Rainforest Walk and Totem Park (2 Hours)

Rainforest walk and totem pole park
September 20, 2023
First hand exposure to a temperate rainforest with a guy that was very knowledgeable. Beautiful scenery, and yet only marginally taxing. The totem pole park was much better than expected and was extremely informative. In total, leisurely, but quite interesting!
Reviewer: Ron Samarian
5 Stars
Very nice
September 14, 2023
Our guide was well informed and provided lots of information. The hike was very comfortable. We would book this trip again.
Reviewer: Charles E Stewart
5 Stars
Beautiful and Educational
September 12, 2023
Our guide was very interesting and had good incites into the forest and the Totem Poles. We had a wonderful walk into the Rainforest and saw some interesting trees and the salmon running in the stream.
Reviewer: Dave & Colleen
5 Stars
August 26, 2023
I believe the guide was Jeff. He was great. First thing he made my wife and I feel very comfortable. Then he led us on a wonderful tour to an area never knew of. His insight was great .
Reviewer: George Rubenstein
5 Stars
August 18, 2023
Our guide was super friendly, knowledgeable and had a yummy salmon cheese spread snack for us at the end of our hike.
Reviewer: Pierina Lecce
5 Stars
Not just "a walk in the park!"
August 09, 2023
This was probably the most interesting, informative shore excursion we have experienced. He was a consummate naturalist in the rainforest, even making three kinds of slugs fascinating! We gained new appreciation for the Tinglit peoples and their custom of totems from his obvious love of the totem park. Take this excursion!
Reviewer: Dick Sherlock
5 Stars
Really enjoyed it!!
August 03, 2023
So worth the get outta the town moment and the guides are the locals.. support them!!
Reviewer: Julie
5 Stars
Fun, enjoyable, informational tour
August 03, 2023
We were in a small bus with just another 4 people. The driver was knowledgeable and personable. We walked as described through the forest while he narrated historical facts and natural facts about the animals and plants around us. Once back to the bus, he treated us to cold water and salmon spread on crackers. From there he took us the Totem Park where he walked around with us explaining all about the totem and the totem house. He was well informed and show he cared about the culture. The tour went over the two hours, but only after he confirmed with all of us, we did not have to be back by certain time. We would recommend this tour to anyone.
Reviewer: DM
5 Stars
June 16, 2023
Hike was nice through the rain forest. The totem pole park was interesting to hear what the totems meant.
Reviewer: Gail
4 Stars
June 03, 2023
Austin was an amazing tour guide. He was very knowledgeable, and a native of the area. It was a beautiful walk in the rainforest! The Totem park was vary fascinating. I wish I could have stayed longer.
Reviewer: Jennifer Roberts
5 Stars
We had a wonderful time in sitca
October 19, 2022
We had a sweet young local guide who was vary knowledgeable about the local area. He brought us on a wonderful hike through the rain forest where we saw a water fall and where lucky enough to see a bear running off into the woods. We also went to the totem pole park. Where our guide not only took us on a tour, but was also able to tell us the stories of each pole.
Reviewer: Roxie Winning
5 Stars
Rainforest walk
September 23, 2022
She was so knowledgeable and passionate about her talks. Loved it and would recommend this excursion especially with our guide.
Reviewer: J reeves
5 Stars
Excellent tour of rainforest and totem park
September 20, 2022
Our tour guide was so knowledgeable and we were able to see so many things like banana snails and salmon swimming upstream! Well worth the price!
Reviewer: Katherine Semmes
5 Stars
Great Experience
September 15, 2022
This walk through the rainforest was interesting and enjoyable. The walk through the park with the totem poles was equally as nice. The guide was very informed and engaged. Beautiful scenery and so much to learn. If you like this type of "adventure" this is a great excursion.
Reviewer: Kirsten Christensen
5 Stars
Seeing the forest and the totem poles
September 09, 2022
We went in a bus to walk in the state park, which we found very helpful in learning about the vegetation, but even more about indigenous tribal customs in the 21st century. The Totem Park was fascinating, made so by having a Native American guide who could tell us about the stories and symbols. Highly recommended. We had already walked around Ketchikan in the morning and seen the sights, so we were glad to be out of the town to see the country side. I found the bus ride past the edge of town of particular interest, seeing the stores an streets when the people have to live when the tourists disappear.
Reviewer: Francis Brickfield
5 Stars
Rainforest Walk and Totem Park
July 26, 2022
My husband and I truly enjoyed this excursion! Before we left for our cruise, WildWolf Tours contacted us to see if we would switch to the 3-hour tour but we could not. They still came through with our 2-hour tour even though we were the only two on the trip! Patty, our guide, was very friendly and informative. The rainforest was amazing and I didn't think I would find the totem poles very exciting but they were! We would do it again!
Reviewer: Marianne Allen
5 Stars
Lovely afternoon
July 15, 2022
Thoroughly enjoyed the walk through the forest with our very knowledgeable guides. Best excursion as it wasn’t touristy in any way.
Reviewer: Chris
5 Stars
Very interesting and guide was very informative
June 30, 2022
This was a really good excursion and our guide was great! She told us about most of the trees and plants in the rainforest area we walked. She was very personable and we enjoyed our excursion. I would recommend this one.
Reviewer: Rose A Prairie
5 Stars
Great brief tour!
June 08, 2022
I enjoyed the 2 hour walking tour very much with my husband. We did this along our Alaskan cruise and after days of some pretty long adventures, it was nice to take a talk into the rainforest. The guide pointed out all the different colors of slugs and had so many facts to share! He is a local who grew up in the area and shared about how kids in school spend a weekend in the rainforest learning about survival skills! I also mentioned that I hadn't yet seen an eagle up close and felt like it was instantly manifested because we were lucky enough to see one perched on a tree nearby, then glide away. It was a privilege. Post the rainforest walk, the tour guide shared salmon spread with crackers, provided water, and we proceeded to the totem park. We had ample time for photos!
Reviewer: Lisa Ngo
5 Stars
December 15, 2019
This tour was beautiful and the tour guide very informative.
Reviewer: Arvena Shults
5 Stars
Very knowledgeable Guide!
September 25, 2019
The Guide provided excellent information and I especially appreciated that she could tell us the story associated with each totem pole! A bit disappointed that we didn't see any wildlife (except for the salmon), but that was out of her control.
Reviewer: E Tobin
5 Stars
Very nice walk
August 23, 2019
I really enjoyed the information that the tour guide had for this tour. Since it was our last port, we decided to do something lighter and enjoy a nice walk in nature.
Reviewer: Neli
4 Stars
Fun and beautiful tour
July 11, 2019
We really enjoyed this tour. We got to see a lot of the rain forest vegetation, giant slugs and beautiful eagles and more. Our guide Tracy was very good at giving us the history of the area and her tribe. The totem poles were amazing but so was the salmon dip Tracy (our guide) provided for us after our hike.
Reviewer: Marla Hoffmann
5 Stars
Excellent tour
June 15, 2019
We loved our time with Wild Wolf Tours! Our guide was very friendly and knowledgeable. We felt like we really got to know a piece of Alaska off the beaten path. Our 3 year old loved exploring the totems and finding slugs in the rainforest. Thank you!
Reviewer: Mary Caitlin S Wight
5 Stars
Best excursion experience
September 17, 2018
This was the most enjoyable excursion with an energetic, welcoming and knowledgeable guide who shared the history, culture, flora and fauna of this lovely area.
Reviewer: Cedric Minkin
5 Stars
A sunny day in Ketchican
August 13, 2018
A beautiful day in Ketchican with unusual sunshine that made our tour through the Rainforest with Joel very pleasant. We were introduced to plants and small creatures such as a banana slug. We were able to see reindeer and several raptors that are being cared for at the sanctuary. A little disappointed that the totem carver was not there only his current work.
Reviewer: Elizabeth Ann Paul
4 Stars
Very Informative
July 09, 2018
Spent a lovely couple of hours with Wolf tours, very informative and really lovely lady. We drove for a bit, stopped to see bald eagles, and went on a great walk through the forest, and saw lots of totems. The culture and meanings of each explained to us. Lots of great stories and a little snack at the end. Great couple of hours
Reviewer: Laurie Welbourn
5 Stars
Rainforest walk
July 02, 2018
Very pleasant time. The guide was knowledgeable of the totems and rain forest.
Reviewer: R Vanderheiden
5 Stars
Very pleased.
June 01, 2018
Very accommodating guide. With a trainee, she gave us a real feel of what life is like in Ketchikan. It was a very personalized tour.
Reviewer: Martin Granowitz
5 Stars
excellent - informative and engaging
October 13, 2017
The tour guide took us to the totem park and told some of the stories behind the totems and legends. There were totems being carved and a nice gift shop at the park. History and local information was mixed in as well as commentary on living in a small Alaskan town. The rainforest walk was also interesting. The tour guide covered the flora and fauna. Plus it was a chance to stretch outpr legs. The small snack (salmon dip with crackers) was a pleasant surprise at the end of the walk.
Reviewer: David
5 Stars
Singled out
July 21, 2017
Were we surprised when we were the only couple on the tour ! Since we were the only couple on the tour there was time to stop along the way to the tour to stop and take pictures of eagles and other local wild life. We really got to know the stories of the totems and had time to ask questions along with taking and having pictures taken by our tour guide with us of the totem poles. The rain forest walk was also outstanding and educational. Our tour guides were excellent. Wolf tours is an excursion you don't want to miss.
Reviewer: David Bole
5 Stars