Bear, Wilderness & Wildlife Search

Bear, Wilderness & Wildlife Search
October 11, 2022
We also took this excursion back in 2018. At that time we saw bear feeding at the creek. This time we saw the hind-end of a bear running into the brush. I think our guides were more knowledgeable this time, and that was surely appreciated. You cannot always guarantee that bear will be seen. We thoroughly enjoyed this excursion!
Reviewer: Joseph Ruff
5 Stars
Wasn't our day for bears
September 07, 2022
It's a good walk from the ship to the tour building. There are shuttles if you need one. Our driver was very knowledgeable and is not seasonal employee, but a resident. Leaving town, we were lucky to catch a pod of whales bubble feeding. Our search was through the forest outside of town. That search wasn't very fruitful (no fault of the driver). We were able to spot a mother bear with her cub in the distance. By this time, we were running late. As we rounded one bend, we saw a large male bear walking on the side of the road. But before anyone could react, it turned off the road and ran off. Our next stop was the 'Fortress of the Bear' bear sanctuary. Here the bears orphaned or abandoned are kept. This is the place to see them a bit closer up. Once back in town. we stopped at the we stopped at the historical museum (we did not enter) to view some totem poles. We walked down to the river and saw it was absolutely filled with salmon. I would recommend this tour.
Reviewer: Richard Wasney
5 Stars
Amazing time
August 29, 2022
We had a wonderful time with out guide. He and his wife helped us pick wild berries, we saw a bear fishing for salmon, and we learned about the powers of devil's claw. When we got back to town, they called their friend who opened their shop us to us so that we could take some devil's claw home. Amazing trip. Don't miss it!
Reviewer: Teresa Vigueras
5 Stars
Why I came to Alaska
August 10, 2022
I'm not obsessed with bears, but I'm sure fascinated by them. I 've a few black bears and grizzlies in my travels, but never a brown bear. We got to see one on this tour, and that was one of our goals in coming to Alaska. Our guide John has had long and deep ties to the area, and was very knowledgeable about everything, from his native heritage to the animals to the land. I'd do this tour again if I knew he'd be the guide.
Reviewer: David Burton
5 Stars
August 03, 2022
Our guide was a native of the land and a Raven for her Tribe. Wonderful person. We saw a brown bear at the very end after we almost gave up on seeing any bears.
Reviewer: Kevin Boriack
4 Stars
Amazing Experience
August 19, 2021
Talk about seeing the "real Alaska"! Doesn't get better than this. Our driver, Mike, was so helpful, friendly and knowledgeable. Thank you for an amazing experience!
Reviewer: Lisa
5 Stars
Terrific Adventure
December 06, 2019
We had a wonderful adventure with Becky our guide. She found the perfect spot to watch a 4 year old brown bear. I would highly recommend this tour.
Reviewer: Cynthia French
5 Stars
Awesome excursion!
October 05, 2019
Our tour guide was so awesome! She wasn’t giving up until we found a bear. We walked down to the water through the trees and low and behold we saw our first bear catching salmon, so cool! Then we went back to the van and parked at the end of the bridge and waited for a bit, then we saw our second bear from afar in the river. We loved this excursion.
Reviewer: Trudy Lemke
5 Stars
Bear Watching in Icy Point Strait
October 05, 2019
Great informative guide, small group (6) rather than the masses of the cruise ship's excursions.
Reviewer: Marryanne S. Graham
5 Stars
Becky's got a gun
September 11, 2019
Saw 3 bears and a Timber Tiger (squirrel) as well as salmon waiting to die. One bear was spotted feeding on salmon. Brilliant trip with great commentary from an extremely passionate guide, Becky. The rifle was only in case of an emergency but was reassuring after tales of bears getting too close to towns and people.
Reviewer: Helen Stone
5 Stars
Review of B, W and W search
August 28, 2019
This was one of our favorite side trips in Alaska. The guide was wonderful. He took us out in beautiful area. This was our opportunity to see bear down by a river. We also liked the port of Icy Strait.
Reviewer: Meg Milani
5 Stars
Bears up close
August 03, 2019
Luke was our guide on our tour on July 17 Island Princess cruise. He took us on a wonderful descriptive tour of the island and we saw not only one but two bears, up close and personal. One was a baby crossing the road right in front of our van. The second was spotted crossing a creek and he came out of the trees, walked around, let us take lots of pictures and then crossed the road right in front of us as we stood on the bridge. Luke was very knowledgeable and friendly. It was an excellent time
Reviewer: Becky Kratz
5 Stars
Bear, Wilderness & Wildlife Search
July 14, 2019
The tour was very good. However we did not see any bears.
Reviewer: Esteban Lopez
5 Stars
Wilderness Tour in Icy Strait
June 14, 2019
This was an excellent tour. Our guide was extremely friendly and very knowledgeable. She did everything in her power to enable us to see bears, bald eagles and deer.
Reviewer: Nancy Tschupp
5 Stars
We did get very close to Bears
October 05, 2018
It is a bit of a rough drive down old logging roads but the scenery where they take you is beautiful. The Bears are wild but the guides knew where to find them. We got within 10 meters.
Reviewer: Scott Brooks
5 Stars
A Great Excursion!
September 17, 2018
Becky was our guide and was awesome. We saw multiple bears in two different locations, including a sow with cub. She shared many informative local and nature facts in an interesting and fun way. We would book this excursion again, if Becky would be our guide.
Reviewer: Steve & Judy Childers
5 Stars
Really great!
July 30, 2018
Our guide, Becky lives in the town of Hoonah so she lives with the bears year round. We had a great time- she showed us so many different areas around Hoonah, told us about living in Alaska year round. We had a small group- only 7 of us so it was a very personal tour. My husband got great photos - we love "Brutus" the biggest brown bear we've ever seen. Becky is great!
Reviewer: Mary Roll
5 Stars
Fun experience
July 09, 2018
Our guide was very informative and gave us information regarding Icy Strait and its customs and inhabitants. Did see a coastal brown bear, eagles and black tail deer. The guide was great about going back to view the one bear that we saw so we could take pictures from the van. Disappointing that we only saw one but he was worth seeing !
Reviewer: State of Maine resident
4 Stars
February 04, 2018
It was wonderful. Great guide, small group and we saw bears.
Reviewer: Juanita Ruff
5 Stars
We Saw Bears
October 03, 2017
We saw 4 bears on this excursion and we got some great pictures of them A couple of them were so close it was as if you could almost reach out and touch them! Becky was a fantastic guide and was always conscious of our safety but also making sure that we had a great time.
Reviewer: Connie
5 Stars
Great Tour of Icy Strait Point
September 28, 2017
My two daughters and I took this tour with Becky in Misty Bay Lodge's van with one other couple - it was exciting! We saw 4 bears and it was so much more fun than riding 40 to a bus. She was so informative - right down to picking the berries for us that grow in that area. I would recommend this tour to everyone! It was also 'easy' as advertised as my daughter and I have some trouble walking.
Reviewer: Adele Cockriell
5 Stars
Nice tour
August 24, 2016
We had a pleasent tour with Mike Mills, a very nice person. Unluckily we didn't get to see bears but we saw an extensive wilderness area and learnt a lot about plants. We got to see some deer.
Reviewer: Maria Baldizan
4 Stars
Knowlegeable guide unfortunately no bears this tim
August 05, 2015
I enjoyed that there was only two families in the excursion and that the guide was able to answer all of our questions and give us individual attention.
Reviewer: Liz
4 Stars