Lautoka Bula Discovery Tour

good value
May 18, 2019
This tour was well organized, the bus comfortable, and we enjoyed the Gardens of the Sleeping Giant. Visiting the Fiji Village was very interesting. Bus driver and tour guide were informative and friendly.
Reviewer: Gabriele Butz
4 Stars
Excellent overview of Lautoka for a good price
May 06, 2019
Our guide promptly picked our group of 6 up at the port and began our tour (keeping us ahead of the big ship tours) at the Garden of the Sleeping Giant. All along the way he provided facts about Lautoka. The Temple was beautiful and there was a young couple having their new truck blessed (fascinating!). The tour of the local market with all its sights and smells was interesting. The only activity we weren't wild about was the time spent shopping at a souvenir shop in town. We returned to the boat in plenty of time.
Reviewer: Heather Densmore
5 Stars
Wish there was more cultural depth!
November 24, 2018
We enjoyed the tour, and we learned some about the the everyday village life and history of the Island. Scenery was good and our guide was knowledgeable. Do bear in mind, this is 3rd world Polynesia, not the paradise of being in a luxury resort!
Reviewer: Henry Werch
4 Stars
Lautoka Bula Discovery Tour
May 14, 2018
Very good guide Nice small group comfortable bus interesting stops to give a good overview of island good value
Reviewer: Alex Bissett
5 Stars
Lautoka Bula Discovery Tour
April 09, 2018
We had an excellent guide. The visit to one of the villages was very insightful as was the Garden of the Sleeping Giant. The highlight, however, was the visit to a local market. It was massive and the variety of products was mind boggling. The air conditioned van was a welcome relief from the hot, humid temperatures. However, the suspension needed repair/replacement because it was very difficult to hear the guide even with the use of a microphone because the van made so much noise travelling the uneven roads.
Reviewer: Alan Kazuta
5 Stars
Bula Discovery
May 05, 2017
This tour was very nice the orchid gardens were beautiful but because it was a Sunday we could not visit a village but did get to see ancient ruins of what was left of an original settlement.
Reviewer: Donna
5 Stars
Lautoke Bula
April 21, 2017
Great, very informative and enjoyable. Friendly, knowledgeable guide.
Reviewer: Victor
5 Stars
Lautoka discovery tour
March 08, 2017
We were met outside after disembarking and were taken by a van on an amazing tour of Lautoka and several highlighted area, Hindu Temple, Orchid Garden and the ride of the village of Lajutoka. We were overwhelmed by this experience and would highly recommend this tour.
Reviewer: Louis Suarez
5 Stars
The Garden was Great
February 17, 2017
Visiting Raymond Burr's private estate garden was the highlight. The Hindu temple stop was a letdown as we expected a more elaborate structure. This one is gaudy. They make you remove your shoes at the entrance, requiring a walk across very hot pavement to reach the "temple". A visit to a produce market was interesting but the stop for shopping not so much.
Reviewer: Frank
4 Stars
Great expectations
February 15, 2017
Our tour was a highlight of our cruis. The orchid garden tour was beautiful and given by a very knowledgeable woman. After we visited the largest Hindu Temple and were amazed at its beauty and our tour guide Amy gave extensive explanations for all of us who had limited knowledge. The visit to the,native village was awesome and informative for all of us with little knowledge of the history of Figi and the rise of Christianity.
Reviewer: Louis Suarez
5 Stars