Mendenhall Glacier Trek

Mendenhall Glacier Trek
August 14, 2023
Fantastic experience. Our guide Caroline was great. she was well informed on history of glacier, and the surrounding area including the landscape. Without her as our guide it is unlikely that we would have made to lake adjacent to glacier as trail was not marked or obvious. Great day!
Reviewer: Michael Hart
5 Stars
Excellent Trek for Fit Adults
July 16, 2023
This was our favorite shore excursion of the entire trip and we highly recommend it. The outfit was professional. The guide was amazing. In addition to tailoring the pace to our group, she educated us about the flora and fauna and life in Alaska along the way. You also get to see firsthand the glacier changes over the years. It was infinitely more satisfying than the other excursions if you are fit enough for a 7+ mile hike. Our group were ages 58, 60, and 65, but we were very fit and hiked frequently prior to embarking on the cruise.
Reviewer: AnnZ
5 Stars
A great adventure
September 02, 2019
A unique and challenging experience with guides who were funny, patient, passionate about their work and about teaching us, and who always made safety a priority. I had a wonderful time!
Reviewer: D. Rajan
5 Stars
Great experience, awesome guides
August 19, 2019
Was really glad to have picked this excursion. Superb guides. Went above and beyond. Really made it special and made me want to tell everyone (though this 9+ mile trip is not for everyone).
Reviewer: Tanuj Bansal
5 Stars
Very fun
July 04, 2019
Our group of 4 love this trip.
Reviewer: Jitinard Wongwaiwit
5 Stars
Breathtaking Experience
June 09, 2019
This was an amazing experience! The guides were personable, fun, knowledgeable, and just plain awesome (thanks Jacques!) I was very nervous going on this hike because I am not super active (I work in banking and exercise a few times a week) and am not in the best shape. It was strenuous but doable. The longest hike I’ve ever done was maybe 5 miles so this was longer and tougher but worth it! The pace was pretty quick for my short legs but I was able to keep up. I would recommend bringing bug spray - the hike in the forest is warm and the mosquitoes are huge! Dress in layers! We went in late May and it was quite warm in the forest and chilly on the glacier. Bring extra water - we drank an extra liter between my husband and I. Overall, this was a once in a lifetime experience and I highly recommend it - was it challenging? Yes! Was every second worth it? YES!!
Reviewer: Brittany Baker
5 Stars
A walk in the Sun - Not Really
June 09, 2019
What a great trip! The trek through the forest was an adventure in itself. Lots to see and enjoy but the views of the glacier were magnificent. And finally walking on the “river of ice” was a memory that will last a lifetime! Our two guides, Josh and JC constantly went out of their way to ensure our safety and at the same time made sure we saw all the sites. With all this beauty came a fairly strenuous hike with lots of ups and downs, crossing exposed bedrock. Good boots are a must. As a 72 year old male who is in decent shape, I did struggle at times. The real pain came the day after. I had done a lots of walking prior to the trek but neglected to condition my quads. Yes, there is lots of downhills on the return trip. Going down stairs was a challenge for a few days. Would I do it again, you bet. As the glaciers continue to decline, this was a trip of a lifetime for me.
Reviewer: Dan Turner
5 Stars
Amazing pictures
July 30, 2018
The hike was nice and I would say not to hard if you used to do a lot of sport. But there where still some people in the group which where a bit slower. But anyways, we had a lot of fun and the pictures you can take on the glacier are amazing!
Reviewer: Alexandra
5 Stars
Mendenhall Glacier Trek
July 09, 2018
Excellent Hike, Excellent Guide, Great Value.
Reviewer: Howard Leong
5 Stars
Totally Awwsome!!!
August 28, 2017
Just amazing! The hike is at an aggressive pace, on difficult terrain with steep ups and downs on wet sometimes slippery surfaces, jumping on rocks to cross streams, some rock climbing, and rain is typical. But it is a great workout, and the glacier is spectacular! Despite slipping a couple of times, and having a little difficulty sometimes with foot placement (short legs), I would want to do it again! My pack was a bit large for me and did not have chest straps, so at times it was a bit awkward. Definitely need to have a decent level of fitness, especially if older. For reference, 58 years old, 5'1", run 30-40 miles a week including some groomed trails, a little hiking on groomed trails, yoga with weights couple times a week. Ran a half marathon on Saturday before the Sunday cruise departure and this hike on a Wednesday.
Reviewer: Lorene
5 Stars
Great raining day.....gorgeous hike!
August 02, 2017
Had been looking forward to this long trek for months and the guides did not let us down. We hiked in the rain all day but had so much fun and enjoyed some breathtaking scenery. The conditions were also ripe for an ice cave jaunt!
Reviewer: Cody Van
5 Stars
This glacier hike was remarkable.
July 01, 2017
Our guides were wonderful. We were looking for an excursion that was rigorous and this one met the bill. From the moment the guides picked us up they were fun, informative, and always safety conscious. We saw beautiful sights, walked thru icecaves, walked on the glacier and into crevasses. This activity surpassed our expectations. I would highly recommend it.
Reviewer: Chris & Jeanene
5 Stars
Super Cool!
August 26, 2016
My husband and I really enjoyed hiking in the rain forest and then out on the glacier! The hike included navigating over large boulders and lots of elevation change, so if that kind of thing isn't fun for you, you may want to avoid this excursion (we had a lady on our trip who complained the whole way). Hiking on the glacier was really interesting! Our guide, Jacob, was very knowledgeable and fun!
Reviewer: Katharine Vance
5 Stars
September 23, 2014
Went on this trek with my 18 yr old son in September 2014. It was pretty strenuous, but epic adventure. Not for the faint of heart, the uphill rock climb is challenging. Great guides who took care of each climber. The ice cave was definitely worth it though. My son said best trip ever. Gnarly, epic, gorgeous views, glacier travel on crampons, scrambling up scree after the awesome ice cave experience and long trek back. Be in shape for this 9 mile trek and you won't regret it.
Reviewer: Nicki Branch, 56 yr old mom
5 Stars
A Once in a Lifetime Experience
September 07, 2014
This excursion was more than I expected in many respects. By far, it was the most challenging hike I have ever taken, as well as one of the most unique and beautiful hikes. The trek provided an intimate glimpse of the beautiful Alaskan landscape. The guides (Sam and Annie) were fantastic and safety-oriented. For those considering this excursion, be aware that it is a long (6.5+ hrs), challenging hike (over terrane that is occasionally steep, frequently uneven), requires endurance (especially on the return trip from the glacier back to the van) and strength (to carry pack and continuously trek over steep inclines and rough terrane). Wear comfortable (broken-in) water-proof hiking boots, dress in layers (at some points of the hike you will be down to one layer; at the glacier you will have all layers on). If you are not physically fit, this excursion will be very challenging.
Reviewer: Joyce
5 Stars
I would buy this product again and again
September 02, 2014
This was an excellent challenging hike with excellent very knowledgeable guides.
Reviewer: argus1986
5 Stars
Fantastic Hike!
June 24, 2014
This was a once in a lifetime experience! The guides Brad and Miles did a fantastic job! Especially Brad, who knew where the exciting views were on this shifting glacier. We were able to visit a lake on the glacier, a glacier mill, and an ice cave. Brad and Miles were entertaining, very helpful, knowledgeable, experienced hikers, and they knew how much we could handle. Even though it was a pretty adventurous hike and not easy, I felt safe all the time. The excursion is relatively pricy, but considering all the exciting sights we saw on this 7 hour long outing, we felt it was well worth it.
Reviewer: U&C
5 Stars
I would Buy This Product Again
October 16, 2013
Excellent Excursion, Excellent Guides, a True Alaskan Experience
Reviewer: argus501
5 Stars
September 01, 2013
The glacier shone brightly on a beautifully sunny day in Juneau as we set off on what was to be the highlight of our cruise vacation. The air was so fresh and the water crystal clear.
Reviewer: Liz and Zig
5 Stars
Rave Review
July 07, 2013
This is a trip for fit active people.
Reviewer: Glacier Boyz
5 Stars
September 11, 2011
What an amazing experience!!! Be prepared to hike at at a good pace otherwise you will hold up the trek. It starts out as strenuous hike (because of pace) for about an hour and a half Once you reach the glacier you have about an hour to hike around and see the incredible sights. Our guide took us 300' deep into and active ice cave. Probably the most amazing experience i have ever had!!! I highly recommend this trip!!!!!!
Reviewer: 1toppump
5 Stars
AWESOME Expereince!
September 07, 2011
My teen sons loved this glacier experience. It was challenging but doable and the best scenery possible. The ice climbing and the view from the under the glacier and in the ice tunnels was unforgettable.
Reviewer: CK from DE
5 Stars