Bermuda Excursions and Cruise Tours

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Bermuda, a Caribbean Hidden Gem

Bermuda is a unique, sun-drenched island with a rich history. The city of Hamilton is the main capital and dates all the way back to the 1790s. With a never-ending array of beaches and local attractions, there are activities for all travelers to enjoy.

While the cruise lines typically focus on your transportation, our Bermuda tours and excursions focus on your destination. From the pink sand beaches of the South Shore to the cosmopolitan Front Street, we offer the best of Bermuda with packages to suit your budget and style. Enjoy a day tour to a perfectly manicured golf resort to play along the coast. Redefine the words "shore excursion" by indulging yourself at a world-class spa. Enjoy a relaxing sail on a large sailboat. Descend below the sea on a Bermuda island dive or scuba diving adventure. Race across the sea in a catamaran, or view the tropical paradise below the surface in a glass bottom boat.

And we're just getting started!

Shore Excursions Group offers more than 40 Bermuda shore excursions. The options are endless. Read on to learn more about available guided tours and extraordinary Bermuda island tours.

Best of Bermuda

Do a once in a lifetime dive and witness beautiful coral reefs, marine life, and shipwrecks. Prefer a nice relaxing walking tour? Depart from Bermuda's Royal Naval Dockyard with your tour guide and go sightseeing around the island. Visit the National Museum of Bermuda or the UNESCO World Heritage site of St. George. There's something here for everybody.

Before You Go: Bermuda Weather & Climate

From April to October, the sunny island of Bermuda reaches its high temperatures. During this time, temperatures range from approximately 75°F to 85°F, so be sure to dress for the weather and enjoy some serious sun! The rest of the year, Bermuda's mild climate ranges from around 55°F at night to 70°F in the early afternoon, with high winds making the air feel cooler.

Time to Explore Bermuda!

Try one of our Bermuda excursions and see the beautiful beaches and island culture that put this gorgeous destination on the map. The island's shopping, dining, nature reserves, water sports, and golf are exceptional - once your cruise ship arrives, you won't want to leave..

Click on one of the cruise ports above to begin exploring this beautiful island with our variety of Bermuda cruise excursions! Hungry for more travel? After cruising Bermuda, visit the pristine Bahamas.

Bermuda excursions to town port docks.
February 23, 2023
Catamaran and snorkeling
Reviewer: Marsha murray
5 Stars
fun and relaxing
November 30, 2022
This is my second time visiting Bermuda and taking this snorkeling excursion. The guide was fun and knowledgeable. The catamaran cruise was relaxing and there were many other water activity options (kayaking, standup paddling) during the snorkeling period. Just wish there were more fishes in the area of snorkeling.
Reviewer: Frank Fan
4 Stars
Best of Bermuda Complete Island Tour
November 22, 2022
The tour guides were amazing, informative, polite, hilarious, accommodating and an overall delight to spend the day with! I highly recommend this tour!
Reviewer: Christy
5 Stars
Interesting Ride
November 21, 2022
Had a good tour guide that provided lots of interesting info about Bermuda and the Bermuda people. The bus was smaller than what the RCL tours use, which was good because we could load/unload faster at stops. Generally we made the same stops. Also, this was significantly less expensive than the the RCL offering.
Reviewer: James Bradley
4 Stars
Great Way to see Bermuda
November 18, 2022
Really enjoyed this tour that gave us a chance to see the whole island of Bermuda and learn a lot of the history of what we were seeing. Very knowledgeable and entertaining driver.
Reviewer: Gail Downing
5 Stars
Excellent Tour of Bermuda
November 17, 2022
We are so happy that Fairy Godmother Travel recommended this excursion. We were picked up right as we left the cruise ship by a cheery lady holding an easy recognizable sign. Our tour bus escort was friendly and entertained us all day with fabulous stories about Bermuda while taking us to beautiful sites. We were able to get off and visit several stops through the day, even seeing the pink sandy beach. We were returned to the ship in plenty of time to still walk around the port area before having to board and depart. My only wish is that we could have taken the trip the first day in port so we could have known where we wished to return the second day but it was not an option for our dates. This excursion was also longer and less expensive than those offered by the cruse line.
Reviewer: Pattie Cartwright
5 Stars
Good Tour but could not hear tour guide
November 10, 2022
This was fun tour and the bus was a nice ride. However, for most of the ride the tour guides mic would move away and we couldn't hear him. He was nice and helpful at the stops one-on-one.
Reviewer: Thomas Barnette
4 Stars
Amazing on all accounts!
November 10, 2022
This was a great choice for snorkeling! The staff was super friendly and they made the time spent with them a blast! The drinks were good and the cookies were an unexpected surprise.
Reviewer: Thomas Barnette
5 Stars
Great food tour
November 08, 2022
Ashley was a great guide, able to accommodate our tight schedule and provide a good experience for our group.
Reviewer: Thomas Haydon
5 Stars
A nice sunset adventure
November 07, 2022
The catamaran ride was perfect. We sailed around the harbor, not going out into ocean. Which was fine with us. The staff was knowledgeable and friendly.
Reviewer: John L
5 Stars