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Nature and Wildlife Tour

Price: $174.00
Nature and Wildlife Tour in Santiago (Atacama Desert, Andes)
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Tour Details
Tour Details

Put on your adventurer's hat and prepare for an entire day of sights, sounds, and fun on this Chile nature and wildlife tour. During this Chile nature tour, you'll learn about the country's diverse wildlife. Because of its different climates and vast landscapes, Chile is home to all sorts of creatures and critters that will make this Chile wildlife tour a memorable one.

As you'll find out on this Chile tour, the country has a number of contrasting ecosystems; each ecosystem features a unique set of flora and fauna that makes Chile such a popular attraction for nature and wildlife enthusiasts. In the northern part of the country, a dry, desert-like climate is prevalent; cacti and other desert flowers are the only flora that one might discover in this region that includes the famous Atacama Desert. Near the middle of the country by the Andes, there's a more moderate climate that is much kinder to fauna, especially birds; you can find dozens of bird species in the mountain range alone. The southern part of Chile features the coolest weather but is not without its own awesome wildlife; many foxes, pumas, and deer call this side of the country home.

The varying ecosystems in Chile make it a haven for endangered species; among the endangered species one might encounter are the short-tailed chinchilla and the Andean cat. The short-tailed chinchilla is a critically threatened species because it was regularly hunted for its fine and dense fur. Thankfully, new regulations have helped the species reproduce successfully. As for the Andean Cat, there are reportedly less than 2,500 in existence; this small wildcat species has seen its numbers dwindle due to hunting and habitat loss. During this Chile nature and wildlife tour, you'll learn more about Chile's conservation efforts to help these endangered species as well as others. Book your tour now to experience the beautiful nature and wildlife of Chile up close.

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Cultural, Scenic
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10 Hours
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Light, comfortable clothing and sunscreen are recommended.
This tour can accommodate customers with a folding wheelchair. Customers must be able to walk short distances and/or a few steps on their own.
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