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4 StarsNice overview of the Old and New CityFebruary 03, 2020

There were just four in our group so there was plenty of seating in the van which was comfortable and cool. The guide was full of information and spoke English well. The Emerald museum was especially interesting but we moved thru very fast. Could have spent a little more time there. The shopping was fun.

5 StarsAmazing tour with FabianFebruary 02, 2020

This tour was amazing. We were just with one other couple and our guide Fabian. We saw so many animals along our drive to the penguin rookery and seeing the seals and sea lions. Thanks to Fabian we also saw some Burrow owls and a tiny little animal like a tailless squirrel (can’t remember the name). The road was very rough so if you have back troubles may not be a good option, otherwise it was great and the fact that it was a private tour was really wonderful.

5 StarsCozemel Electric Bike Ride & SnorkleFebruary 02, 2020

The excursion was a bargain!! The girls who were guides did an excellent job and were very knowledgeable. Would do it again.

5 StarsGreat ExcursionFebruary 02, 2020

Very happy with entire experience. everyone was friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. Very enjoyable and comprehensive in a short period of time. Island was beautiful and extremely friendly. Would highly recommend this excursion and Roatan.

5 StarsFun, InterestingFebruary 02, 2020

If you enjoy sitting in a comfortable air conditioned tour bus this is not for you. We were 10 people wedged into the back of an open air vehicle on two bench seats facing one another. It kept us stable lol. Long was a wonderful guide with an infectious enthusiasm for Curacao and so much knowledge. Lunch is not included. The price for two substantial entrees and four beer was $70 USD. A bit pricey but not out of line.We enjoyed the restaurant.with its amazing view,. The snorkelling was fine but not wonderful. We didn't book this as a snorkel tour so we saw it as a bonus. Ice cold water is provided but you should bring your refillable bottle. Suggestion: Scheduled bathroom break.We were all in need! I am fine with running behind a bush but as the other eight were strangers I'm not sure if that would've made them uncomfortable. This was great day well spent. We highly recommend this tour for those who enjoy small groups and getting off the beaten track.

5 StarsMy favorite part of Vacation!!February 02, 2020

Swimming with the stingrays was EXTRAORDINARY!!! Though the water was rough on the surface due to the wind, it was so peaceful beneath the surface. Floating on top of the water with my snorkel gear covering my face, watching the stingrays, was so relaxing and I'm so glad I faced my fear and did it. Turned out to be my favorite part of my entire vacation. Seeing the starfish at the beach was also neat. I'm thankful for the opportunity! The staff on the excursion were excellent as well!!!

5 Starsvisit to Old Town and viewing city from afarFebruary 02, 2020

Beautiful city and nice to see so many places from afar. The Old Town was where we got to walk the streets and see many street vendors and shops. We got to walk into two different churches but no other major attractions did we visit inside.

5 StarsStingray city and Starfish BeachFebruary 02, 2020

Very cool excursion. The water was a bit rough and going by the Barrier Reef was not safe so we had to snorkel just outside the reef yet it was still very cool. Make sure to buy a quality waterproof cell phone case so you can take photos and video on your adventure!

5 Starsfun and informativeFebruary 02, 2020

Very cool trip starting out with the zip line and then making our way to the jungle cruise. The ziplining team was very helpful and made gliding through the treetops a great experience. Having a way to attach your cell phone to your clothing and record video , having a GoPro OR family members willing to take pics and record you as you take off or land on the other side would save you the 20 bucks per person for a package that give you about 12 photos a person and one video of you sent via email. Nonetheless I would do this again and again.

5 Starsrelaxing and fun yet a bit too shortFebruary 02, 2020

Very fun trip cruising down a river with some slight river rafting/tubing. We stopped 2/3rds the way through and there was a little place with a bar, food, hammocks and restrooms to hang out. There was also a platform to jump off of into the middle of the river but you have to land in a pretty small spot to be safe so I chickened out figuring I wanted to walk around for the rest of the 8 days we had versus possibly not! Our guide would songs while we went down the stream and his dogs swam with us down the river which added to the adventure even more!

5 StarsNice relaxing day on the beachFebruary 02, 2020

Was a nice not too busy beach.Very beautiful. Reasonably priced drinks and a tasty lunch. Recommend.

5 StarsAmazing Experience!February 02, 2020

I have wanted to try Scuba for a long time. Captain Andrew was amazing. I felt 100 percent safe and now would like to do a full course before we return to the islands! The entire crew was very concerned for all guests comfort and safety.

5 StarsGreat time!February 02, 2020

The excursion was exactly as advertised, and we had a great time. The stingray stop was everyone’s favorite. The crew took plenty of time for everyone to hold and feed the stingrays. The starfish point was a shorter stop. You’re able to hold the starfish and look at them through very shallow water. I would definitely recommend this excursion. It does last several hours, so make sure to eat a good meal first. I wish I had brought snacks, too.

5 StarsGreat Experience!February 02, 2020

I was nervous to zipline, but it was a great experience. All of the guides were helpful and friendly. Nelson was terrific, taking extra time to show us interesting things along the way, such as plant life. We had a wonderful time and definitely recommend this tour!

4 StarsEnjoyableFebruary 02, 2020

Good excursion. The guides were very friendly and knowledgeable.

4 StarsGreat excursion with some reservationsFebruary 02, 2020

The tour itself was so much fun and gorgeous but there are some important things to know. 1. the pick up spot is wrong on the ticket. It says in front of dophin center but it's in the back to the left. 2. When you arrive you will be presented with many upsells from insurance to private tours to upgraded ATVs. 3. Pictures are negotiable and the guys will take cash for themselves to reduce the price. We got a package for 8 reduced from $194 to $100 with a $10 slide to the guy helping us. 4. No cameras allowed because they will charge you for the photos after.

4 StarsFun time, but had 1 disappoinmentFebruary 02, 2020

The shopping was nice, the tour was very informative, but I was under the impression we could choose which beach we wanted to go to and were only offered to go to Magan's Bay and we wanted to go to Sapphire Beach.

4 StarsVery enjoyableFebruary 02, 2020

The launch spot is a little obscure, and the cab ride there was twice as much as told. The guide was super nice. Didn't see as many fish etc as expected too, but it was beatiful scenery and very relaxing.

5 StarsSkillful DriverFebruary 01, 2020

That Roberts Tour Bus driver did an exceptional job on the curves up to and down from the canyon. I'm glad he was driving! Kauai Coffee was a good stop.

5 StarsThe kids loved it and I couldn't stop smiling. February 01, 2020

The groups were boarded onto the boat and brought past several beautiful ocean front homes on the way to Blue lagoon island. It was a fun trip with the staff playing music and even getting the guests to dance along. It was about 20-30 minutes. Once there you cross a beautiful walking bridge with nautical rope sides, dolphins to the side and very pretty blue water. Then we had time before our dolphin encounter so we went to swim first. The first group was rushed over to the dolphin encounter area right away. The beach has 2 sides. One side has the air raft jumping/climbing park and the other just open water. The bar splits the 2 sections. The gift shop had a nice variety. The lunch was a buffet style with a lot of good food. Gets you one trip and juice drink. It's tea , lemonade or fruit punch. They have hammocks, large chess and checkers tables and coconut bowling. Overall we loved it. Only thing I would suggest is making it easier to see your photos with the dolphins.

5 StarsBarbadosFebruary 01, 2020

We learned so much about Barbados! Our tour guide was Nicola and she was excellent! Very friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. I didn’t like all the food but met some super nice locals and they were very welcoming. Highly recommend this tour.

5 StarsThe wines of Marlborough tourFebruary 01, 2020

Very good tour. Great tour lady.

5 StarsAmazing excursionFebruary 01, 2020

We had a great time! Well worth the money and we plan on repeating this excursion if we every get back here.

5 StarsMemorable dayFebruary 01, 2020

The tour is definitely a must do but I was disappointed to learn that I could have bought the same package for half the price from the hotel where we were staying. We compared notes with other Canadians being picked up at hotels and we would have saved a ton of cash. I think it's quite overpriced but the food was delicious and the tour guides excellent. Bottom line- check around. Same goes for the rainforest tour.

5 StarsSo funFebruary 01, 2020

These guys are amazing. They too us on some fun ride. We really enjoyed ourselves. There were 13 of us in our group and we all had a great time. The staff were very friendly and helpful. Would love to come back and do it again. Thank you so much for taking care of us.

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