Mendenhall Glacier Float Trip

Great fun!
October 02, 2023
This entire experience was so fun! Well organized from start to finish. Beautiful scenery, lots of eagles and a few mild rapids thrown in to make it exciting. The staff is excellent from the bus drivers, to shore staff to the boat guides. Thanks to all for a great time.
Reviewer: Pam Bowe
5 Stars
Mendenhall glacier float trip
September 20, 2023
Our guide, Kimball, was excellent. Enthusiastic, well-informed, and energetic. We got to see firsthand devastation of climate change on the river, and the beauty of the Glacier and Lake.
Reviewer: Ron Samarian
4 Stars
Floating on Glacier Water
September 18, 2023
My wife and I had a wonderful time on the Mendenhall Glacier Float Trip. Our guide was great, funny and kept us safe. All of the staff were very friendly, and our only complaint would be the clouds obscured some of the glacier during our trip. We would definitely recommend this excursion and this company for future trips!
Reviewer: George "Bill" Hubbell
5 Stars
Awesome views, fun trip, no wildlife
September 11, 2023
Great bus ride to the float, great guides on the float. Got to paddle across the glacier lake and down the river with some rapids. I'm not experienced, so they were just enough for us, even got the front row wet. Because a glacier lake has glacial silt, there are no fish, so therefore no bear or eagles. Views of the Mendenhall were spectacular, great weather, the river passes through homes, so it isn't in the wild. Would recommend it as a way to see nature up close, just not wildlife.
Reviewer: Michael Knutsen
4 Stars
Great Fun and Great Views!
August 03, 2023
We had a great time with Gentry as our guide! I sat in the front of the raft with 2 girls from Minnesota and my party sat right behind me in the second row. We got great pictures and Gentry was very knowledgeable about the history of the area. The rapids were super fun and the float with relaxing and beautiful.
Reviewer: Jen
5 Stars
Worth it!!
August 03, 2023
Guys where great! Scene beautiful! The tour guide lady getting there was phenomenal.. worth every penny!!
Reviewer: Julie
5 Stars
Mendenhall Glacier Float Trip
July 30, 2023
This was a very enjoyable outing. The scenery was beautiful. The guide was very capable and interesting. We would do this excursion again if given the opportunity. We recommend this whitewater trip.
Reviewer: K. Hardy
5 Stars
Great time!
July 04, 2023
Tent was a knowledge, personable guide. Great views of the Mendenhall Glacier, a few wildlife sightings, and some ffun rapids. Overall a great experience!
Reviewer: DJ
5 Stars
Beautiful scenery and great fun!
September 16, 2022
As seniors we were a little concerned about rafting but everyone was so helpful and nice and we had a great time on the rapids though they were a little tame. The scenery and seeing the glacier was awesome and our guide was knowledgeble and entertaining.
Reviewer: Nita
5 Stars
Float trip
August 27, 2022
everything we thought it would be. Wonderful trip!!
Reviewer: Gerard Milch
5 Stars
Family Friendly Trip
August 07, 2022
Beautiful trip and well-practiced guides. This trip is great for travelers of all ages. We took our adult children and their teenage daughters. We had a great time and the staff was very professional and accommodating. The views of the glacier and river are beautiful.
Reviewer: Karen Duddlesten
5 Stars
had a blast!
November 22, 2019
we did this on our mid September cruise. It was pretty fun. unfortunately my boyfriends cover-all’s ( they provide coveralls and boots) was missing a side snap. we didn’t think it was a big deal until we hit bumpy water and he got a pant full of 32degree glacial melt!! I had fun, was glad it wasn’t me! He was a good sport about it but was uncomfortable for the remainder of the trip... check your snaps on your cover all’s, and prepare to have a really great time!
Reviewer: cindy
5 Stars
Mendenhall Glacier Float Trip
November 10, 2019
I took the Mendenhall Glacier Float Trip and couldn't have enjoyed it more. The Guide was very informative in all aspects of safety on the Float. Prior to boarding, we were given special waterproof overalls and boots. We were helped into, and then out of this apparel on our disembarkation. The staff were very pleasant on the bus to the raft and very helpful. The Float Ride was just exciting enough and yet felt safe enough to be enjoyable.
5 Stars
Mendenhall Glacier Float Trip
October 06, 2019
The guides made the trip interesting.
Reviewer: Bruce Kutcher
3 Stars
Rafting in the rain
October 02, 2019
No surprise, it rains a lot in Alaska. Our day in Juneau was a rainy one and the rafting tour went on as planned. The clouds were so low and the rain was so strong we could barely see the glacier! There were 6 of us in the raft and we had a good time. Would have been better if we could see more but there was the rain... Definitely would recommend. Pick up and return to our ship was quick and easy.
Reviewer: Jennifer
5 Stars
Nice float trip
October 01, 2019
This was nice, but not as exciting as we had expected. Our guide was knowledgeable, capable, and a lot of fun. The rapids weren't anything to write home about. If you're inexperienced in rafting, you have more fun than we did. The area we partially rafted through was a residential area, which surprised us. The views of Mendenhall Glacier are beautiful.
Reviewer: M. Briggs
3 Stars
Nice day trip
September 19, 2019
Our rafting trip was a nice day trip. Wish we had gotten closer to the glacier (or waterfall), and the rapids were a little underwhelming. We did get to see two eagles along the river, which unfortunately, runs along people’s houses… not the wilderness.
Reviewer: Dennis Gaschen
4 Stars
Mendenhall Glacier Float Trip
September 14, 2019
This is not exciting class 4 rapids river rafting. It is a slow paced relaxing sightseeing excursion. There were no icebergs in the water when we went in August, but Mendenhall lake is beautiful. The whole family enjoyed this excursion and at a significant savings compared to booking the exact same tour operator through the cruise ship, especially with Costco discount.
Reviewer: Stan Grombchevsky
5 Stars
September 11, 2019
The bus trip to this excursion was very informative. Once at the site, Finding float gear that would fit was very perplexing...and there were 10 tourists in our raft so it was very cramped. However the views of the Glacier and the expertise of the tour guide Miles made up for the initial frustration. Silt colored water from the glacier run off was unique. The rapids were exciting! Thought the river would be located in a more off the grid area. Very fun!
Reviewer: Bill & Gail Emery
4 Stars
Float Trip
September 09, 2019
Really enjoyed this excursion. It was perfect for our first float trip. Beautiful scenery and our guide was a lot of fun and informative.
Reviewer: Karen L. Hiatt
5 Stars
Fun and Exciting
September 04, 2019
Loved this rafting excursion. It was lovely and peaceful on the lake & great to see the glacier. And then we were off down the river. There were 3 areas where there were rapids and I loved it. I felt very safe and got what I thought was a good video of the rapids. I'm a 78 year old gal, so if I can do it pretty much everyone else ought to be able to do it, too. Our guide was great - kept us safe and he sure was great at spying eagles! I wish I could remember his name.
Reviewer: Karen D Kersey
5 Stars
September 03, 2019
Reviewer: marlene castellanos
5 Stars
September 02, 2019
This was so much fun but I have to say we had the best guide in Dan! It was cold, raining, foggy and a very wet day! Although we were too cold for words the group we were with and our guide made it all worth it! We had some good rapids and I loved that we were able to help with the paddling. I think there were more people than expected so not enough hot apple cider or snacks to go around but again this excursion is well worth the trip and seeing the Mendenall Glacier!
Reviewer: Chris and Michel Fluhr
5 Stars
River Rafting
September 01, 2019
My hubby & I are considered seniors. This was an awesome excursion. Our guide, Haden, was great & very safety aware. So glad we ventured beyond my comfort zone. Any one would be comfortable taking this excursion.
Reviewer: G Sue Tepley
5 Stars
Fun for family
August 26, 2019
Nice scenery, easy rafting course.
Reviewer: Al
5 Stars
August 25, 2019
The rafting was great! Plenty of excitement and the scenery was spectacular. Would definitely do it again!
Reviewer: Janice Bricker
5 Stars
River Rafting
August 07, 2019
This was so much fun! Our guide was excellent and gave a great commentary! A must do excursion!
Reviewer: Bea Gillis
5 Stars
A great experience
August 01, 2019
The trip was great and fun. They provided waterproof pants and boots. So don't worry about the shoes.
Reviewer: Chun-Jen Lin
5 Stars
Fun Trip!
July 26, 2019
We really enjoyed this excursion. We opted to paddle and it really was only about 5 minutes of actual work (which were the rapids portions). Our son got splashed pretty good, but with all the gear they provide, he didn't get too cold. Cade was awesome! He's super personable and not afraid to yell to make you want to work. To be fair, he did warn us ahead of time that he yells! It was neat to hear about local history while he floated us down the river. Overall, it was a relaxing afternoon. Al the bus driver was hilarious as well.
Reviewer: Heather Watson
5 Stars
Mendenhall Glacier Float Trip
July 12, 2019
Great guide down the River.
Reviewer: Mike L
5 Stars
Raft Trip
July 01, 2019
The guides were friendly and helpful. The rafts were comfortable. We were a group of 9 people and were assigned to the same raft. Even the bus driver was friendly and informative.
Reviewer: pam matsumoto
5 Stars
Fun and scenic
June 28, 2019
My wife and I are in our 70s and this was our first float trip. The rapids were mild and fun. The guide was knowledgeable. The weather was pleasant.
Reviewer: Slayden Yarbrough
5 Stars
Take This Tour
June 05, 2019
Completed this awesome raft trip on 5/30/19. Keenan (from Texas) was our enthusiastic & awesome guide. He communicated well as to how to respond to his commands, pointed out the landmarks & beauty of Mendenhall Glacier & safely maneuvered our crew. This excursion was our favorite during our 7 day Alaskan Cruise. One suggestion is that Shore Excursions Group should mention that they provide both wet pants, boots and a light snack. Keep up the great work, Keenan!
Reviewer: Karen & Glenn Walters
5 Stars
Mendenhall Glacier Float Trip
October 03, 2018
Best excursion we did in Alaska. Much more exciting and picturesque than we expected. Tanner our guide was excellent !
Reviewer: John Quigley
5 Stars
Raft trip
October 01, 2018
Fun trip. Saw bald eagles and hit a few rapids. We were fortunate to have outstanding weather. Could have less in our "paddling boat". My wife felt squished sitting in the middle. I had front row right. Loved it. Skyler was a terrific guide.
Reviewer: Mark Raus
4 Stars
Wonderful experience
September 22, 2018
This was one of our most enjoyable activity. The guide was very friendly and gave us lots of information. Water was chilled. You will get wet, specially if you sit in the front. Most memorable and wonderful time.
Reviewer: Seema Podar
5 Stars
Very Nice Introduction to Alaska
September 17, 2018
It was great to get on the water and to share this first outdoor experience with lots of other eager cheerful people.
Reviewer: Katherine C King
4 Stars
Juneau excursion
September 10, 2018
Loved this excursion and was so much. Family of 5 with kids ages 11, 11, and 12. We chose a raft where the kids were able to paddle. The view was amazing! We sat in the middle of the lake looking at the glacier before we paddled off. We got some awesome pics. Absolutely beautiful! Weather was perfect!
Reviewer: Stacey
5 Stars
Informative Tour
September 10, 2018
Our guide Chuck was an informative guide providing insights of the surrounding and answering our group's questions while guiding the raft through the rapids.
Reviewer: Wayne Quon
5 Stars
very fun float
August 06, 2018
Our guide Blaine was awesome. So funny and personable. The weather wasn’t cooperating but he made the best of it.
Reviewer: Beau Willadsen
5 Stars
This Rafting Trip Was Great
August 06, 2018
This was very fun and well worth doing. The Guide in our raft was very skilled and knowledgeable. The float was a good distance and some great class 3 rapids. I would do this again!
Reviewer: brian
5 Stars
Awesome glacier float trip
August 06, 2018
This was the excursion I really wanted and it met all of my expectations. The scenery was beautiful! It was very well organized, the staff professional and shared their excitement and knowledge. I would definitely do it again.
Reviewer: Sarah Woodrum
5 Stars
Nice trip
July 23, 2018
The staff and crew very good. The view of the glacier was a little disappointing (no fault of the company). The float trip was very mild.
Reviewer: Dave
4 Stars
July 09, 2018
This was a great excursion, we picked Carolina as our raft guide, who is the only female on the team and worked really hard. Our raft just required us to sit relax, and the odd shimmy. Fun stuff, very informative and lots of great stories.
Reviewer: Laurie Welbourn
5 Stars
You should definitely do this excursion!
June 18, 2018
This was a fantastic excursion. The guides are great: energetic, enthusiastic, knowledgeable, helpful. The scenery is like nothing else anywhere else (this is why you're going to Alaska, right?). They had everything down pat: where to meet the guide, how to identify him/her, the transportation to and from the launch site, the snacks and warm cider after the trip, the photos for sale. I would definitely recommend, and would definitely do again.
Reviewer: Elizabeth Ring
5 Stars
Mendenhall Glacier Float Trip
September 29, 2017
This was a great excursion. Staff was very friendly, knowledgeable, and professional. Scenery was fabulous. One thing I would say to the company is tell us on our receipt/ticket that boots and rain gear provided. We packed all that extra stuff and didn't need it. Otherwise would highly recommend this.
Reviewer: Theresa Teneyck
5 Stars
Great Trip!!
September 25, 2017
It helped that we had wonderful weather! Our trip was in early September and it was amazing...although the snack at the end was lacking, lol We had rapids and a delightful guide, the water was wicked and wonderful...Thank you!!
Reviewer: Natalie Paridy
5 Stars
Review of Mendenhall Glacier Float Trip
September 19, 2017
Enjoyable excursion. Putting on required attire was a task but all worked out okay. The snacks at the end of the trip were great. We lucked out with good weather.
Reviewer: Judy Sakai
4 Stars
Float trip
September 19, 2017
We had an awesome adventure and group leader. We saw and heard all the group leaders being kind and humorous to their guests as well as each other. I would let others know about this trip being a must do. It's set up for all ages, young and old.
Reviewer: Vonnie Lorensen
5 Stars
Good tour
September 09, 2017
Highly recommend this tour. It was raining and cold, still We enjoyed the float trip very much.
Reviewer: Sherry
5 Stars
great time on the float
August 30, 2017
It was a wonderful excursion. The guide was very informative and the scenery was breath-taking. The few rapids were gentle but it gave a nice thrill to the float
Reviewer: Joel Kutnick
5 Stars
Very Fun Day!
August 29, 2017
This group is very organized and efficient. The ride up to the start point was beautiful and the driver was informative. All our gear was provided and the float/white water ride down the river was a blast. We enjoyed the Alaskan snacks at the end.
Reviewer: Heather Kuenzi
5 Stars
Glacier Float
August 21, 2017
Well done, great guides
Reviewer: Barry Present
5 Stars
River Rafting
August 17, 2017
This was great! The views are spectacuar. The River rafting guide was very freindly, knowledgealble and nice.
Reviewer: Lidia Silverio
5 Stars
Good Family Fun
August 14, 2017
We had a great time on our float trip. You take a shuttle to the base of the Glacier where you are outfitted for your adventure. We hung out in the lake longer then we needed to. Once we started the trip down the river, everyone had a good time. We were seated in the front and knocked backwards by one of the rapids. It was fun and wet! The river did not have as many rapids as we would have liked. It is a nice trip for the entire family. The smoked salmon spread afterwards was delicious. We would go again!
Reviewer: TDGILL
4 Stars
A great day in Juneau
August 10, 2017
Our guide David was excellent. We especially liked the fact that he is actually from Juneau so we got a local's perspective and stories. My only criticism is that it would have been nice to know that they provided waterproof pants and boots ahead of time, so we didn't need to pack extra clothes and shoes.
Reviewer: Cheryl Harger
5 Stars
A fun and relaxing scenic tour
August 07, 2017
We totally enjoyed our floating and rafting trip around some of the Alaska bays.. Our guide was very knowledgeable and kept us informed about interesting bits of information about this area. Also had a lot of laughs going through some "rapids". It was a trip well worth it!
Reviewer: Tammi
5 Stars
August 03, 2017
The float captain was a very nice and helpful young Gentlemen. It would have been excellent to get a bit closer to the glacier.
Reviewer: Shahram Salamian
4 Stars
Mendenhall Glacier Float Trip
August 01, 2017
This was a very enjoyable experience. Our guides were very knowledgable and the scenery was majestic. It rained theat day but they suited us with heavy duty rain pants and boots. You do need your own hooded rain jacket. The glacier was much smaller than I expected, a bit underwhelming but the scenery and the float trip was fun. Awesome smoked salmon spread for snack!
Reviewer: Ann Sliney
4 Stars
Very beautiful view!
July 24, 2017
Thank you for a nice experience. I enjoyed the view a lot! Everyone who is nature lover and prefers to have moderate activity tour must go for it. We took a tour in early July and the weather at that particular day was absolutely wonderful. I am sure it made a great impact on the overall experience. We had fun going down the river! Be ready to become wet (bring a big towel and waterproof jacket). Thank you for snacks at the end. Also depends what tour guide will be with you in a boat. We had a very lovely girl (i forgot her name) and she was strong enough to pedal 7-8 of us! Just at times I wanted to hear more info about place/nature around, then personal questions and talks. It is my opinion, but it doesn't change my overall great experience I had. Keep it up!
Reviewer: Natalie
4 Stars
Excellent trip
July 14, 2017
Beautiful views of glacier and trip across the lake followed by a 6 mile raft trip down the river. Not exciting whitewater but interesting.
Reviewer: RWalter
5 Stars
July 06, 2017
It was a great trip with an excellent guide!
Reviewer: Paul
5 Stars
Highly recommended
November 14, 2016
We had a fun time. Enough of a thrill to be exciting, but we were never in danger. Our guide and rower was Chris and he was funny as well as educational about the area. We even appreciated the snacks and hot cider at the end of the trip.
Reviewer: Dennis and Diane Combs
5 Stars
A Great Ride!
November 14, 2016
We chose to go with others who paddled our way down river. It was great fun and we hardly got wet. Well worth the effort!
Reviewer: Georgia Roelof
5 Stars
Shooting the rapids
August 13, 2016
The whole excursion would have been perfect just at the landing to the lake and getting to see the glacier that close. But the rafting trip down the Mendenhall River was fantastic. And we have rafted all over the United States. This was definitely up there with my favorite rafting trips.
Reviewer: Kiva Adkins
5 Stars
mendenhall glacier float
July 13, 2016
Good time (great weather), fine crew who were fun to be with, also very informative.
Reviewer: Anonymous
5 Stars