Hiking The Tongass National Rainforest

Great Nature Hike
August 09, 2022
This was a beautiful hike that was fairly easy. Our guide was very knowledgeable and funny. We learned about the many interesting topics of the rainforest.
Reviewer: Marian Jordan
5 Stars
Hiking the Tongass National Forest
July 26, 2022
I loved that the group was small, just 7 of us. Leo, our guide was wonderful. He explained to us about his culture as well as pointed out all the sights there were in the forest. It was more of a nature walk than a hike. Had we known that, we wouldn’t have packed hiking boots. Tennis shoes would have been just fine. 👍
Reviewer: Sandy Marcus
5 Stars
July 21, 2022
Nice tour but with limited interest. The guide have a excellent knowledge of the forest and explain so many details
Reviewer: Joel Chotte
3 Stars
Our Favorite Memory of Alaska
October 02, 2019
This hike was the best excursion we had in Alaska and made our whole trip. Our guide Carol was wonderful and full of knowledge of the wildlife and environment. We saw multiple bears catching salmon and a doe grabbing some fresh greens just off the trail.
Reviewer: Aaron
5 Stars
Beautiful "walk" but a lot of exercise.
August 26, 2019
Incredible scenery but a pace that was very brisk with a lot of elevation changes. We are seniors with part replacements so it was a bit difficult to keep up but we managed. Glad we did it - once. Guide was great.
Reviewer: Sandy Salkow
4 Stars
Nice Hike
August 09, 2019
As someone who was new to hiking, this was a good excursion to take. It was called 'Meet the Trees", so it seemed more about learning about the local flora, than fauna. The guide was very knowledgeable and engaging. We never took a snack break and it was not needed. There was lots to see and experience. I would go back when there was a better chance to spot some animals.
Reviewer: Demita Kinard
4 Stars
Something different
August 05, 2019
Our family of 4(2 teenage boys) enjoyed this simple, relaxing hike. It's a short bus ride to the trail head and was a nice small group(@ 9 total). We saw some cool things, huge slugs, learned about salmonberries, all from a native of Ketchikan, born and raised. Most other excursions were lead by people from other states. Was hoping to see some bears but no luck, but we did see where they had been. Something different to change up other activities we did in Alaska.
Reviewer: Amber Miles
4 Stars
Beautiful and serene
July 26, 2019
Our guide was knowledgeable and very informative. Was disappointed at the lack of wildlife but that's hit or miss. The trails were good and the forest did not disappoint in its beauty. I have many wonderful photos to remember this excursion by. I especially appreciated the drive through town on the way to the hike and the history lessons.
Reviewer: Martha Jenkins
5 Stars
Easy hike - great guide
July 26, 2019
This hike was extremely easy. The area was beautiful. The hike was very knowledgeable and loved to share facts about the area. Vegetation and animals. He was great.
Reviewer: Bruce Lundquist
5 Stars
Wonderful time
July 15, 2019
Our guide took us on a short drive into the hiking trail and told us about the sites. On the hike, she was very informative on the trees and wildlife we encountered on the trail. An easy hike that flew by the time we were there.
Reviewer: Robert Franceschini
5 Stars
Loved the hike. Plus an extra bonus.
July 14, 2019
The hike was great. What can be better than a hike through a National Forest with a knowledgeable guide. Not only did she know all about the flora and fauna but, being a local, she knew all the back stories and legends of the area. It was a nice, pleasant walk through a beautiful area. And as an added bonus the van driver showed us where some bald eagles were hanging out close to the ship. I got some great close ups.
Reviewer: Steve Sapiro
5 Stars
As described
June 28, 2019
Beautiful scenery. Our guide was very knowledgeable of the flowers, trees, and wildlife. It was very enjoyable.
Reviewer: Slayden Yarbrough
5 Stars
Easy and informative
June 24, 2019
Our friendly guide gave us an informative tour of town as we drove to and from the forest. She pointed out many features of the rain forest and answered every question expertly. The hike itself was level on good trails. With perfect timing, the bear showed up just after we'd boarded the van to head back.
Reviewer: Mark Lijek
5 Stars
Easy introduction to the Tongass
June 07, 2019
This was a fun, easy hike on a well maintained trail into the Tongass forest. Our guide was very personable and very knowledgeable about the local biology, pointing out the various plants and trees along the way and their role in the ecology. We didn't see any large wildlife, but did see evidence of bears (scat and feeding areas) along the trail. Hiking boots were overkill for this walk -- good sneakers or hiking shoes would be sufficient.
Reviewer: John Schmidt
5 Stars
Excellent Experience
June 02, 2019
The tour guide was very good, and obviously a local. She provided an excellent experience.
Reviewer: Roger Pollard
5 Stars
Hiking Trip
October 04, 2018
Our guide was very knowledgeable and the trip was very informative. Didn't cover as much territory as we, and our guide, wanted to because of several of the group wanted to stop and take photos repeatedly. Our guide was very patient. The forest was lush. Saw a deer, shrew, and a few fish swimming upstream. Awesome morning.
Reviewer: Mark Raus
5 Stars
The best excursion
September 20, 2018
This hike led by a most knowledgeable, congenial and overall excellent guide was the best excursion of the entire trip.
Reviewer: Sue Nishikawa
5 Stars
Hiking tongass
August 27, 2018
The guide was wonderful.
Reviewer: Lauren Rich
5 Stars
August 20, 2018
The guide was great, knew her biology and history very well.
Reviewer: Dennis
5 Stars
Fun and easy hike
July 30, 2018
Enjoy this hike. It was more like a nature walk. Our guide was so knowledgeable and has a great passion for nature and Alaska. She could answer all questions. She showed us all kinds of plants,flowers,insects and even bear scat! The tree sap smelled like citrus. Beautiful river along the trail. Enjoyed every step!
Reviewer: LaVon
5 Stars
A peaceful hike along a winding stream
July 30, 2018
While we hiked we learned about the native plants. A very enjoyable easy hike with a knowledgeable guide.
Reviewer: Susanne Keene
5 Stars
Delightful day hike
October 20, 2017
Although we do much longer and more strenuous hikes on our own, this was a delightful day hike in a beautiful rain forest. The guide was informative and personable and we learned a lot about the ecology which we would not have learned if we did the hike ourselves. Good added value to the experience. We had enough time after the hike to explore Ketchikan.
Reviewer: Ron Sobczak
5 Stars
Tongass Rainforest Hike
September 05, 2017
Our tour guide was a resident of Alaska with a lot of insight on the Rainforest. The weather was gorgeous and the hike welcomed. Unfortunately we did not observe any wildlife.
Reviewer: Joan Horan
4 Stars
Very nice up close and personal walk
August 09, 2017
We were so grateful to have taken this excursion through the Tongass National Rainforest. Our guide was as nice and thoughtful as could be. We (4) were each given a bottle of water and a snack. We took a 2 hour stroll through this wooded area with waterfalls, and many different plants that our guide had a lot of knowledge about. We were so pleased to come across 2 eagles in their habitat, and it was stunning just watching. It was a place far removed from our world and so quiet....totally enjoyed
Reviewer: Tammi
5 Stars
Hiking The Tongass National Rainforest
July 10, 2017
Even though it rained the entire time of our hike the tour was great. I enjoyed the Tour Guide and her narration. I also liked we were a small group in a van. Glad I did not change my mind due to the weather.
Reviewer: Chynell Jefferson
4 Stars
Hike in Ketchikan
December 08, 2016
Carol was an absolutely wonderful hiking guide. She lives in Ketchikan so had deep knowledge of the area. She knew her flora and fauna. I would highly recommend this tour.
Reviewer: Sandra Scott
5 Stars
Hike in Tongas Forest
December 03, 2016
Very nice and easy hike. Knowlegable guide. Beautiful scenery.
Reviewer: Patricia Fiedler
5 Stars
Beauty everywhere
November 26, 2016
Hubby and I have visited the Ketchikan before and did a different rainforest hike. This was equally as beautiful, if not more. We had a small group of only 6 plus the guide and I felt like we were the only people on the earth. There were no other visitors until we were back in the parking lot. We had a wonderful guide and the forest was lush and green and it seemed like a movie set for Jurassic Park. The leaves were unbelievable! We saw some of the salmon on their journey, so that was exciting.
Reviewer: Susi Miller
5 Stars
The Best
November 15, 2016
This was the best excursion of our 14 day cruise. Logistics were easy,guide was super knowledgeable, the route was scenic, and it gave a good picture of Alaska.
Reviewer: Bill
5 Stars
Hiking in rainforrest
October 07, 2016
Excellent guide. Knew so much about the environment. ESy walk through a beautiful place.
Reviewer: Stephanie zierhut
5 Stars
September 28, 2016
Great time because group was small and our guide was very knowledgable
Reviewer: Sherry Wegner
5 Stars
Enjoyable hike
August 24, 2016
Tour guides were very informative and energetic, the forest was beautiful! It was nice to get a little bit of a train ride in as well. I think I would chose one that was a little longer next time that went up to a glacier, but we didn't quite have enough time for that. Pace was a little slow, but I could have joined a faster group early on. Overall, glad I went on this hike.
Reviewer: Nicole Caruso
4 Stars
Perfect excursion for curious little boys
July 31, 2016
We walked a well-kept path through the Tongas National Rain Forest and had the opportunity to look at trees, lichens, and gorgeous banana slugs. Although the boys really wanted to see a bear, our guide said that would be unusual, but that we might see deer. The pace was good, although this grandmother got a little winded towards the end. But our grandsons, 7 and 9, were able to enjoy the hike without problem. For the brief time we had in port, this trip was perfect.
Reviewer: Mary Martin
4 Stars
June 08, 2016
Great quide, nice 2 hour hike and educational.It was great to stretch my legs after sitting allot on the cruise.Great experience walking in a rain forest.
Reviewer: PierreBlues
4 Stars
Fun easy hike
July 08, 2015
This hike was enjoyable and not too strenuous. My 7 year-old had no problem with the hike. I felt it was a little pricey for a short hike, but my whole family enjoyed it. Unfortunately we did not see any animals. It was still fun to learn about the different trees and plants in the forest. A water bottle was provided for each of us, so no need to bring your own water.
Reviewer: SoCal Mom
4 Stars
Very Enjoyable Nature Walk
July 05, 2015
We enjoyed this a lot. Our driver gave us an enjoyable commentary going from the dock to the trail head. It wasn't a very strenuous hike, more of a nature walk that covered a decent amount of territory. There were several families with kids, one 2nd grader, one 6th grader, and a dad with a baby in the backpack and they all managed just fine. The trails were well-maintained. Our guide, Angie, was delightful. The guide really makes all the difference, because otherwise you could just go on a hike by yourself. She told us a lot about the plants and animals in the area. Added bonus is she's raced in the Iditarod twice, so it was fascinating to hear her talk about the race and her dog teams. It was just the right amount of time; still plenty of time to look around town before getting back on the ship.
Reviewer: Cathy
5 Stars