Back Country Zodiac Adventure

Zodiac Adventure
July 30, 2023
This was an amazing experience. My daughter and I loved everything about this excursion. We saw wishes, seals, bald eagles, and breathtaking scenery. The staff was exceptional. Highly recommend
Reviewer: Paige Moats
5 Stars
Amazing time
July 27, 2023
When my wife and I initially saw this excursion we didn’t really know much about Zodiacs but decided to give it a shot. We are grateful that we did, what a great and unique way to see wildlife and learn about the history of the area. It is a family owned business and they treat you like you are part of that family. They even give you recommendations of what to d in town or what other excursions to take.Must do if you like being on the water & seeing wildlife.
Reviewer: Dennis Mucenski
5 Stars
What a advanture
July 01, 2023
This is a tour which cruise would not offer. Controling the Zodiac by yourself and enjoying the beautiful nature made us a unforgetable trip.
Reviewer: Wei Tung
5 Stars
Back Country Zodiac Adventure
July 01, 2023
If you’re looking for a small group up close adventure, this excursion is it. You are escorted by a guide though the Alaskan coastline/bank as you search/see various wildlife. Someone in your party drives small skiffs behind the guide. They provide wet weather gear (coat, bib pants, and boots because you will get wet from the boat spray. The owners were very friendly offering advice for things to do/see afterward. It was a great time.
Reviewer: Eve Kendall
5 Stars
Best excursion of our whole trip.
June 15, 2023
I would do this excursion again if I get back to Alaska. The whole crew was very nice. Saw lots of eagles. Didn't see a bear but that was not the fault of the company. Did get to see whales. Thank you.
Reviewer: Jane Davlin
5 Stars
Great Excursion
July 06, 2022
We went on this excursion with my sister and brother-in-law. We really enjoyed it. The guide and his support staff were exceptional. We got great pictures and a video of a hawk diving and catching a salmon that is the most talked about video of our Alaskan trip. Everyone is awed after seeing this video. Highly recommend this excursion!
Reviewer: Angie Dawson
5 Stars
great excursion, best of our trip
September 19, 2019
we loved this. being out on the water in a small craft and being able to chase after whales was great fun. we saw a ton and my wife/i really enjoyed it.
Reviewer: michael colbert
5 Stars
July 15, 2019
Great trip around the local waterways
Reviewer: Craig Sharp
5 Stars
A Fun Adventure
August 27, 2018
This was a great and exciting adventure. The eagles 🦅 were amazing! Unfortunately that and one seal is all we saw. My husband couldn’t go at the last minute due to a injured knee, so we lost that money. I had a wonderful time even though he couldn’t join me.
Reviewer: Barbara Trombley
5 Stars
July 23, 2018
Outstanding excursion. We got to see the wildlife (including whales) up close and personal. The small watercraft was a very fun way to tour. My son loved it!
Reviewer: Dan Cullen
5 Stars
Zodiak Adventure
July 16, 2018
We had an AWESOME experience on this tour. It was the BEST excursion we took on our Alaskan Cruise!!
Reviewer: Robert Stanton
5 Stars
Best Excursion on Cruise!
July 09, 2018
These people made this adventure fun. Unfortunately, other than a lot of opportunistic eagles we didn’t see any wildlife, however, after the eagles were thrown a fish they followed us everywhere, pesky eagles. The Zodiac type vessels were a real blast to drive. We were guided around the small island(s) and into small coves looking for wildlife. We got a nice long ride and the scenery was magnificent . The shore crew was extremely organized and had thought of everything down to the smallest detail, I was very impressed. I would buy this excursion again.
Reviewer: Douglas Peters
5 Stars
Best Excursion We Have Taken in Alaska
May 21, 2018
We loved our Zodiac and my wife found no trouble driving it and moving through the water. Our guide was close and communicated with us throughout explaining the attributes of every aspect of the excursion. He threw bait from his Zodiac attracting Eagles to swoop down to retrieve it. My wife even got an excellent photo of an Eagle as it was scooping up a fish he had threw. The photo and the trip were priceless! Loved it and would love to do again.
Reviewer: Marlyn Hanson
5 Stars
Must do excursion!
October 09, 2017
This was an awesome trip. Mary was truly an awesome guide. Weather was great! So much to see. We want to go back, soon.
Reviewer: Vickie
5 Stars
Outstanding Adventure!!!
August 02, 2017
This excursion was the highlight of our trip! We had a wonderful guide, Mary, who was so cheery despite the light rain. Mary showed us all the cool stuff - a colony of seals, incredible tubular seaweed, deer grazing along the shore, crystal jellyfish, and the fabulous bald eagles - who actually seemed to be expecting her! And yes, we saw a huge whale(from a safe distance)!!!
Reviewer: Leann
5 Stars
lonely excursion, great guide
January 08, 2017
We were the only ones out on this adventure. It was a bit lonely out in the open waters but our guide was wonderful and sweet. Our daughter was able to "feed" an eagle by throwing a frozen fish into the water. We saw the eagle swoop down and grab it. Given we were the only participants on the excursion, I wish we could have had more fish, and fun opportunities like that!
Reviewer: Fara Anzures
4 Stars
Added Bonus
November 02, 2016
The tour was well run, equipment kept us warm and dry, and the boats were in top condition. Our guide gave us a bonus of having some frozen fish that he threw out into a couple of select inlet stops. I was able to video bald eagles swooping down to get the fish. Lifetime opportunity!
Reviewer: Biff
5 Stars
Wonderful Excursion
August 25, 2016
The Zodiac boats in Ketchikan were awesome. The guide (Adam) was knowledgeable, personable and seemed to really enjoy his work. It was the most fun we had during the entire week. Would return in a heart beat BTW Shore Excursions is very professional and an excellent provider of excursions. The Zodiac adventure was not available through the cruise line.
Reviewer: Jim Hagen
5 Stars
Back Country Zodiac Adventure
August 25, 2016
Loved this ride---the people were terrific, and our guide was so knowledgeable and directed us to all the right areas! Loved the cocoa and salmon at the end--a real class operation, would highly recommend!!
Reviewer: Teri Hubert
5 Stars
Best adventure of life
August 18, 2016
We were skeptical in the beginning. But it turns out to be best excursion of our life. Crew and staff were excellent. They toil care of every small details. Highly recommend to everyone.
5 Stars
great adventure
August 22, 2015
Great fun. Thought we would see more wild life. Well organized. Great that they let us drive the boats.
Reviewer: RC
4 Stars
A repeat customer
September 11, 2014
The guide is exceptional. The wildlife is unsurpassed. These 2 come together in perfection on this excursion. I highly recommend. I did this a year ago with my daughter and I loved it so much I came back! We are perhaps repeating a third next year with our son and grandkids!
Reviewer: NayNay
5 Stars
Great Excursion!!
July 22, 2014
Great tour on your four person boat around Ketchikan! Extremely friendly and helpful staff from Ketchikan Outdoors. The excursion was great and we were served snacks and refreshments when we returned to shore.
Reviewer: Alaskan Cruiser
5 Stars
Awesome and Fun Excursion
July 01, 2014
I booked this excursion because the Zodiac Adventure Tour had high ratings from Trip Advisor. The ratings were right and comments were spot on. This excursion was fun, fun, furn. Our guide, Devin, provided exceptional service, balancing education with adventure. Afterwards, the salmon dip and drinks added just the right touch.
Reviewer: DLopez
5 Stars
great trip
June 30, 2014
it was a great trip start to finish. the company was very professional our guide was amazing and very knowledgeable. the company provided us with outerwear and boots and all of the appropriate clothing we needed which was an added plus!! We even got hot chocolate at the end!! Would definitely recommend this trip!!
Reviewer: MB
5 Stars
September 10, 2013
If you are ever in Ketchikan, this place is a must! Everyone was beyond friendly and the tour itself was simply awesome!
Reviewer: Cheryl k
5 Stars