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Wadi Bani Awf & Snake Gorge Visit

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Wadi Bani Awf & Snake Gorge
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Tour Details

A short hour and a half trip to Wadi Bani Awf, this Muscat excursion is one of the best trips you will ever make. Leaving in the morning, you get all day to enjoy the magnificent region that is famous for its breathtaking scenery.

Wadi Bani Awf is absolutely stunning with its pristine, crystal clear pool that ranges from two to six meters deep. The beauty will draw you in for a swim, while the diversity of the land will challenge you and add a flair of excitement to your exploration. Mother nature even added intriguing caverns as a variety to this already diverse experience. Each bend around the wadi will make you gasp in awe as you snap photos galore.

Snake Gorge offers a challenging hike that will take about six hours. It will leave you feeling confident and inspired. Snake Gorge lives up to its name with a serpentine impression created by the mountains 'snaking' throughout the wadi. It cuts naturally past spectacular waterfalls, over boulders, and around rocks. You will slide between caverns, hike around natural obstacles, and swim under caves. The entire day will leave you captivated and awe struck! You will work up an appetite in this exciting hike, so a delicious picnic lunch with soft drinks is included. Don't miss this opportunity, it is absolutely life changing!

Shore Excursion Size
Shore Excursion Type
Cultural, Active, Scenic
Shore Excursion Duration
9 Hours
Activity Level
Shore Excursion Leaves From
The Cruise Ship Pier. (Full details will be provided in your electronic ticket upon confirmation.)
Food/Beverage Provided
A traditional light Omani lunch and local soft drinks, juices, and water is included.
Recommended Dress
Comfortable lightweight summer clothing and walking shoes are suitable for most of the year, but sweaters or jackets may be needed for the winter months, especially in the evenings. Good quality sunlasses are advised, and photo-chromatic lenses for those who wear spectacles. Hats and some protection for the head are advisable when in direct sunlight. The United Arab Emirates has conservative dress traditions. Swimwear must be confined to the beach and hotel pools. Men and women should ensure shoulders and knees are covered when in public, especially in souks, shops, malls, and villages. If you plan on visiting a mosque, please wear loose long trousers or long skirts and long sleeves. Shorts, and tight or transparent clothing is not permitted. Women must cover their head with a scarf.
Participants must be able to get in and out of the vehicle. Normal tourist photography is acceptable, but it is considered offensive to photograph Arab women. It is also courteous to ask permission before photographing men. Photographs of government buildings, police, or military installations are not allowed.
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