Stream Fishing

Great time
September 09, 2022
My boys 18 and 15 went on this excursion and had an amazing time. They enjoyed the fishing and the tour guide equally, not to mention the beautiful scenery. The tour guide was informative and engaging. My boys would definitely do again.
Reviewer: Katerina
5 Stars
Stream Fishing
September 08, 2019
Both Levy and Uncle Mike were really nice and helpful! The group we went with was friendly and everyone got along well. Unfortunately, the fish did not really go after lures, so it turned into snagging the fish in any way possible. This was a bit disheartening for people who enjoy fishing as we are not used to catching fish in this fashion. However, the salmon definitely put up a good fight once they were hooked. It would have been nice to try and fish for other types of fish as well as going to a different location as this excursion was 3.5 hours and we stayed in one spot. The icing on the cake however, was seeing an Alaskan Brown Bear on our trip back to the boat which was awesome.
Reviewer: CCG
3 Stars
Bears and lots of fish
August 06, 2019
My husband went on this tour while I took the kids on a wildlife viewing tour. Well, his group got to fish and saw a bear so he got the best of both worlds. The guides were vigilant and equipped with bear guns and also knowledgeable about the local fish and fishing spots. He caught 2 species of salmon, pink and silver. All gear was provided and in good condition. It was my husband’s favorite excursion!
Reviewer: Shauna
5 Stars
Stream Fishing
September 25, 2018
Again the fishing was poor this day, but the guide more than made up for it with his bubbly personality and running history/comentary.
Reviewer: Travis Garvin
4 Stars
Best Adventure
September 13, 2017
We booked this excursion for my Birthday. Our guide Horace made it the best trip ever. He took us to a great fishing spot. We caught just under 30 fish between the three of us. Some pink salmon, some silver (Coho), and a couple trout. The scenery was breathtaking, and the experience was second to none. I would recommend this excursion to anyone and I will book this again if I am ever back.
Reviewer: Jeff
5 Stars
Stream fishing by Hoonah
August 24, 2017
This was a highlight experience of my 12 day Alaskan trip. Our guide knew so much about the area, and truly enhanced the adventure. The spot he selected to fish was so pristine. We had a small party (six plus the guide) and he carried his large rifle whenever we were out of the van. I learned so many facts he shared about his brown bear experiences and salmon in the area. The beautiful surroundings and our great guide, would have been worth the experience even if I hadn't caught and released 18 salmon, who gave a thrill with each landing. Then, when we were done and back at the van, he said, "walk quietly to the bridge. I just spotted a large brown and her two cubs walking near where we just left." Sure enough, we watched the two-year-old cubs and mom. Then we took a quick van tour of Hoonah with lots of local knowledge about growing up there, and the lifestyle. The experience was awesome, and will bring satisfaction to me whenever I think of it.
Reviewer: Gordon Goettsch
5 Stars
Cruise Excursion was Fantastic
July 27, 2017
We booked a 4 hour fishing excursion with 5 in our party (July 18). The total group was only 7 so we had a very personal experience. We fished from shore at the mouth of an inlet as the pink salmon were congregating in preparation of their spawn. In our group we caught 26 fish (mostly salmon with a few trout) up to 10 lbs. Our guide, Horace, was fantastic and helped the novices with everything. Half of the tour was the drive to and from the location. Since we didn't see any bears during our drives (although we saw plenty of skat) Horace extended the trip an extra hour to find a momma brown bear with her two cubs. He was fantastic and shared not only his world but some smoked salmon and deer jerky. The only negative was the equipment. We broke two rods but we dealt with it without a problem. I highly recommend this tour and Horace.
Reviewer: Mike
5 Stars
Great Fishing.
December 01, 2016
Our guide Jacob was great. He was friendly, comical and very informative. The stream he took us to was full of Pinks running up to spawn. We saw a brown bear run into the stream 50 yards away and grab a salmon. Wow! it was like National Geographic. We felt perfectly safe because Jacob was packing. Besides the bear we saw Bald Eagles and ducks. I would definitely go agian.
Reviewer: Bob Chacon
5 Stars
A Great Outing
September 28, 2016
An enjoyable drive through National Forest took us to a beautiful stream filled with salmon. Our guide Jacob was easy going and as helpful as anyone could be, and just a perfect companion for a day of fishing. Our other companion was a brown bear who crossed the stream as we arrived and headed upstream and then returned later to feed on salmon across the stream from us. Everyone caught salmon and left with big smiles.
Reviewer: Colin Barrom
5 Stars
Great outing
August 29, 2016
The guides were great. We catch a lot of fish and saw a bear catch and eat a fish. A trip worth the money.
Reviewer: fred cholick
5 Stars
Best excursion for the money spent
October 20, 2015
This was the best trip ever. Our guide Matt was awesome! He would stop the car in order for us to capture the wildlife on the way out to our location... Once we got to our location he got us our gear and lead us to the banks of the stream and was very helpful with all of us.. He gave me and the four other people tips on how to be successful in catching fish!! The ride back was just as interesting ! I have nothing negative to say about this experience! Thank you
Reviewer: Jillaber
5 Stars
Best excursion for the moment neu
October 20, 2015
This was a great experience... Matt our guide would stop the car when ever we asked in order for us to take pictures of the wildlife! Matt was very helpful with us during the fishing outing... Matt gave me great instructions to increase my chances of catching fish! I also liked the fact that we had a small group it made the excursion very nice... Not only did we catch fish, we saw lots of bears and deer and 6 pair of eagles... I have no complaints... This was a great excursion! Thanks!
Reviewer: Jillaber
5 Stars
Fun day!
September 08, 2015
Guide was patient and helpful, gave us extra time so that we could all experience catching fish and finding bears, made the day lots of fun!
Reviewer: fishdance
5 Stars
Natural Alaska we loved it!
August 20, 2015
The two guides who were very experienced outdoorsmen picked up our family, a party of ten at the landing area for a half day of fishing and sightseeing. We all piled into their van and they drove us about 30 miles through the town then onto National Forest land. Our destination was an inlet on the opposite side of the island where the salmon were just entering the stream in huge numbers. They supplied everyone with their own well maintained fishing rigs, instructed us how to hook a salmon and assisted us to remove and safely release all the salmon we caught. They entertained us with stories and anecdotes of fishing, hunting and everyday life in their part of Alaska. While at the stream both guides were armed for the possibility of any bears visiting the stream also. We needed an Alaskan fishing license which they were able to sell to us ($20/ 1 day license, not included in price of tour). Everyone from teenaged grandsons, parents and grandparents enjoyed the time and activity tremendously, smiles were ever-present. Highly recommend, a high point of our Alaskan vacation!
Reviewer: Florgia Lyn
5 Stars
Our whole family went stream fishing for Salmon
August 18, 2015
This was a fantastic time. Our family ; 10 off us we all able to ride together and fish together. We were out in the wilderness but safe thanks to our expert and armed guides. We saw wildlife, Incredible vistas , and fished in a stream so full of salmon the color of the water changed. Everyone enjoyed the trip; even our 4 year old nephew who ran up and down the bank throwing rocks. It was a true Alaskan family adventure. I would recommend this trip to anyone who wants to really experience wilderness.
Reviewer: Gators
5 Stars
Great experience
August 08, 2015
Guide was very accommodating , with guest, had great patience with young boys, Helped us experience real Alaska . Had great day.
Reviewer: Travelers
4 Stars
Best Host EVER!
August 27, 2014
Ray, our guide, shared so much about AK with us as we drove to our fishing spot. He pointed out nature and highlights along the way and we even stopped to pick wild berries. He made sure everyone had the chance to catch fish and helped the inexperienced ones with the equipment. On the way back, he pointed our more local highlights and stopped when we asked for more time to view. He was AWESOME!
Reviewer: Val
5 Stars
Fabulous Time
August 10, 2014
Unfortunately I forgot to write down their names. But our guide and his step-mother showed us all around Icy Point and made sure we caught some fish. We also got to see lots of Eagles, 2 bears and deer. They really drove us around to see the beautiful scenery as well as placing us in great fishing spots.
Reviewer: Joen and Debbie
5 Stars
excellent excursion
August 07, 2014
Our Guide (Ray) was extremely knowledgeable, pleasant and a true Alaskan outdoors-man. Brought us to nice fishing spots where our group (5 total) had great success with both trout and large Salmon in a very short amount of time. We felt very safe even while being chased from our original fishing spot by a Grizzly! Ray and another nearby guide (Billy) had it all under control. The only negative was that the drive time to and from the best fishing spots were very long leaving little time for actual fishing. this of course is dependent on where the best fishing is at the time of your trip as the guides know where the fish are running!
Reviewer: Ted
4 Stars
salmon fishing in alaska
October 06, 2013
I had so much fun on this tour. my guide was so enthusiastic and knowledgable that it was impossible not to enjoy it. We caught so many fish that my arms ached. i will definitely be back.
Reviewer: ted
5 Stars
Best day of my Alaskan trip
August 06, 2013
Phil, with Brown Bear excursions did an outstanding job as guide. It was the highlight of my Alaskan trip. I would highly recommend Brown Bear excursions
Reviewer: Coach
4 Stars