Snuba Bahamas

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Snuba Bahamas
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Tour Details
Tour Details

No need for special dive certification to get up close and personal with Nassau's colorful marine life thanks to SNUBA, a water activity combining the best of both scuba and snorkeling.

Participate in a 15-minute safety briefing; learn how to use SNUBA and what to expect during your guided tour. Your expert guide will give you instructions and make sure you are properly fitted with a SNUBA mouth regulator and waist belt. The belt includes weights to help you easily swim to the bottom and your 20-foot air hose is connected to an air tank which floats on the water's surface, allowing you to maneuver in the waters without wearing heavy tanks on your back. With your swim fins and mask, you will be discovering this underwater paradise with ease.

Go below the waves to find a variety of stunning marine life including colorful reef fish, conchs, vibrant corals and more. You might also see a shipwreck or plane fuselage resting along the ocean floor! Explore this otherworldly paradise as long as you like with the ability to surface to the raft at any time to adjust your equipment, ask for assistance or to just take a break. You will spend approximately 3 hours in total out on the water.

This tour is perfect for certified divers who want to share the magical waters with non-certified friends or family members of almost any age and swimming ability. Make your vacation time in Nassau the experience of a lifetime, combine the very best of these two water sports in one great activity.

Reserve this tour now to make some of the best memories of your cruise and get ready to see the wet and wild side of Nassau.

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Active, Water/Beach
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5 Hours
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Recommended Dress
We recommend wearing comfortable, seasonal clothing over your swim wear with sturdy walking shoes or sandals. Hat, sunglasses and sunscreen are also recommended.
Guests must be able to get in and out of transportation. Minimum age required is 8 years old. All participants must sign a waiver. This tour is not wheelchair accessible and not recommended for any guest with limited mobility. Guests need to be in good physical health and cannot have asthma, epilepsy, diabetes, a personal history of heart attacks or heart problems, strokes, or recently-diagnosed high blood pressure. Persons taking antidepressant medications or other potential contraindicated medications, and pregnant women may not participate. Guests must be able to equalize their ears without problems, as they would in an airplane. Children under the age of 18 must participate with a parent or guardian.