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Private - Nuremberg Highlights

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Private - Nuremberg Highlights
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Tour Details

Private - Nuremberg Highlights

Drive around Germany on a private tour that will show you the highlights of historic Nuremberg. World War I and World War II buffs can visit Old Town and the Nazi Rally Grounds at your their pace, taking the time to really delve into the history of Germany.

Nuremberg is the center of the Holy Roman Empire, cradle of the German Renaissance, Temple City of the Third Reich, and home to both the Nuremberg Nazi Rallies and Nuremberg Trials. Knowledgable guides will be able to show you where German Emperors were crowned, where saints are buried, where the most famous and talented German artisans in history created awe-inspiring works, and where the colorful and lively markets have taken place for almost 700 years.

In Old Town, see the beautiful and prosperous medieval walled city. View the City Walls, Craftsmen's Court, St. Lawrence Church, Town Hall and the marketplace with the beautiful fountain and wishing ring. Explore the enchanting Old Town with its fantastic regional food and drink. While the best Christmas Markets in Germany take place here in December, year-round, you'll find the greatest Christmas shopping in Neuremberg.

Tour out to the largest Third Reich ruins, the Nazi Rally Grounds, which were used by Hitler to address the crowds. See Nuremberg's former World War I memorial, the Luitpold Arena from "Triumph of the Will" and the site of the Luitpold Hall, Great Street, and the Congress Hall of the Nazi Party.

This 3-hour tour leaves between 9am and 3pm, daily. This private Nuremburg tour is sure to be an extraordinary experience.

Shore Excursion Size
Shore Excursion Type
Cultural, Scenic
Shore Excursion Duration
3 Hours
Activity Level
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Outside of the pier
Food/Beverage Provided
Not Included
Recommended Dress
We recommend wearing comfortable walking shoes and weather appropriate clothing.
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