Helicopter Dog Sledding Adventure

Skagway Helicopter Dog Sledding at Denver Glacier
Price: $719.00
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Please Note: This excursion cannot be confirmed without weight information for every participant. Please enter this information below:
Shore Excursion Size ? Small
Shore Excursion Type Scenic, Active
Shore Excursion Duration 2 Hours
Activity Level ? Moderate
Shore Excursion Leaves From ? An approximately 20 to 30 minute walk, or an approximately 20 to 30 minute shuttle ride (not included, approximately $2 US per person) is required to reach your departure location.
Food/Beverage Provided Not Included
Recommended Dress As you will be visiting a river of ice, dress in warm layers with a coat, gloves, and a hat. Sunglasses are highly recommended for glare off the ice. You will be provided with glacier over-boots which fit over your tennis shoe or walking shoe. Shoes with heels can not be accommodated. Socks are highly recommended.
Restrictions All guests, including all children over 24 months old, must purchase a seat and be able to be belted in. The tour cannot accommodate wheelchairs, canes, or walkers. Upon arrival at the glacier, guests will be given a trekking pole, which can be used as a third point of balance. Walking on the glacier involves moving over slippery, uneven surfaces. Guests must be able to walk unassisted to and from the helicopter, a distance of 50 feet, and climb two 18 inch steps in and out of the helicopter. Due to weight and balance limitations, as well as guest safety and comfort, passengers weighing 250 pounds (113 kilograms or 18 stone) or more on the day of the tour will charged an additional fee to reserve adequate space onboard the helicopter. Guests will be weighed on the day of the tour on a state certified scale while fully clothed and with shoes on. Any guest checking in who is more than 249 pounds (total weight includes shoes and clothing) and did not purchase the additional 1/2 seat will only be allowed to board if there is additional space available. If not, they will try to accommodate you on a later flight, if space is available. Guests under 12 must have an adult with them on the tour. Guests 12 to 17 must have a legal adult guardian escort them to the heliport and sign a special waiver to participate. We must be advised in advance, so special waivers are available at the heliport. Infants up to 24 months can be considered a lap child and sit on the parent's lap during the flight. They will not be charged, but the infant's weight MUST be added to the parent's total weight. If this puts the combined weight at 250 pounds or more, the weight surcharge would be in effect. According to Federal Aviation Administration regulations, individuals who own or possess a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 device may not transport the device on any flight on their person, in carry-on baggage, in checked baggage, nor offer the device for air cargo shipment. For security, no carry-on bags or water bottles will be allowed on helicopters. A secure location will be provided at the office for storing personal items. For safety reasons, all electronic tablets of all sizes (IPADS etc), drones, GoPro sticks, or other extendible items are not allowed on helicopters. Please do not bring them on tour, as there is no place to store them. Tour timing, flight routes and landing sites may vary due to weather and glacier conditions.

Skagway Dog Sledding & Helicopter Tour

Enjoy an authentic Alaskan helicopter flightseeing and dog sledding excursion in Skagway that combines the unmatched beauty of touring the expansive winter wilderness by air and gliding on ancient yet pristine snow fields by land. If it’s your first time in Alaska, discover why this tour is an absolute must for travelers!

Glacier Flightseeing Tour

In Alaska, this helicopter tour is only the first step on this journey straight out of a Jack London novel. Your experienced pilot will fly you over the massive ice formations, deep-blue crevasses, and shimmering ice rivers of Alaska while pointing to the once-in-a-lifetime views out each window.

As you arrive at your destination, the allure of Alaska's favorite sport awaits you: dog sledding. The majestic peaks, sculpted by glaciers, unveil themselves as you draw near the Denver Glacier dog sled camp, where a bustling scene of hundreds of sled dogs, adorable pups, and dedicated staff comes into view.

Sightseeing Dog Sled Tour

Upon arriving at the dog camp, the helpful and professional staff will provide you with training and instructions on the finer points of dog sledding, stories about the famous Iditarod race, and a chance to drive the team yourself. Or, just relax on the sled while enjoying the breathtaking surroundings as the huskies power you through the crisp Alaskan snow.

Your Skagway shore excursion continues with some time to talk with the mushers and play with the 200 or so sled dogs and their husky puppies. Before your helicopter takes you back to the base and civilization, make sure to get some pictures with the Alaskan sled dogs on their snowy home turf.

This Skagway dog sledding adventure excursion includes approximately 30 minutes of helicopter time over the frozen glaciers and breathtaking scenery of Alaska, about 30 minutes with the mushers at the dog camp located on the Juneau Icefield, and approximately 30 minutes of sled time to give everyone a chance to test their mushing and dog sledding skills along professional mushers.

Federal Aviation Safety Briefing

According to Federal Aviation Administration regulations, individuals who own or possess a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 device may not transport the device on any flight on their person, in carry-on baggage, or in checked baggage, nor offer the device for air cargo shipment.

To ensure security, it is important to note that carry-on bags and water bottles are prohibited aboard helicopters. However, there will be a designated storage area at the office where you can secure personal belongings.

Additionally, for safety purposes, please refrain from bringing any electronic tablets (such as iPads), drones, GoPro sticks, or other extendible items on the helicopter tour. Please do not bring them on the excursion, as there is nowhere else to store them.

Discover Alaska with Shore Excursions

Our Skagway Helicopter and Dog Sledding Tour is the perfect combination of helicopter flightseeing and dog mushing adventure you’d come to expect from Shore Excursions. It’s truly the experience of a lifetime for Alaska cruise ship passengers that you won’t find anywhere else on Earth. Check out our cancellation policy before you book because space is limited.

5 Stars4.9 / 5  |  36 ReviewsReview This Tour
Dog sledding on a glacier
June 22, 2019
This Alaskan dog sled excursion was definitely our favorite (and we had some other fantastic adventures). Our musher, Luther was great, very knowledgeable and friendly. The helicopter ride, the dog sled ride, the puppy play, the scenery, it was a wonderful time.
Reviewer: Laser Carey
5 Stars
Once-in-a-lifetime Experience
June 18, 2019
My two sons and I did this excursion, pricey but the experience is priceless.
Reviewer: Greg Head
5 Stars
Worth the splurge
August 27, 2018
This was a once in a lifetime experience! My kids loved it, and it really was a great way to see the glaciers. The helicopter ride was wonderful. The staff was professional as well.
Reviewer: Connie
5 Stars
Best part of Alaskan Cruise
August 20, 2018
While all of Alaska is beautiful, it is not truly appreciated and understood until you fly up to the glacier and all around the peaks. The tour operators were all knowledgeable and personable. It was a lot of fun and my entire family ( husband and 2 adult children)loved it. It was the best part of the trip and really the only one they talk about !
Reviewer: Noreen Veloz
5 Stars
Amazing Adventure
August 20, 2018
From the start when we got in the helicopter to the ride to meeting the mushers to the dog sled ride, the entire experience was amazing. We had fantastic weather and found out so much information about the camp, the dogs, the training, and the life of the staff on the glacier.
Reviewer: Cornelia Piersanti
5 Stars
July 30, 2018
Our tour was scheduled for 2:45 (clearly printed on our "confirmation")... I was called by tour earlier asking "where we were, for our 2:15 tour". Ended up not being a problem. Had to walk a long distance from ship to tour.... doesn't look far on map but there are fences and obstacles and it was far and everyone told us "it's just around there".
Reviewer: Judie
4 Stars