Rainforest Canoe and Nature Trail

Canoeing and short nature hike.
July 24, 2023
This was a fun day that included canoeing with a group of about 20 others, a short nature trail hike and a very good homemade chowder prepared by one of the guides. The guides are well informed and the scenery is gorgeous. Fun trip.
Reviewer: Carol Mills-Lewis
4 Stars
Beautiful despite the weather
June 24, 2023
Albeit cold and rainy, we had a great time canoeing around the lake, enjoying clam chowder, hot chocolate, and salmon spread on bread. The guides were knowledgeable and made the trip fun and educational. Wish we had seen more wildlife, but that's just luck ... would definitely go again!
Reviewer: Karen Herring
5 Stars
Great outdoor trip!
June 08, 2019
Bus ride from the ship to the beautiful park, 3 canoes w/ 8-10 other people rowing in each boat, brief respite with refreshments & snacks, then a walk through the forest with a knowledgeable guide. Great outdoor trip that didn't cause over exertion or pain the following day!
Reviewer: A Meyers
4 Stars
Very unique experience (with great warm food)!
September 21, 2018
The canoe trip was very neat. There were somewhere just under 20 of us rowing the canoe together (which was unique in and of itself) and the leader educating us on the lake and rainforest was very interesting as well! After rowing for a while, we rowed ourselves to a little trail and a little wood canopy where we enjoyed fresh salmon dip, some other snacks, and warm, delicious lobster bisque and hot chocolate! (This was so welcomed after starting the canoe trip in heavy sprinkling rain . We also got to shake off and dry off under the canopy since it was no longer raining!) Here we also got a short walking tour of the rainforest which was fantastic as well. After we wrapped up there we canoed back to our starting spot and hopped back onto the bus. Our bus driver was AMAZING as well since it's about a 40 minute bus ride from the cruise ships and entertained and educated us on the drive to the rainforest and on the way back. We're so glad that we booked the excursion for us 6 *family!
Reviewer: Jennifer Johns
5 Stars
A Wonderful Respite from a Busy Tour Schedule
September 09, 2017
My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed this excursion and would recommend it to anyone! We were fortunate to enjoy beautiful weather, which made it just that much better. The bus ride was long but worth it - the driver on the way up was very entertaining and provided much local information in a humorous fashion. The canoeing was very easy and enjoyable. With the 20 person canoe on a quiet, pristine lake and a leisurely pace, we could have accomplished our trip with only 5 or 6 paddlers, so that activity was very optional. Our guide, Jensen, was very informative and entertaining yet also allowed some time for us to enjoy the quiet beauty. At the end of the canoe ride before boarding the bus to return to town, we felt that they canoe guides missed a great tipping opportunity. There was a tip jar about 20 feet away, but not directly as we exited. Since the guide did not return on the bus with us, the tipping opportunity was not obvious.
Reviewer: Wendy
5 Stars
Lovely trip
August 17, 2017
It was a beautiful day. The canoe ride was very fun. We paddled to a pretty place on the lake, and when we got off the canoe, hot chocolate and snacks were waiting for us. We went on a pretty guided hike through the woods, and then paddled back to the beginning. All in all, it was a beautiful day.
Reviewer: Brad Camp
5 Stars
Harriet Hunt Lake
August 11, 2017
Beautiful lake. Personnel helpful and courteous. Food good. Personally was unfortunate to sit behind the same inexperienced child rower outbound as inbound, but no big deal. Personnel should wear name tags (large print) for us old folks to remember their names at time of review-writing.
Reviewer: Jim
5 Stars
Beautiful scenery
July 19, 2017
This was a very easy excursion with beautiful scenery. We enjoyed being on the water and the nature hike was informative, but very short. The snack provided was delicious.
Reviewer: Anna
4 Stars
Knowledgeable Guide-Jenson
December 05, 2016
After a bus ride from the boat, through town, and out through the national forest we arrived at the lake. The paddle across the lake in our large canoe had included a lesson in geography, flora and fauna. The short hike through the forest along a board path was an extension to our learning. The afternoon was topped off with a light snack at the camp circle. This excursion was great because we had a guide, Jenson, who was extremely knowledgeable in the area and wildlife.
Reviewer: P Brigman
5 Stars
November 20, 2016
We had a wonderful time canoeing and enjoying local fare. The guides were very knowledgeable and made the whole experience exceptional. It was a beautiful setting (what isn't in Alaska?) and we were fortunate enough to have perfect weather. Well worth the money.
Reviewer: Penny McLaughlin
5 Stars
Rainforest Canoe and nature trail
November 15, 2016
I was disappointed that the canoe we went in was not the one pictured. I was expecting a reproduction Native American Canoe. It was just a regular 16 passenger canoe. The ride to the lake was enjoyable with many stories about the people and the area. The hike was gentle, but very informative. The snacks were tasty!!
Reviewer: Libby Francis
5 Stars
Rainforest Canoe and Nature Trail
November 14, 2016
A real treat; our canoe/nature trail guide was very knowledgeable and at ease with a large group. Our bus driver was also well informed. The stop for refreshments was fun because there were local foods to eat and because our guide used that time to talk about our surroundings before we headed into the woods.
Reviewer: Nora Beck
5 Stars
A great ride
August 13, 2016
We thoroughly enjoyed this excursion. Jeremy, our guide, was knowledgable and his presentations on the rain forest environment demonstrated his concern to be accurate in the medicinal use of plants. The clam chowder was a nice touch on a cloudy day. The canoe was comfortable and stable. We came prepared for rain with rain coats and pants so we felt comfort in the wet environment. I would highly recommend being prepared for rain. The staff was conscious of our need to be back to our ship on time. We enjoyed the day and recommend it.
Reviewer: David DeBord
5 Stars
Great adventure, beautiful scenery
June 30, 2014
Great adventure. The guide was very knowledgeable and took the time to explain the flora of the area. Canoes were very stable and very easy to maneuver...you can rest if you don't want to paddle. So as long as you wear good gear ( warm and water proof) you will find this outing beautiful and serene. Loved the echo when we all shouted! We had delicious smoked salmon and clam chowder soup after our walk. Thanks again.
Reviewer: Paul the kayaker
5 Stars
One with nature!
July 25, 2013
Great excursion!!! The canoe ride was fun and gave us a chance to really feel one with nature. The paddling was not too difficult either. The tour guides took their time explaining the scenery, city overview, wildlife, and plants. The light snack (clam chowder, salmon, jam, rolls, juice, water, and hot chocolate) definitely hit the spot after a little bit of adventure. The trees in the rain forest are HUGE! It was amazing to see such lush plants and trees. Definitely worth it!
Reviewer: Chassy
5 Stars
Excellent. A little costly but worth it
July 01, 2012
Wow. This tour was really great. A little costly but well worth it. You get a real sense of remoteness and wilderness and the guides were all so friendly and had a real feel for the local area. The canoeing is not strenuous and the clam chowder was superb. This tour gets an 'all thumbs up' from me.
Reviewer: Matt L.
5 Stars
this trip was worth it. the canoe ride
October 11, 2011
everything was ok
Reviewer: ann
5 Stars
Relaxing, educational
September 14, 2011
Wonderful excursion. Guide knew plants and was able to show them to us. He was in the bear den to show us even the size. Wonderful plants. Wonderful chowder.
Reviewer: lla
4 Stars
This is the way to see Alaska!
June 26, 2011
We loved this excursion and great price for what you get. Kevin the guide was wonderful. He was funny and informative. We loved the fact that we could paddle the canoe ourselves. The food was perfect - chowder, smoked salmon, tea, and hot chocolate. I look at the pictures quite often to remind myself what a beautiful world we live in.
Reviewer: Do This Excursion
5 Stars
I would highly recommend
September 06, 2010
everything was just perfect
Reviewer: France
5 Stars