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Titanic Tour on Segway

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Titanic Tour on Segway
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Tour Details
Tour Details

No ship in modern history has captured the hearts and imagination of people more than the RMS Titanic. The aquatic behemoth's origins lie in Belfast. You will ascend your personal Segway, allowing you to almost glide on two wheels through the key locations that played a role in the beginning of the Titanic's short and tragic life.

From the Arc Public Realm, your guide will lead you to locales such as the SS Nomadic and the Titanic Drawing Room. You will also be taken to the Titanic Slipways, the Titanic Studios, and Dock Pump House. You'll be able to enter the Dry Dock, where the luxury liner sat for 12 days before its demise.

It may seem daunting at first, but a Segway is a very easy, stable, and balanced method of transportation, providing both convenience and fun on this excursion into the Titanic's past. Your tour will begin at the Arc Public Realm near the Titanic Museum, a marvel of modern architecture with an appearance alluding to the bow of a ship. Its reflective surface, though, renders the structure with a futuristic feel.

Your visit will bring you to the SS Nomadic, built by the White Star Line, the same company that constructed the Titanic. The Nomadic was commissioned to act as a tender to the both the RMS Olympic and the Titanic. It was launched in April of 1911, one year before the ill fated ship sunk. The Nomadic's purpose was to ferry passengers, luggage, mail, and supplies to these ships because they were too large to dock in Cherbourg Harbour, France. The Nomadic ferried 274 passengers to the Titanic for its maiden voyage on April 10, 1912.

Venture into the past by visiting the Titanic Drawing Offices. Known as the Harland and Wolff Headquarters, this building contains the offices where Thomas Andrews designed the ship by hand. Though the building is devoid of activity, one can almost sense the brainstorming and ingenuity that occured within its walls.

To explore the locale where the historic ocean liner was constructed, your guide will lead you to the Titanic Slipways. It has since been restored and lies in proximity to the Titanic Museum, but it acted as the building site where the ship was pieced together. Because both the Titanic and Olympic were to be massive ocean liners, the then existing slipways had to be reengineered to accomodate the new ships' hulls. Each slipway had to be reinforced with 4 foot, 6 inch thick concrete. The Titanic's was lain there in March of 1909.

The Titanic Dock & Pump House will provide an extremely up close and personal view of the berth where the Titanic awaited its maiden voyage. You'll be astounded by the gargantuan pumps and monsterous hydraulic accumulator. Most of all, your appreciation for determination and ingenuity will be peaked.

Your Segway excursion will also take you to Titanic Studios, located in the Titanic Quarter. Placed on an 8 acre site, the studio combines the original Paint Hall Studio and two relatively new sound stages. Such productions as City of Ember, Your Highness, and the popular HBO series Game of Thrones have had scenes shot here. On this tour, you'll also have the opportunity to see the Odyssey Pavillion, a nearby shopping and entertainment complex.

Feel a combination of awe and melancholy on this easy Segway tour into the history of the RMS Titanic.

Shore Excursion Size
Shore Excursion Type
Cultural, Scenic
Shore Excursion Duration
2 Hours
Activity Level
Shore Excursion Leaves From
Belfast. A taxi (approximately 20 GBP round trip, not included) is required to reach the meeting point. Full details will be provided upon booking confirmation in your electronic ticket.
Food/Beverage Provided
Not Included
Recommended Dress
We recommend wearing comfortable, weather appropriate clothing, cap, sunglasses, walking shoes and sunscreen.
Guest must be under the weight of 280 lbs and be 10 years of age or older.
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