
WOW the best
March 18, 2017
This was the best zip line we have been on (3) great instruction and lots of lines several times over river, cool off after zips at swimming area and had great lunch. would go back and do it again in a instant.
Reviewer: phil bush
5 Stars
Lots of zipping!
January 22, 2017
There were nine of us in our family and there were about 100 total. The facility was nice and all we had expected. The thing I didn't like was that the guides rushed us through because they had such a large group to get through before the next tour group came. One of the guides said they usually had groups of about 10, but because of the Christmas break, the tours were much larger. It was amazing and there were so many lines, we would fly by each other going opposite directions. The drive into the jungle was a good opportunity to see the area.
Reviewer: Mardell
5 Stars
15 Ziplines!
January 21, 2017
Once we found the tour office, we took an open bus about an hour through town, along the coast and up in the hills. We were given safety gear and had training on what to do. It felt very safe. They took pictures of us before and during the tour. We started on a small, short zipline, then the lines got longer and went across a river several times. The views were great. A little scary if you looked down, but not bad. I had always wanted to try ziplining, and it was worth it! After 15 lines, we had lunch at their restaurant, sitting outside under an umbrella, relaxed, and then tasted tequilas. We got to see the pictures they had taken. You can't buy just 1 or 2, you have to buy the whole DVD, which was $69 for 2 people and more for larger groups. We bought it because there were some good pictures of us out in the middle of the lines, but it seemed really expensive. We took the bus back to town and they dropped us right by the ship so we didn't have to walk.
Reviewer: Laurie M Engelbeck
5 Stars
Great Zip Line Adventure
January 16, 2017
This was an awesome experience for my son & me. It's about a 30 minute drive out to the area, followed by 30 minutes of suiting up and getting detailed safety instructions. The Staff are GREAT and they make the day even more entertaining. Afterwards, we enjoyed lunch overlooking the river, and Pepe hosts a terrific Tequila tasting. Would love to go again sometime!
Reviewer: Karen Tatge
5 Stars
Zip Line Adventure!
December 23, 2016
Amazing experience. Guides were very knowledgeable and fun, especially Rafa and Mosquito. There's about a dozen lines with a couple short training lines then the long lines that cross over a river. The guides were very thorough with the safety instructions. There is a good amount of walking/hiking at the start so be prepared for that. They take video and numerous photos for you to purchase. There's also a restaurant, lockers for your personal belongings, a small zoo, and a tequila bar. Transportation was included- the meet up was a couple blocks from our cruise ship.
Reviewer: Kevin
5 Stars
Amazing experience for the adults and kids
December 18, 2016
We visited canopy tours on our last cruise. We were so impressed with the facility and staff. We brought our 3 kids and they are still talking about it. They take video of the experience and it was fun to watch after. It was very safe and we would return again anytime.
Reviewer: Brandie Heredia
5 Stars
Zipline Experience
December 14, 2016
Outstanding ... the customer service was over the top. They were so high energy and wanting to make our experience unforgettable. So confident in safety ... NOTE: it is important to tip, both drivers and zip line operators. They only make $10/hr, and the owners tell them they should live off the tips!! Unbelievable....
Reviewer: clararay
5 Stars