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The Bahamas contain a variety of gorgeous tropical settings, ready to take you on a paradise getaway. Our carefully selected Bahamas cruise excursions are tailored to give you memorable experiences, from beautiful water activities to sun-drenched tropical beaches. Seeing the islands from a ship is amazing on its own. However, exploring them on a Bahamas shore excursion is the best way to experience these paradise islands. At Shore Excursions Group, we offer the best Bahamas shore trips to destinations including Nassau and Freeport, Bahamas via cruise ship, bus tour, walking tour, private island tour and much more, providing guests the highest-quality experience possible.

Rich in local culture and history, Nassau is the capital of the Bahamas and its largest city. Visitors flock to this tropical destination from all over to enjoy its unique, charming island atmosphere, beautiful warm weather, sandy, pristine beaches and endless array of activities and outdoor things to do. Nassau is also home to five-star Caribbean cuisine restaurants, so you'll never go hungry. Wine tasting is also a favorite traveler's to-do, and is the perfect way to wind down after a day on the beach or boat. Nassau is the ultimate relaxation destination and home of many adventures.

The northwest island port city of Freeport offers an abundance of natural beauty, outdoor activities and charming city life that boasts great shopping and restaurants. Visitors should not miss the Garden of the Groves, and take advantage of horseback riding, scuba and diving opportunities that are second to none. Get away and relax with dolphins in a awe-inspiring 9-acre lagoon. It's an experience you won't want to forget.

Whatever your vacation desires are in this tropical wonderland, our Bahamas excursions are ready to treat you to the experiences of a lifetime. Browse our available ports and their tours for the perfect accompaniment to your cruise.

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Bahamas excursions and tours to snorkeling beaches.
October 28, 2021
I purchased this excursion for my son and his wife. He was supposed to meet the van at 7:20 am but the ship never cleared ro let passengers out till 7:45. They waited for them. When my son came back to the ship, he was amazed. Food was provided to the sharks to occupy them. He thought they would be in cages or he would be in a cage. They were free swimming. So close he could amost touch them. Could see the color of their eyes. That was the high point of his cruise. Thank you so much
Reviewer: Denise Derk
5 Stars
Nice beach and resort
October 19, 2021
Our day at Taino Beach was wonderful. There was a little confusion with the driver getting us to the correct location, but that was resolved fairly quickly. The pool was huge and the beach was nice. Very few people there - only 6 of us from our ship. Great day!
Reviewer: Nancy Null
4 Stars
Captain Ron is the best!
August 26, 2021
My boyfriend and I took this tour on Aug 25th,2021. Captain Ron is the best asset of this tour. So knowledgeable about Bahamas history. From his personal story to the history of the island, the different restaurants and buildings downtown Nassau. The food was delicious too. We learned a lot about Nassau and the Bahamas. Captain Ron made it fun, interesting and made us forget it rained a few times during the tour. Highly recommend this tour if only for Captian Ron! Five stars and more! Thank your Captain Ron!
Reviewer: Barbara Mesiano
5 Stars
July 17, 2021
Be careful and tell taxi driver Taino Beach Resort otherwise you may get dropped off at Taino Beach and that is several miles away. That happened to us but fortunately our cab driver found us when it was time to leave. The cab fare is more than this excursion so keep that in mind when you purchase. It was very secluded it that is what you are looking for.
Reviewer: Karen Folsom
3 Stars
Amazing resort!!!!! Must visit
June 30, 2020
This was a hidden gem. We went in November 2019, 1st week Of November and we had not booked for this port as it was cancelled. We got on ship and found out this on this site. Beautiful scenery, we were the only guests at the resort that day. Later a couple people staying at the resort appeared but this was literally like having a resort to ourselves. No food at the time but staff was able to help us order some pizza and have it delivered. I will definitely return here.
Reviewer: Ivette AguirreBeck
5 Stars
June 20, 2020
Was am amazing experience, would love to go back
Reviewer: Jennifer Frey
5 Stars
Dolphin Encounter
April 02, 2020
I must say this was totally worth it. My husband and I had an awesome trainer with Dixon our Dolphin. The group was not large and we spent a great amount of time. Interaction was over the top. Definitely do this again. The photos you could purchase of your encounter was a dolphin shaped thumb drive a bit pricey but totally worth it. The Island was beautiful and very expensive to eat there. A burger was $22. 2 bottles of water and 2 personal size bags of chips was $16. They were not very friendly when paying with a CC, they would keep asking if you had cash.
Reviewer: Kathy
5 Stars
So much fun!!
April 02, 2020
Had such a great time on this excursion!! The boat ride was so fun, and the driver made it even more enjoyable with his knowledge of the island and fun, upbeat attitude. Would definitely recommend!
Reviewer: Molly Baraban
5 Stars
You definitely your money’s worth!
March 27, 2020
This excursion was well organized and professionally conducted. There was very little wait time and the dolphin trainer was not only knowledgeable but made sure everyone got sufficient time with the dolphin.
Reviewer: Ginger Blomberg
5 Stars
Amazing experience!
March 26, 2020
This was an amazing experience. Very organized, beautiful views on the boat. They sailed out for about 30-40 minutes out in the sea. Then we dove in the middle of nowhere where the water blue and clear! they took well care of us and were always aware of us to make sure we were safe. It was an amazing experience. They provided drinks after the snorkeling and they were nice and strong! Make sure to give them gratuity at the end, these people work very hard and are so hospitable towards us tourists, they truly take care of us and are young kids working hard and keeping the equipment in good hygiene! This was my first time snorkeling. However, I am a professional swimmer, my partner was very afraid of the water. One of the employees was a remarkable and the kindest with him and took care of him as we went through our excursion. Thank you so much!
Reviewer: Ydalmi Perez
5 Stars