Razr and Waterfall Swim Adventure

Very organized great tour
February 22, 2023
Enjoyed tour, clean nice machines, plenty of time at waterfall.
Reviewer: Sidna Marriott
5 Stars
Great excursion
January 23, 2023
Our adult children chose this excursion for some adventure and we really enjoyed it. Will require experienced driver. Be prepared to get very dirty which is part of the fun. The excursion staff took great care and are very friendly and helpful. There is a $20 insurance cost when check in that was not mentioned.
Reviewer: gyzmo
4 Stars
We had a blast!
January 12, 2023
It was a really cool place, with a nice restaurant and bathrooms and a beautiful view. The ride was fun and adventurous and the waterfall was beautiful.
Reviewer: Julee Wolf
5 Stars
Canopy River was Awesome
November 16, 2022
We had a party of 6 (3 razrs) We had a blast going through puddles and across a small river. The waterfall was running pretty fast because of the recent hurricane so we could not go swimming but it sure was beautiful. Enjoyed our beer overlooking the valley before heading back down. Thank you for making my husbands 60th birthday one to remember 💗
Reviewer: Annel Dickson
5 Stars
We had an AWESOME time!!!!
April 27, 2022
We had so much fun! It was the dry season so we wore helmets, goggles, and masks. We were harnessed in. We got FILTHY but so much fun!!!! We had a cow on our trail and a 3 legged dog on our trail. As soon as we hit a hair pin turn, floor it to spin out and dust/dirt went everywhere. My husband was the copilot and he was holding on to the grab bar! Eddie was our trail guide with his 4 wheeler. We had only 2 Razrs in our group. Waterfall was nice and cool. Wear swimsuit and take swim shoes for the rocks. Great area to climb up and jump in the water. We had a great lunch after the excursion. Tequila tasting before our bus headed back to port. Be prepared to get dirty but so much fun!!!!!
Reviewer: Leslie and Ruben
5 Stars
Fun Fun Fun
November 23, 2021
One of thee best excursions I've experienced. Can't wait to come back just to do this again. I wouldn't change a thing. The scenery was beautiful in the mountains, the guides were great, everyone there was friendly. The authentic Mexican food very good. Also the trip to the excursion site allowed us to see the city. It was a bit long something like 45 minutes. I was the Day of the Dead celebration going on so traffic was expected. Oh and you will get dirty! Tip: put your goggles on properly.
Reviewer: Coretta Webb
5 Stars
Super fun
March 12, 2020
We had a ton of fun, the people were really cool. Bring bug spray, we got bit alittle. The food at the restaurant was good, expect to pay American prices but still very good food.
Reviewer: Monica Estrada
5 Stars
So much fun!!!
February 18, 2020
Everyone took such great care of us throughout the whole experience. Starting with welcome glass of fresh juice we were in great hands. The Razr ride was so fun, the trails were carved out very well and only made me scared a few times when my husband skidded around the corner too close to the edge. But that was part of the exhilaration. The guides were very knowledgeable, fun, spoke excellent English and made the whole experience one to remember. I loved the waterfall with having the opportunity, and instructions, to swim to a large rock, climb up and jump off into the cool refreshing water. I did it, at 50!
Reviewer: Kelly Van Genne
5 Stars
Awesome Time
January 06, 2020
I did not get the thrill of drifting around the curves narrowly missing the edge of the cliffs, that honor was left to my husband. I just had the privilege of seeing my life pass before my eyes, as I did a lot of praying and laughing. The ride to the Razr site was an adventure on its on, driving on Narrow cobblestone roads with no shocks. The waterfall was OK. It is definitely not the height I was expecting. It totally lacked the sex appeal I imagined. We could have stayed more then 15 minutes. We stopped at the top for complimentary fruit and beer. The refreshments could use a upgrade. We could have gone across two suspension bridges. I don't remember being offered that option when I purchased the excursion. After we returned to base, we were able to eat at the restaurant overlooking the hills and valley. The food was delicious. After our meal we were able to attend a tequila tasting with the option to purchase. Overall I would purchase this excursion again.
4 Stars