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Jerusalem and The Dead Sea

Price: $179.00
Your faith will ascend with this inspiring tour of the holy city of Jerusalem and its significant sites such as the Via Dolorosa, the Garden of Gethsemane and the Church of the Holy Sepulcher. You will also have the opportunity to float in the Dead Sea.
4.5 Stars4 Reviews
Excursion Size: Small
Excursion Type: Cultural, Scenic
Food/Beverage: None
Activity Level: Moderate
Excursion Duration: 11 hours

Haifa Excursions

Situated on the coast of northern Israel, overlooking the gorgeous Mediterranean, is the diverse city of Haifa. An eclectic mix of cultures influencing the design and development is what makes Haifa so magnificent. From its snow-white sanded beaches and elegant hotels, to ancient temples and other religious landmarks, Haifa always has something different to see and do. Explore the opportunity to visit Jerusalem and all of its rich ancient and religious history, easily making it one of the most important and popular locations in the entire world. Discover the classical roots of Jesus in a tour of Nazareth, visit important Ancient Roman sites and the incredible Golan Heights, or experience modern Israeli life with a visit to a kibbutz - a modern form of communal living. Our Haifa tours offer you more than the chance to relish in Israeli sights and culture, but they also provide you with a rare, unforgettable look into the past.