Caves of Drach and Hams

Price: $75.00
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Shore Excursion Size ? Standard
Shore Excursion Type Cultural, Active, Scenic
Shore Excursion Duration 9 Hours
Activity Level ? Moderate
Shore Excursion Leaves From ? An approximately 5 to 10 minute taxi ride (not included, approximately 5 EUR each way) is required to reach your departure location.
Food/Beverage Provided Not Included
Recommended Dress We recommend wearing comfortable light clothing, a hat, sunglasses, walking shoes, and sunscreen.
Restrictions Guests must be able to step in and out of a vehicle and walk into caverns without assistance.

Caves of Drach and Hams

Exploring the lovely island's ancient caves in Porto Cristo is an incredible outing. The famous Cave of Drach (dragon) features its famous Martel underground lake. Thereafter, you'll visit a shop featuring man-made pearls prior to reaching the Caves of Hams, featuring a classical music concert. Travelers seeking a unique geological adventure will enjoy this Palma de Mallorca tour.

Since the 14th-century, the famous Caves of Drach have been visited and written about. Your English-speaking guide will escort you to see the four caves (Black Cave, White Cave, Cave of Luis Salvador, Cave of the French), composing the breathtaking structure.

Formed by the Mediterranean Sea, each of the caves are connected, totaling 8,200 feet in length and 80 feet at its widest. Inside, there is the remarkable unground Martel Lake, approximately 100 feet wide and 500 feet long.

Thereafter, drive the road of Manacor to visit a man-made pearl production facility. While natural pearls are formed in mollusks, man-made pearls here are created on glass balls. The creation of pearls in Mallorca are famed to best resemble real pearls. Naturally, you'll have the chance to purchase products you find appealing.

Next, you are escorted to visit the Caves of Hams, smaller than the Drach Caves, but more refined. There you'll be treated to a classical musical performance on the shores of The Sea of Venice, an underground lake which is colorfully lit. Reserve this Spanish excursion to experience Mallorca in an entirely new way.