Benefits of Booking Your Cruise Excursions with Excursions Company vs. Cruise Lines

Benefits of Booking Your Cruise Excursions with Excursions Company vs. Cruise Lines

Vacations are rewards to ourselves. We earned them. We anticipate adventures and experiences in places we only dreamed of visiting, then arrived at the notion we can actually go. And that's what makes a vacation so exciting in the first place: going.

Of course, before we go, we plan, and throughout the planning, we consider every angle of our journey. For those of us boarding one of the many cruise lines that bring us to our destinations, we consider a shore excursion and local tour once at port. At Shore Excursions Group, we believe you deserve the best trip for your money. After all, your vacation is your reward. Forget about itineraries with large cruise lines who shuffle you in and shuffle you out from port to port. Instead, here's why you should book with us.

You Will Save Money

When booking a cruise vacation, it's important to know you have options. There is no obligation to sign up for a shore excursion through the cruise line, despite the inclination to. By booking your shore excursion through us, you will undoubtedly save money on tours at port that otherwise may have gone unnoticed. Stretching your dollar an extra 25-40% by booking with a third party in no way means having to sacrifice the quality of your vacation. We stand by the tours we arrange, and the prices are as low as you'll find anywhere else, so you don't need to buy tours with the cruise line. As a show of our commitment to making sure you save cash, we've employed a Price Match Guarantee. If you find a lower price elsewhere on a tour we offer, we'll match it!

You Will Be Part of a Smaller Tour Group

The last thing any cruise vacationer should want is to experience being herded in and out of port because of the cruise line's itinerary. We've prioritized your experience. As such, our tour groups are smaller, more personable and without that feeling of being on a school trip with the entire 8th grade. You'll have the opportunity to relax, to really absorb the culture of each port city, and to do it in a much more comforting context than one where you're made to feel like a number.

You Will Be with Trusted Tour Operators

The simple truth is we have long-standing relationships with local tour operators who provide the shore excursion you deserve. We don't merely accept money from a souvenir shop looking to capitalize on travelers like some cruise lines might. We strike deals with knowledgeable guides who are tuned in to the attitudes and traditions of each locale, and it's all to provide you with an experience as authentic as possible.

You Will Support the Local Economy

As a result of our work with the aforementioned guides and tour operators, we're proud to claim that travelers who book through us support the local economy. Each cruise excursion city strives to give visitors a safe, fun and enlightening experience. Shore Excursions Group is proud to facilitate the means to reach these small, local businesses in order to continue the rich heritage of their city.

You Will Guarantee Your Spot by Booking Ahead

A cruise vacation itinerary gets hectic. There's so much to do and so many people to compete with for spots on specific tours. That is, unless you arrange your own shore excursion ahead of time with us. Guarantee the opportunity to witness what a port city offers by booking ahead of time. You'll prevent yourself and your family from getting shut out of long-lasting vacation memories, plus enjoy all the rewards your vacation has to offer.

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