Emerald Tour

Emerald Tour
February 16, 2023
Excellant tour if you are shopping for Emeralds. Our tour guide even gave us a tour of the city.
Reviewer: Cindy Billot
5 Stars
Emerald tour
January 22, 2023
Our tour guide was knowledgeable and fun to be with. Wonderful tour!
Reviewer: Vera ciancola
5 Stars
Excellent Tour Guide!
May 12, 2022
The quality of our tour guide was through the roof! She was flexible and knowledgeable enough to give a full tour of the city along with history and access to historical sites. She also stopped some members of our group from overpaying the street vendors, which was nice of her to do!
Reviewer: Vince Pecoraro
5 Stars
small group and well done
April 14, 2022
Our guide was well versed on the history of Cartegena and eager to share that knowledge. There were only 3 of us in the vehicle other than the driver and guide! We, of course were taken to a jewelry shop, and a market (touristy)as well as getting an overview of the city. The highlight was the Emerald Museum...very comprehensive and informative...also had some very good pieces for sale from jewelry to raw emeralds. Good value for an excursion!
Reviewer: Joe Slifer
5 Stars
Emerald store
November 26, 2019
A drive in the city and a stop in two jewelry stores. It was ok, as our intent was to buy a simple keepsake. Job done.
Reviewer: Ralph Robke
4 Stars
Great tour.
November 21, 2019
The tour of Cartagena was excellent. Our guide, Walter, was very knowledgeable. We enjoyed his narrative during the tour. Because I have difficulty walking, he added more riding time, especially in Old Town. The driver, Luis, was an excellent, cautious driver. We felt safe on the entire trip. We would definitely endorse this tour and especially this guide and driver team. This is a great trip if you have mobility issues. Please note that there is some walking to get to the tour starting area.
Reviewer: Glady Chappell
5 Stars
Great Tour
April 09, 2019
Wonderful tour and fantastic tour guide. He included a tour of the historic fortress and beautiful walking tour of old town’s wonderful balconies. We also had a small break to go into a cathedral. The emerald tour was informative and interesting. We did not purchase but several in our group did
Reviewer: Susan Schaffner
5 Stars
Great tour
April 05, 2019
Great tour. Walter our guide was excellent. Just 6 people in a van not a bus of 50. He asked how we would like to do things and always asked for suggestions (like if we wanted to walk part of the tour) My wife loves emeralds and made a purchase at the last stop.
Reviewer: Kevin Foley
5 Stars
Great tour
March 28, 2019
We had a great time with our guide Walter. Only six people not a bus with 50 people. He asked us how we would like to see things and if we wanted to walk some of the time rather than ride. Very informative and the shopping at the the Emerald museum store could not have been better with Maria.
Reviewer: Kevin Foley
5 Stars
March 21, 2019
This was a very good tour. We were surprised that it was just the two of us on the tour.Niba was very knowledgeable and attentive to our needs. We saw and learned much about the city and it's people.The only thing is we never saw or heard about an emerald museum, only stopped at an emerald store. Not sure if we misunderstood the description.
Reviewer: Marion Phillips
4 Stars
Emerald Tour in Cartagena
May 21, 2018
Loved this tour that started with a driving tour of the older section of Cartagena - amazing architecture! We completed our tour at the Emerald Museum where we learned the history of emerald mining. There are beautiful emeralds in their natural formation at the museum to see, as well as beautiful emerald jewelry to purchase that is made right on site.
Reviewer: Joann Fortier
5 Stars
Emeralds in Cartegena
February 19, 2018
Our guide was knowledgeable and helpful. It was one on one and the best experience so far of all our excursions.
5 Stars
Great Emerald Tour
February 08, 2018
This was a great tour. We met the company president before the tour and he was very nice. This was our first tour not from the cruise line and I was a bit nervous as it was a short stop and wanted to ensure we returned to the ship in time; not a problem. The tour guide and driver were great, and what a beautiful, new, air conditioned SUV (seemed to be fully loaded), with cold bottled water. I will use them again if I return.
Reviewer: John W Byrne
5 Stars
Personalized, kind and so glad we did this!!
September 25, 2017
This group made every conceivable modification to our tour to accommodate my husband's limited mobility disability. We had not known about so could not anticipate the long walk to the pick-up point, but regardless, they went out of their way to locate and bring a wheelchair to get us to the tour. Further, because of our challenges reaching the pick-up point, they secured a van for us with our own tour guide and driver. Niba was so kind and aware of our situation and made sure my husband could clearly hear her narrative though she was in the back seat and he in the front passenger seat. Then at the emerald store, she made arrangements for him to receive VIP treatment from the staff while I enjoyed a tour of the museum upstairs. We were also give a driving tour of Cartagena. Incredibly grateful to have had this experience and could not have asked for anything more.
Reviewer: Melissa
5 Stars
Excellent Tour
January 12, 2017
Our ship arrived 2 hours late but the tour guide were still waiting for us. Excellent services and very good tour.
Reviewer: Dr M D Chan
5 Stars
Tour review
December 11, 2016
Loved this excursion. Our tour guide (Niba) was a gem. Very accommodating. She entertained us with stories of the local history and people. She knew everyone and proved to be a great negotiator.
Reviewer: Ed
5 Stars
Emerald Museum and Tour
December 03, 2016
Excellent private tour. Our guide was very informative and accommodating. We were given an informative tour of Cartagena and fast pass access to the museum. We were even greeted and thanked by the owner of the tour company.
Reviewer: Michael
5 Stars
Emerald Tour
March 25, 2016
Guide gave a tour of Cartagena before heading to see the emeralds. The guide was very knowledgeable on the history of Columbia and Cartagena and also gave us important advise on purchasing natural vs enhances emeralds.
Reviewer: Robert
5 Stars
A very good tour
December 30, 2015
if we ever get the chance to be in Columbia again we would do this tour again
Reviewer: columbia
5 Stars