Bear Viewing Flight to Prince of Wales Island

Bear Viewing
September 06, 2019
Excellent scenic flight to island. Walk to creek with black bears actively catching salmon. Creek was loaded with salmon. Bear guide was knowledgeable and professional. Worth every penny. Highly recommend.
Reviewer: Jane
5 Stars
September 06, 2019
Great float plane ride. All personnel were very friendly and knowledgeable. Saw three bears in natural environment and fishing. Great excursion!
Reviewer: Maureen Almon
5 Stars
Float plane ride part of the fun
November 28, 2018
Bears weren't very hungry in early Sept, but we did get to see them up fairly close. Don't expect to see them snag salmon out of the air like on Nat Geo channel. Seaplane ride was fun albeit a little bumpy. Wife had a flash of air sickness. So be warned of that if you have motion sickness probs.
Reviewer: Edgar Ball
5 Stars
Best Excursion
September 13, 2017
This was absolutely the best excursion of our entire trip. We saw some of the most spectacular scenery and wildlife ever.
Reviewer: Richele Larrance
5 Stars
Great overview
October 07, 2016
We had a delay because of fog and could not fly when previously scheduled however the office kept us informed of the weather and eventually flew us to an alternate site where we did see bears. The flight was amazing. Comfortable sea plane with lots of windows so our group of 6 each had great views. We were not rushed when we were watching a bear at the salmon ladder feeding on several fish. Very relaxed excursion with no cattle car feel. Excellent excursion.
Reviewer: James B Wacaster
5 Stars