Highlights of Ketchikan

Bus ride in Ketchikan with totem poles
July 20, 2023
Driver gave a lot of history which was interesting. Loved seeing the native village.
Reviewer: Phyllis Hill
5 Stars
Enjoy the tour
July 14, 2023
The tour is excellent in a small group. So many things to see and we enjoyd it so much. The leader is very knowledgeble I highly recommend this tour. Dont miss this one
Reviewer: Estehr Boen
5 Stars
Best way to get a taste of Ketchikan
July 07, 2023
We had a local resident of Ketchikan that was also part of the Native tribe. He was VERY knowledgeable about the port and gave us wonderful insight into the culture of the area. We stoped at the Saxman Totem poles and he dressed in his traditional clothing and told us the story of each totem pole. Quite the experience!
Reviewer: Raquel Leota
5 Stars
City and culture tour
June 18, 2023
We did see some bear and Eagles on this tour. We were guided by a local chief which added an additional dimension to this tour. We learned a lot about the local Indian heritage and culture as well as the history of the area
Reviewer: Ed Goldman
4 Stars
Highlights of Ketchikan
October 27, 2022
Our tour was one of the highlights of our cruise adventures. Norman provided us with the rich and historic history of the area. We learned about the Totems in the park and how they represent the story of the peoples. Thanks Norman!
Reviewer: Carol Hutchinson
5 Stars
Absolutely amazing and informative
September 26, 2022
Our tour guide was authentic and had lived in Ketchikan most of his life. He told us stories and history of the area. He took us to the wildlife area to see salmon and bears. We didn’t see any bears, but did see several eagles and a couple of their nests. He gave us a truly amazing day!
Reviewer: Kathleen DeSpain
5 Stars
Highly recommend
September 11, 2022
We really enjoyed our excursion. Watching the salmon swim upstream and using the salmon ladder was unbelievable. We saw Dolly’s house heard the story of Ketchikan’s hardest working woman and the totem poles told quite a story. We had lunch at The Fishouse, we shared a AK Sampler and it was fabulous, the best salmon we had while in Alaska.
Reviewer: Tamara Autry
5 Stars
August 25, 2022
Had a great tour. People were great.
Reviewer: Michele S Weisberg
4 Stars
Expert Tour Guide
August 13, 2022
Our tour guide was a local mom who knew everything about Ketchikan. Not only local sites of interest but Native American history as well. She also took us to a site where we got the most amazing pics of eagles.
Reviewer: Julianna Wiessner
5 Stars
Great Overall Tour
August 11, 2022
We had a great time in Ketchikan! I have never seen so many Eagles in my life---we loved watching them everywhere we went. The town was a nice place to walk around and try the local restaurants-especially the crab legs!!!
Reviewer: Robin
5 Stars
Highlights of Ketchikan
July 10, 2022
We really enjoyed our excursion through Ketchikan and learned so much about the area and the culture past and present. Our guide Norm was very personable and was eager to share his knowledge and love of the city.
Reviewer: Cheryl Hunt
5 Stars
Highlights of Ketchikan
October 08, 2019
Tour was quite informative.
Reviewer: Alison Miller
4 Stars
September 12, 2019
This was the first tour of our Alaskan cruise and it focused on the history of the native Americans with a lot of information about totem poles and the master carvers who produce them. It was a small van experience allowing a lot of interaction with the knowledgeable guide. We saw a number of totems and also a master carver at work - most impressive. There were many bald eagles to be seen as well as other native birds. Slightly early in the year to see the salmon run, maybe next time!
Reviewer: Liz Bell
4 Stars
Highlights of Ketchikan
September 01, 2019
So happy we took this tour. Our guide, Norm, was a native of this area & so informative, very pleasant & so much knowledge of the area. We truly enjoyed Norm as our guide.
Reviewer: G Sue Tepley
5 Stars
Yvonne and Robert
September 01, 2019
Excellent tour and Tammy was so pleasant and knowledgeable. We really enjoyed it. So glad we cancelled the tour with the cruise ship!
Reviewer: Yvonne Winand
5 Stars
An excellent experience
August 23, 2019
We had a wonderful time. My teenage son enjoyed this tour a lot. Thank you. Our guide was very knowledgeable
Reviewer: Maryam
5 Stars
Ketchikan highlights
August 17, 2019
Norman was the best tour guide I ever had. His insight and life experience was what made the tour worth the time.
Reviewer: lance getic
5 Stars
Ketchikan in 2 hours
August 12, 2019
Enjoyable tour. Knowledgeable guide. Better than what the cruise ship offered.
Reviewer: Howard
5 Stars
Excellent tour
July 13, 2019
We had a great time! Tammy was extremely knowledgeable about the area and provided us with a wonderful experience!
Reviewer: Chuck Barth
5 Stars
Highlights of Ketchican
July 13, 2019
Our guide was very personable and willing to answer all our questions. She knew where to find the bears and whales but we were not able to locate them.
Reviewer: Scott Grostefon
5 Stars
Great Tour
July 08, 2019
I liked the tour because it was a small size tour compared to the large buses. It felt personal and the guide was a local who knew his stuff. It was not too long nor too short, we did see quite a few places and our guide had his Indian hat and staff to demonstrate.
Reviewer: Jennifer Ally
5 Stars
It was great
July 01, 2019
Our guide was very knowledgeable. We saw and learned so much.
Reviewer: Michelle Johnston
5 Stars
Alaskan experience
June 19, 2019
Very nice tour. Alot to see. Driver took his time & explained everything clearly,
Reviewer: Gary Robinson
4 Stars
Highlights of Ketchikan
October 01, 2018
I really enjoyed this tour. Our tour director was very informative with all his stories of his people and his wolf head. Loved seeing the rainforest and the totem Heritage Center.
Reviewer: Mary Ann Aguilera
5 Stars