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Windjammer Sail

Price: $76.00   Sale Price: $62.00   Save: $14.00
This is a great opportunity to sail onboard a beautiful Maine schooner. Sit back, relax and enjoy the views or join the crew and learn about sailing.
4.5 Stars31 Reviews
Excursion Size: Standard
Excursion Type: Active, Scenic, Water/Beach
Food/Beverage: No
Activity Level: Easy
Excursion Duration: 2 Hours

Portland Excursions

As a major port city and one that is not too far from Boston, Portland, Maine is a classic New England town centered and driven by its port economy. Shore Excursions Group will ensure that you experience all that Maine's largest city has to offer. Let us show you all that Portland has to offer on a variety of authentic cruises along the beautiful waters of this town. Hop aboard an authentic Main Schooner and sail across the Casco Bay enjoying beverages or assisting the crew in sailing the ship. You may choose to take a different approach to touring Casco Bay aboard a ferry that takes you to four different destinations that allow you truly to get a sense of the unique island life here. Either way, you are sure to enjoy the marine qualities of Portland.