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Awesome Zip Line Adventure

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Tour Details

Awesome Zip Line Adventure

Your Ocho Rios excursion begins from the moment you meet your well informed driver/tour guide for a spectacular ride by van up to H'Evans Scent Zip Line facility, approximately 30 minutes drive from the pier. On route, you will first drive along the Caribbean Sea. so close in places you feel that you could touch it. Then you turn inland and follow the narrow road up through lush landscaping, passing though sleepy villages, past kids going to school to locals doing their washing. H'Evans Scent is located 2000ft up with a view across the green fields of St Ann, our garden parish.

Upon arrival, you will be met by the friendly staff who will give you your first real taste of Jamaica, a natural fruit drink made from fruits that are in season, served in a calabash cup. H'Evans Scent was the first to introduce Zip Lines to the Island of Jamaica and they have stayed ahead of the competition by installing rides which are different to what others are offering. Each ride is a different experience, and once you have been harnessed you will receive safety instructions before the first Zip Line.

To reach the first zip, named the Leap of Faith, each person is required to climb a staircase. Once on the launch platform, the instructor will give you your final briefing and then you are ready to zip 500 ft, across the valley. You are met on the other side by two members of staff, who take you off the line and then it is a short walk up hill to the next zip.

Once clipped to the zip line at ground level, you are required to make a short run to the edge of the platform and jump off, this gives you the momentum to traverse across the valley back to where it all began.

Your next adventure is the Screamer, a swing that will give you the ride of your life. The seat an accommodate up to 3 average sized people. Once you are connected safely to the bar, a cable will automatically pull you back until you are 60ft in the air. When the motor stops, one person must pull a ripcord this releases the seat holding all the riders, they then swing through the air back and forth until the swing comes to a stop.

A walk then takes you to the Awesome Zip. This is located across the the road, and is the longest line on the Island spanning 1200ft across a scenic valley. To reach the launch platform, after you are attached to the safety line, each guest must climb up the staples (metal steps on either side of the pole) to the platform 50ft in the air. (For this zip you must weigh more than 110lbs and no more than 250lbs). It is a great ride and it gives you the thrill of a lifetime. Once you get to the other side of the valley, two members of staff then take you off the line. A walk up the hillside pass goats and cows leads you to the last, and fastest zip.

Aptly named Speedy, you will need to climb a staircase to about 10ft off the ground. After a safety check, you push off holding your legs up as you skim close to the ground, picking up speed all the time on your way across a scenic valley back to where you left a few moments ago. From here, it is a walk through the fields past local produce being grown, local folks doing their washing and cooking outdoors.

There are small lockers available, restrooms and non-alcoholic beverages for purchase at the zip line site.

Please Note: Zip line does not accommodate tandem riders. This tour is NOT recommended for guests with a fear of heights.

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3 Hours
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Ship Pier
Food/Beverage Provided
Not Included
Comfortable clothing and sensible walking shoes are recommended. Sun glasses, sunscreen are also suggested.
Guests must be a minimum of 6 years old and in reasonable shape and able to climb the staples and stairs required to reach the zip platforms. Minimum weight to do all zip lines is 110 pounds. There is no discount for guests skipping or unable to meet requirements. Maximum weight on the zip is 260 pounds. Guests who are pregnant, or have heart or back concerns should not participate on this program.
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4 StarsOnly for the adventurousJanuary 02, 2019

Reviewer: Bill Stutters
We got a late start because we had to wait for another couple from a different ship. Driver and staff were all great. Four zip lines and 'screamer' swing. The first two lines are fairly short, but fun. You have to climb a 40 ft pole to get to the last two. It's not hard, but you should be in decent shape.

5 StarsAwesome Zip Line AdventureJanuary 12, 2018

Reviewer: Jessica Vandevier
This was a fantastic excursion! All of the staff members were very courteous and helpful. They made my whole family feel safe and we enjoyed talking and interacting with them. Special shout out to Christopher the driver, Gingy and Blip and the rest of the guys. The zips were fun and different from each other so that made the zip lining extra special. We love that there was a small group and the staff knew about the plant life and animals of the area. We love Jamaica! Ya mon!

5 StarsGreat fun in the jungle!September 22, 2017

Reviewer: Cori Taylor
My husband and I had a great time at this zipline excursion. The 5 ziplines seem well maintained and the equipment was solid. Plus, you get to rocket back and forth over a jungle valley on rope. The guys were very nice, and even showed us some of the interesting local fauna as we hiked around to the lines. Overall a really great time.

5 StarsWe would do it all over again!April 21, 2017

Reviewer: Quinn Anderson
This excursion was fantastic. Our family had the best time. The transportation was perfect. The tour guide and driver were wonderful from beginning to end. They took incredible care of us. The staff at the zipline facility was delightful. We felt safe and cared for the entire time. They were all so friendly and fun. If we were ever in the area again, we'd go back and do this same excursion. Totally worth it--and then some! Really can't say enough good about this one...

5 StarsGreat ExcursionJanuary 22, 2016

Reviewer: Stu
Awesome excursion.

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