Best of San Francisco City Tour

San Francisco city tour
November 09, 2016
This was a very good overview of San Francisco, hitting all the high points if only from a distance (few actual stops for pictures or further exploration). The bus picked up at my airport hotel and delivered to the downtown area where we were distributed to several other buses for different tours (all done through Gray Line). After the tour we were again dropped off at the Gray Line station with some three hours before the return bus to my hotel. However the Gray Line station is quite close to the bay area with a lots of attractions, restaurants, etc. So got a lot of walking in after a the bus tour.
Reviewer: Laura Whiteaker
4 Stars
Great General Informational Tour
October 09, 2014
There is a huge amount to see and the time alotted is too short to do it justice. For a first time visitor, this was perhaps the best tour for us as it gave us a general view of what the city has to offer. The guide was outstanding - knew his stuff. Our greatest disappointment with our stop in San Francisco was that there was not time to do both this tour and to go out to Alcatraz.
Reviewer: Tom the Duffer
4 Stars