Glacier View Sea Kayaking

Great excursion
July 07, 2022
We had a wonderful time. We were picked up at the wharf by a friendly bus driver who pointed out lots of interesting sites as we drove to the actual Kayaking location. The staff were very helpful getting us ‘geared up’ and into our kayaks. Although we were once experienced at canoeing, we had never kayaked before.the guide was very patient and helpful getting us going and keeping us together. We saw lots of eagles and sea birds and her commentary was very educational. It would have been nice to get closer to the actual glacier but this was a shorter excursion that really just Et us enjoy the surroundings and the fun of actual kayaking. Time, tide and weather are unpredictable so we only saw a few seals, but a group that went later in the day saw a lot of them. Overall an enjoyable experience that was not too difficult and was quite educational.
Reviewer: William Kigar
4 Stars
a pleasant day on the water
July 01, 2022
We found the agent on the pier for this excursion quite easily based on the instructions we received with our ticket. The driver was knowledgeable and kinda quirky in a sweet way. The folks at the lake geared us up and gave us good kayaking instructions before we went on the water. Our guide on the water shared stories about the area. She obviously enjoyed her job. We didn't see as much wildlife as we hoped, but saw lots of very busy bald eagles. But it was a beautiful day for a paddle and nice opportunity to see a piece of Alaska up close.
Reviewer: Debra Kigar
4 Stars
November 16, 2019
Reviewer: Dating Liu
4 Stars
Great for animal viewing
October 08, 2019
We had a great group of guides for our trip. Because of we had 6 people in our party we were placed in a single group with one guide which was nice. We were in a bay type estuary area, not open ocean whatsoever, and we had a view of the Mendenhall Glacier. We saw lots of seals, sea lions, and several bald eagles of varying maturity ages which was pretty awesome. Our guide also showed us how crabbing works in Alaska which was pretty awesome too. We stayed fairly dry minus a little bit of wet arms from the paddles, but stayed more than warm enough. Overall I would recommend for the beginning kayaker who just wants a fun time and to see some smaller sea animals. May be underwhelming for the more intermediate to advanced level kayakers, or those who struggle with tandem kayaking. (Solo kayaks would have made this trip AWESOME!)
Reviewer: Shelby
4 Stars
Glacier view sea kayaking
October 01, 2019
This was my first time kayaking and I truly enjoy this experience. Plus we got a surprise visit by a group of sea lions. I would highly recommend this shore excursion.
Reviewer: Cindy Swift
5 Stars
Kayak Tour
June 15, 2019
Well organized and safe. All excursions over priced. Terrific young Tenn. woman guide was playful, informed and kept us all together. Good exercise, which I needed; and incredible views of glacier, salmon laying creek.
Reviewer: David Taxis
5 Stars
Great young guides, gorgeous scenery
September 10, 2018
Very good excursion - well guided by college students who were funny and passionate about ecology. Efficiently loaded on buses, geared up at the site and off into kayaks. Saw many bald eagles. Such a beautiful lake. Please note, this is a glacier VIEW tour - you are fairly far away from the actual Mendenhall glacier. We wear offered waterproof kayak skirts or waterproof pants, and they were needed (lake water is cold) We were a party of 4, 2 in 60's, 2 in late 20's - all enjoyed. Recommend.
Reviewer: Maryann Brophy
4 Stars
Sea Kayaking
July 09, 2018
Kayaking was a fun excursion.Got to appreciate the beauty of Alaska
Reviewer: Robin
5 Stars