Backcountry Jeep and Canoe Safari

So much fun!
August 05, 2022
From start to finish this was definitely our favorite tour! Everyone was so friendly and energetic. We loved the off-road Jeep ride the best! Great puddles to splash in and views to see. The canoe part was really fun and we were met by more people for a snack and nature walk on the other side of the lake. I was smiling and laughing the whole time! Would definitely do it again!
Reviewer: Jen
5 Stars
Awesome Jeep/Canoe tour
June 29, 2022
This tour is a great way to get out and spend the day in the fresh air of Ketchican. Easy to row canoe gives you gorgeous views of a beautiful lake and mountains. Yummy homemade clam chowder, bread, and hot chocolate wait for you on the other side. Second part of the tour is a fun Jeep ride along the mountain range. The group that leads this tour are young and lots of fun. We loved it!!!
Reviewer: Melanie Zugay
5 Stars
really good day!
November 26, 2019
the jeep was pretty fun... rough dirt roads through the forrest. There were a couple of jeeps that broke down during our excursion. 2 out of 6! The canoe was a fun easy paddle through a beautiful lake. We had a snack and a short trek through the rain forrest.. I would have loved MORE rain forrest.. More education on the millions of plants/trees/critters living there. It was such a beautiful cool place. If you want a little adventure and a really beautiful day out in nature... Go do this!!
Reviewer: cindy
4 Stars
A quick way to see everything!
November 06, 2019
Beautiful back country views. A little of everything to do while being on a cruise. Very professional staff.
Reviewer: Bill Babishoff
5 Stars
Least favorite
August 30, 2019
Really enjoyed the canoeing and hike but not the Jeep ride. Nothing special.
Reviewer: Elizabeth Butler
3 Stars
August 28, 2019
We loved every minute of this excursion! Chris and Sam were great hosts as they took us out to romp around and then have a fun canoe ride. Highly recommend!
Reviewer: Traci Duncan
5 Stars
backcountry jeep and canoe safari
August 16, 2019
a great, fun experience. a nice combination adventure of driving a 4 wheel jeep in very rough terrain, plus a short canoe trip and nature walk, and nice snacks. Great family experience.
Reviewer: Richard Underdahl-Peirce
5 Stars
Jeep & Canoe in the rain!
August 15, 2019
Rain did not keep us from having a good time on the jeep and canoe safari! All the more fun splashing through mud puddles on the jeep part of the trip! The company supplied us with heavy rain coats for the canoe part. After the canoe trip and a short hike we were rewarded with hot soup, hot cocoa and other treats. It was fun in the rain and I imagine even more fun on a sunny day!
Reviewer: Sally DiVecchio
5 Stars
Backcountry Jeep and Canoe Safari
July 12, 2019
Wonderful time...excellent guides
Reviewer: mike L
5 Stars
Thanks Tim and Mackenzie
June 18, 2019
Great time thanks to these guys. They were very patient and took the time to make sure we were all safe and ready for adventure. They were also very informative along the way and pointed all lots of interesting things about the flora and fauna. All in all a great time and a highly recommended excursion.
Reviewer: Joseph Alfonso
5 Stars
Backcountry and Jeep tour
September 28, 2018
We had a fabulous time. The tour guides were very helpful and informative. I dont think I would have enjoyed it as much if I wasn't driving tho. It was very bumpy in the back seat, the roads were a lot of fun to drive on in the rain and mud. Probably wouldn't have been as fun if it was a dry road. The canoes, scenery and meal were very nice and well planned, learned a lot about the area.
Reviewer: Liz Kuntz
5 Stars
BIG fun!
September 17, 2018
The Jeep part was so exciting - Jeeps fit four and there were three stops to see scenery and switch drivers, so all 4 of us got a chance to drive. Try your best to be the second Jeep after the guide. On our tour, the third Jeep was way too cautiously driven and I think the Jeeps behind that one didn't have the same raucous ride that we enjoyed! So fun! The canoe part was fine - we were on the tour with a large family group with mostly middle school kids who were typical middle schoolers - much whining, splashing and inadequate paddling. YMMV The lake was beautiful, the walk in the woods was lovely and the snack buffet was delicious and warming. They did offer raincoats. The guides were knowledgable and fun. Highly recommend.
Reviewer: Maryann Brophy
5 Stars
Jeep and canoe
September 17, 2018
This was our favourite excursion of the three we did. The canoe trip was fun, but the jeep part was the best. Our guide was excellent.
Reviewer: June McClung
5 Stars
Tons of fun!
August 06, 2018
This was one of the best excursion mostly because of the guides great attitude. The bus driver was chipper, the canoe girl leader was awesome and the jeep excursion leader was very talkative and patient. The food was great with a great setting to take a break.
Reviewer: Paul Stoutjesdyk
5 Stars
Backcountry Jeep & Canoe Safari
July 23, 2018
The Backcountry Jeep & Canoe Safari was a fun excursion! Our party of 5 adults enjoyed the canoe ride, the snack, and the Jeep drive. Our guide, Jesus from Texas, was wonderful! He made the canoe adventure very exciting and fun and introduced to many things "Alaskan!" Wish the Jeep driving could have been a little longer and maybe a little more strenuous. Other than that, this was one of our favorite excursions while in Alaska.
Reviewer: Deanna Todd
4 Stars
Best tour in Alaska
July 02, 2018
GREAT tour guides and amazing natural experience. Don’t miss it!
Reviewer: J bene
5 Stars
We had a blast!
October 09, 2017
The backcountry jeep expedition took us through the back country of Ketchikan. It was a bumpy, dirty, and rough ride, but we had so much fun! The scenery was amazing. The canoe ride was a smooth glide across a pristine lake. We loved our guide. She was upbeat, smart, and perfect for the job.
Reviewer: Elizabeth Baxt
5 Stars
September 22, 2017
I enjoyed the excursion. The canoe ride was peaceful and beautiful. The food was lacking and I would suggest they have things that are more individually wrapped instead of a bowl of goldfish etc that have been sitting out. The jeep ride was a lot of fun.
Reviewer: Teresa Foster
4 Stars
Canoe and Jeep Excursion
September 13, 2017
What a great time we all had! The guides were very friendly and informative. Although the weather wasn't very cooperative, we still did it all and had lots of fun and laughs! I'd highly recommend it!
Reviewer: Marcia Massey
5 Stars
Back country canoe and keep safari
August 29, 2017
This was a very fun excursion. We were able to see so much and experience beautiful views, take postcard pictures and learn about the flora. Creating the echo on the lake was something we've never been able to experience before. Our guide, Oliver, was very professional and courteous.
Reviewer: Carol Mackie
5 Stars
Backcountry Jeep and canoe safari
August 14, 2017
This was a lot of fun. Driving through rugged back country, was exciting and fun. Jeeps were in good condition and the scenery was awesome. The canoe portion was good, not strenuous and a nice snack set up lakeside. Well recommended.
Reviewer: Adrian Gurzau
5 Stars
A little rough in the Jeep
August 10, 2017
Didn't exactly know what we signed up for. The off-roading was really rough - but the remote scenery more than made up for it.
Reviewer: Rich Hansen
4 Stars
Something for everyone.
August 08, 2017
These off- roading tracks will challenge even the most confident driver, but you can also participate if you are new to jeep driving. The canoe trip across the lake is very calming and scenic and on arrival there was a delicious lunch prepared for us in the middle of nowhere. Following this was an informative bush walk
Reviewer: Barbara aTotaram
5 Stars
Great Adventure!
August 03, 2017
We enjoyed an off road Jeep ride which was sooo much fun. We laughed the whole time! The scenery is beautiful just about everywhere. The canoe excursion was beautiful as well with a delicious lunch provided.
Reviewer: Janine
5 Stars
August 03, 2017
the jeep ride was fun but rough ,did not see any bears , the canoe experience was tranquil same guide for both and he was very knowledgeable of botany and very friendly
Reviewer: jb
4 Stars
August 01, 2017
The weather was not the best, but our guides were awesome! We had a fabulous trip across the lake in an Alaska Canoe. Then a nice nature walk and a welcomed snack. The Corn and Crab chowder and Salmon were delicious. The Jeep ride was a ton of fun! I highly recommend this excursion!
Reviewer: Barb Ashley
5 Stars
Very Enjoyable Excursion
July 20, 2017
The canoe part was low key. You paddle over to the other side of the lake. Get out. Have some coffee and a snack. Have a little nature walk. Not for thrill seekers, but we enjoyed it and the guide made a great effort to be entertaining and make it fun. The jeep ride was for thrill seekers. Lots of bumpy fun and laughs while keeping your four-wheel jeep on an old logging road. Don't be afraid to try it. If you've got a driver's license, you can do the driving. It's not scary. It's just fun.
Reviewer: RON DEMOSS
4 Stars
Great Taste of the Great Outdoors
July 12, 2017
We had six of us take this excursion and it was fabulous. Our guides were extremely informative and Ketchican is worth a trip for a separate vacation. The canoeing was so beautiful, the snack was smoked salmon and clam chowder and the keeping was exciting.
Reviewer: Pat Whitehead
5 Stars
Backcountry Jeep and Canoe Safari
July 10, 2017
This was Fanastic and Funtastic! The jeep ride of trail was just that. Have done these tours elsewhere(different countries) and this was the best of all them. The young guide was professional, knowledgable and entertaining. Wish I could remember his name because he deserves a shout out. Great job. The food my son and I called lunch, guide called snack. Well it was better than the salmon bake tour we went on. The short canoe ride to where we are in the forest, beautiful. Guide then took us on an independent tour of the forest. Awesome tour. This is the one to take and it is reasonably priced for what you get.
Reviewer: Dave Ellis
5 Stars
Exciting excursion
June 30, 2017
I received a phone call on my cell phone the morning of the excursion from one of the guides informing me that the pickup would be at dockside rather than the rain gauge which was helpful since we were at the farthest dock from the gauge. We were split into 5 or 6 groups of 4 for the jeep part. We went as a convoy. I switched driving with the other male passenger. The roads off of the main road were quite rough. Driving with the four wheel drive was fun and the scenery was great. Canoes were large and could not be tipped according to guide. Canoe trip was across a lake. At the other side food was prepared which was quite good. Nature hike was easy and interesting.
Reviewer: Bruce
5 Stars
Excellent if you are looking for a Rush
June 07, 2017
This excursion isn't advertised correctly. I assumed that we would be site seeing while driving our jeeps with commentary from the guides. Nope...You are driving up and down mountain sides over jagged rocks deep mud puddles trying desperately to stay on the trail. Everyone can drive if they choose but let me tell you this if you are the driver, as I was you are white knuckled hanging on to your steering wheel for dear life. That being said the canoe trip was lovely the views were spectacular and the guides were Excellent!! I can't say enough about them. I'm giving this an excellent rating because IF you are into jeeping you will love this.
Reviewer: Karen Achhamer
5 Stars
Backcountry Jeep and Canoe Safari
June 02, 2017
The downside to this was the weather, but our guide Kalen made it fun and tried to keep us from feeling too disheartened. A wonderful young man when it comes to nature and all its bounty, the jeep ride was rough but enjoyable. All in all a great experience.
Reviewer: Mrs. Marilyn Bach
5 Stars
September (16) 2016 Cruise
December 09, 2016
Real nice time with the very knowledgeable guides led to a nice and enjoyable time.
Reviewer: David
5 Stars
Best Service
November 23, 2016
Even though I missed the bus, and was quite upset, the staff connected me to the tour in time and I enjoyed it immensely. I am disabled and was given a great deal of help entering/exiting the canoe. The experience of driving the bad ass road in a Jeep and canoeing across a lake with an amazing echo point was wonderful. Made my whole cruise memorable.
Reviewer: MC Spangrude
5 Stars
Alaska is amazing
November 17, 2016
The only way to enjoy Alaska is to get out and fully experience it! What better way than canoeing, hiking, and back country 4 wheel driving! My family of 8 had a great time!
Reviewer: Nicole Hansen
5 Stars
Keep and canoe
November 05, 2016
This was my favorite excursion of all times!!! Anna was our guide and was very knowledgable of the area and provided lots of great information. We had never canoed before and she made it an enjoyable experience! Then the jeep tour was so much fun!! She has a bubbly outgoing personality and made sure everyone in the group had a good time. I would definitely recommend this trip!
Reviewer: Melissa D
5 Stars
Shore excursion
September 28, 2016
This excursion was a great one with a jeep ride which took us back country and good weather for a canoe trip across a lake. We have wonderful pics of both escapes
Reviewer: Ann R
4 Stars
Ridding the jeep was the highlight
September 28, 2016
The highlight of this excursion was the jeep. You get to ride the jeep and experience the backcountry rugged terrain. The canoe safari on the other hand was average, as you row your way quickly to and from the meeting location. There isn't enough to time to admire the lake itself or explore much of it unfortunately. The canoe is really a means of transportation to the side of the forest where you meet up with a staff member that talks to you about the forest and environment in that region. The talk and brief walk through the forest beautiful and makes ou wish that there was more time to actually hike around. The staff are all very friendly and knowledgeable. The only reason why this excursion wasn't perfect is mainly because the canoe portion feels rushed and disappointing at times because it's not really a ""safari"" when you are quickly rowing to one side of the lake and not exploring it.
Reviewer: Nadia
4 Stars
Great introduction to Alaska
August 24, 2016
Fantastic Excursion. What a great introduction to Alaska. Canoeing across the lake was our favorite part, and ending with snacks including salmon and a small hike in the rain forest. I would definitely recommend this.
Reviewer: Kiva Adkins
4 Stars
Fun day !
August 18, 2016
This was a great excursion. We enjoyed the Jeep trip but the canoe safari was the best !! Great fun
Reviewer: Ann Rawlings
4 Stars