Bennett Scenic Journey

August 02, 2023
What a great excursion!! Better price than the ship and a smaller group! We had a great time.
Reviewer: J. Timothy Sensor
5 Stars
Bennett Scenic Journey Worth The. Time
June 21, 2023
Following the trail taken by the stampeders was more interesting than just the beautiful scenery. You got a glimpse into the courage and fortitude of these men. However, the best part of the tour, was the bus ride up to the Yukon and back to Skagway. Our driver Bennet was outstanding. He kept us captivated with stories on interesting individuals and situations, as well as excellent photography stops. He was one of the best guides we had on the entire Alaskan tour.
Reviewer: Carol Dickinson
5 Stars
Train was sooooo cool!
October 05, 2019
We absolutely loved this excursion, the train was so cool. We took a van up to the Yukon, our driver was so awesome, she made a lot of stops on the way so we could take pictures. We got on the train They served us a box lunch with sandwich, chips and a cookie bar. Very nice! Going to the Yukon was cool, the only complaint I have is I wish we could have stayed at the little town shopping a while longer before we had to head back down the mountain on the train. The crew on the train did an excellent job narrating. Such a scenic, picturesque photo journey.
Reviewer: Trust Lemke
5 Stars
Worth the Journey
September 19, 2019
This was our favorite excursion on our cruise. We had excellent weather and really enjoyed the views. It was very peaceful and pleasant overlooking Lake Bennett and the lunch was filling. We were able to get great pictures and enjoyed the rushing air between the cars.
Reviewer: Chauncy
5 Stars
Train trip
September 12, 2019
A great day. Good train trip, personal, scenery and lunch. Bus trip back also enjoyable. Have recommended it already to friends.
Reviewer: E. Godfrey
5 Stars
Highly recommended
September 12, 2019
This was an amazing excursion. Our tour guide was extremely friendly. Loved the train ride through the beautiful scenic mountains of Canada and Alaska. Perfect day!
Reviewer: Lori Mills
5 Stars
Bennett Scenic Journey
September 09, 2019
It was a wonderful adventure. The train ride was great traveling through the wilderness. The mountains and lakes were beautiful. The last part of the trip was a bus ride with frequent photo stops to take pictures. The train crew and our bus driver were really great guides.
Reviewer: Carolyn Thompson
5 Stars
Beautiful Yukon
August 28, 2019
This trip was great! We took the train past the usual end point, and traveled on to Bennett Lake in BC, and continued on to Carcross, Yukon Territory. We wouldn't have gotten so far into the interior on any other excursion. The stark beauty of the trip was incredible. We also had a very interesting and knowledgeable guide who drove us back from Carcross to Skagway, stopping for great pictures along the way.
Reviewer: Richard Prittie
5 Stars
Unbelievable scenery
August 27, 2019
We enjoyed this immensely. The beautiful milky green glacial water was incredible. Tour was well organized, lunch was very good and well timed, and our tour guide friendly and really informative and knew the best places to stop for pictures. And we saw a moose! He actually was runny down the tracks at one point in front of our train!
Reviewer: Teresa Brick
5 Stars
The highlight of our Alaska trip!!
August 09, 2019
This is the best tour and I highly recommend it. If you enjoy taking photography it has some of the most breathtaking scenery I have ever seen. Our family of four all enjoyed it and our teenage children loved it too. Lunch on the train was delicious and our tour guide Ann was awesome on the drive back to Skagway. She was entertaining and told us some wonderful history and stopped at nice spots to take pictures. She even offered to take pictures of my family at every stop which was nice.
Reviewer: Ohanagirl
5 Stars
bennett scenic journey
August 01, 2019
was very enjoyable love it
Reviewer: margaret b hall
5 Stars
Made the trip
July 30, 2019
This excursion was the highlight of our Alaska Cruise. Getting into the territory, hiking and sight seeing was amazing!
Reviewer: Melissa
5 Stars
Great trip. Would do it again in a heartbeat
July 22, 2019
The train ride was fabulous, including the views and commentary by the train folks. A wonderful journey back in time. Just as good was the drive back with our van driver, including an up close and personal appearance by a young bear. He was knowledgeable and had some great stories to tell.
Reviewer: Steve Sapiro
5 Stars
Be sure to pick the right side
July 15, 2019
If you don’t pick the right side of the train you don’t see much. However disappointing that may be our tour director was really great. Julie went above and beyond to show us as much as possible on the ride back to port. Kudos to Julie you’re five star!
Reviewer: Kathleen Kastenholz
4 Stars
Bennett scenic Tour
July 15, 2019
We really enjoyed the tour! Tour guides were excellent. Lunch was great
Reviewer: Reta Berte
5 Stars
Great tour!
July 13, 2019
We had a great time on this tour! Mike was extremely knowledgeable and made the tour very interesting.
Reviewer: Chuck Barth
5 Stars
Bennett Scenic Journey
July 04, 2019
Beautiful scenery. Visiting Yukon and its history was interesting. Though, the provided lunch was really bad. The trip was too expensive.
Reviewer: yehuda azenkot
4 Stars
Bennett Scenic Journey
June 20, 2019
This was a marvelous excursion. The bus driver was very knowledgeable about the area and the drive to Bennett Lake was extremely scenic. We stopped numerous times along the way to take pictures and the driver was most helpful in taking group shots. There was enough time at the Lake before boarding the train to enjoy some ice cream and see the village sights. Once on the train, the trip back to Skagway is gorgeous. The lunch boxes served were delicious. Views from the train were stunning with enough narration from the conductor to make it an informative trip as well. This was the full day trip and we would do this trip again. We left at 9:30 and got back to Skagway around 5:30 or so with enough time to walk around the town before going back to the ship.
Reviewer: Anne Graham
5 Stars
Bennett Scenic Journey
June 11, 2019
We were in Alaska the 1st week the tour opened this year. We had signed up for the tour before we left. It was a very special day and made wonderful memories. It was one of the most spectacular days of our trip. Our bus driver James did an amazing job of telling us history and interesting stories. He would stop and let us take pictures and was a very good guide. I was so glad we did this tour.
Reviewer: Sarah Beiler
5 Stars
Amazing Train Ride
September 18, 2018
This excursion was one of the highlights of our cruise. The train itself was beautiful and the scenery all the way up the pass was breathtaking. The car we were in was crowded so we asked if we could move up to next car and they were kind enough to accommodate us.All of the staff were friendly and knowledgeable, making it interesting as well as beautiful. They served a really good lunch too. This trip is a must if you're in Skagway!
Reviewer: Debra Captain
5 Stars
Wonderful Trip!
September 17, 2018
this excursion was definitely worth the money and the time. our guides both on the train and on the bus were interesting and captivating, and made the journey memorable. definitely recommend!
Reviewer: jeanne anderson
5 Stars
Best Trip!
September 10, 2018
Our driver was the best! Train ride was awesome. Got to see lots of Alaska! The driver stopped at more nature sites than stopping at signs to take pictures.
Reviewer: Lisa Warner
5 Stars
Beautiful train ride
September 10, 2018
Loved this trip. Rode in a small bus up the hillside with stops for wildlife sightings and picture stops. Got on the train, had a nice lunch and rode down the hills and valleys back to town. Interesting train, historical restored train cars, can't imagine how they built the tracks in this remote, rugged terrain.
Reviewer: Jon Rossmiller
5 Stars
Beautiful and relaxing
September 01, 2018
This excursion was very pleasant. It started with a nearly to hour bus ride to the train Depot, with a driver who was very knowledgeable about the area. She told us a lot of interesting stories about the people who settled in the area we traveled through and was very considerate about pulling over at scenic overlooks to allow people to get out and take pictures. The train ride itself was full of wonderful sightseeing and we even had a nice box lunch. The engineer and conductor also told us about the area we passed through and we were lucky enough that our train car was not even a third full, so we really could move about for the best viewing. It was a nice way to spend the day.
Reviewer: Dewey Johns
5 Stars
Bennett scenic Train
August 13, 2018
Truly one of a kind adventures. The train ride, the scenery and the history make this a top choice for excursions. Very well run and we were lucky with the most beautiful day.
Reviewer: Larry Rehmann
5 Stars
Best excursion of our trip
August 13, 2018
We can't say enough about how wonderful this was. The scenery throughout the train and bus ride was fantastic. The train is great and everyone on board did a great job pointing out things on the route. The bus ride was just as wonderful. The bus driver was great.
Reviewer: Lori A Zarnoth
5 Stars
August 06, 2018
The old old train ride was scary. The gal informing us along the way was so well-read. She was very amazing. The box lunch was great. This was well worth the bus ride and the train ride. Always will be remembered.
Reviewer: Beatrice Foreman
5 Stars
Train Ride
August 06, 2018
Beautiful scenery but a little too long.
Reviewer: RP
4 Stars
The best experience
July 30, 2018
This was by far the best tour of the trip. Beautiful weather, scenery, friendly tour guides, and an all around great experience. Thank you.
Reviewer: From Missouri
5 Stars
Bennett Scenic Journey
July 23, 2018
Excellent excursion with phenomenal views of the landscape. The narration describing the area was very helpful and the lunch served was good. Would recommend this outing to others.
Reviewer: Steve Falkum
5 Stars
Great Train Ride
July 09, 2018
The rail coach, tour guides, and scenery were outstanding. Highly recommend
Reviewer: Fred Meeks
5 Stars
Great tour - Scenery was incredible
June 25, 2018
This is a long tour but well worth the time. The absolutely beautiful scenery and relaxing train ride were highlights of this trip. We were pleasantly surprised that the train was not crowded and it was easy to find the best spots to take pictures and see the picturesque views. On the bus ride back we were delayed due to traffic and while we were stopped, along the edge of the road in the brush, a small black bear gave us a show to watch. We recommend this excursion for beautiful pictures, incredible scenery, and a relaxing adventure through the wilderness.
Reviewer: Kim
5 Stars
Awesome views but long.
June 25, 2018
I loved the tour bus version. Could’ve done without the train portion. Loved seeing emerald lake it was amazingly beautiful. Great tour guide who was very informative and friendly.
Reviewer: Melissa Petersen
5 Stars
Train ride
June 18, 2018
Well worth the price. Really enjoyed the scenery!
Reviewer: Elsa Shuster
5 Stars
Don't Miss This Experience!
May 31, 2018
There were so many things to love about this excursion! First, the train ride was relaxing with stunning views and an opportunity to learn about the gold rush in the late 1800's. We thought lunch was decent - thick sandwiches with a variety of sides and the turkey was carved, not lunch meat. Our disappointment was that we didn't get much time in the Yukon, Still, as this is the only version of the excursion that goes there, I think you should go all the way! We had a great shuttle driver to take us back from the Yukon to the port and along the way we stopped to take some photos at strategic locations. Also, my husband spotted a black bear along the way and the driver pulled right up to him and he sat there eating at the grass literally right outside the windows for quite some time. We got some amazing shots of him. Other groups told us they saw moose and grizzlies along the way. This was the most expensive excursion we selected and it was well worth the price.
Reviewer: Deborah
5 Stars
Highly recommend
September 19, 2017
Walking off the ship it was easy find the tour operator and then it was a short shuttle ride to the White Pass and Yukon Railway depot. ** For the best views have the window on your left when facing the front of the train. The onboard tour guide was personable and clearly explained the history and conditions the railroad line was constructed under and its significance. Bennett Lake was beautiful and you were able to get off the train to hike around and eat lunch. At Carcross, we board small vans and the driver delivered a running dialogue of interesting facts and made many stops for views and photos. Back in Skagway, you could be dropped off in town or back at the boat. It was a long day but very memorable and worth the price.
Reviewer: John F
5 Stars
Bennett Scenic Journey
August 09, 2017
This was one of the best excursions we did while on our trip and it's worth every penny!! The train ride was just breathtaking, and our bus guide was amazing as well. She was very nice and helped us spot a black bear!
Reviewer: ridhima
5 Stars
Train Trip to Canada
June 28, 2017
This, by far for us, was our best excursion!! The train took us up through gorgeous scenery and into Canada. Then we were picked up by bus we went further north and then back down into Skagway. Pros- Our tour guide, KEVIN, was clever, funny and very entertaining! Along the way, we made stops at different view points and informed us of local legends and fun facts of each area. A great trip by far! Cons- a sign in the bus stating the tour guide work on tips. To me this is unacceptable especially when I paid a lot of money for this excursion.
Reviewer: Alison Karrer
5 Stars
Georgous scenery/Great tour!
June 23, 2017
We started off in a comfortable bus with a great guide. There aren't words to describe the beauty and grandeur of the Yukon and surrounding area! Our driver was very good about stopping and letting us take pictures in the best places. Then we rode back on the train which was a equally awesome way to learn about the history of the area while taking in the beauty! This was a great tour!
Reviewer: LaDonna Norman
5 Stars
Best Tour of the Trip
November 30, 2016
This was an amazing all-day trip- we had a fantastic tour guide- Ms. Early (sounds like), and she really knew the ins and outs during a stunning minibus ride through to Canada along the Al-Can highway. She stopped frequently, gave insights, and really made this tour worthwhile. In Canada, she dropped us off for the rail portion of the trip, and we had an incredible (and a bit scary looking) trip back along rails on the side of a mountain looking over lakes and canyons. If you enjoy historical (gold rush history) information and scenes to knock your socks off, I highly recommend you take this tour. We loved it!
Reviewer: Catomoose
5 Stars
A definite ""must do""
November 11, 2016
This was among the best excursions we did while in Alaska. If you are looking for something with some history tied to it and something that will enable you to see the natural beauty of Alaska this is the thing for you.
Reviewer: Mark
5 Stars
Wonderful Scenic Train Ride
November 08, 2016
This is a great way to see the Yukon and hear about the Gold Rush History. I highly recommend this train ride! The lunch was plentiful and do offer gluten and vegan choice if notified in advance. We loved the train trip
Reviewer: Sue
5 Stars
Interesting day!
September 28, 2016
We drove the shuttle up to Bennett; our driver and guide, Kevin, was very informative, knowledgeable, funny: a pleasant drive! The train ride back offered beautiful scenery, the lunch was ok, the stop in Bennett was a little long. Overall, a lovely day.
Reviewer: Lorraine
4 Stars
Local flavor
August 24, 2016
Such a great trip with so many chances to take breathtaking photographs. We were even invited by the local at Bennett Lake to have fresh fish and salad. Our favorite pictures from our trip were here. A bonus on the trip back was seeing glacial silt that looked like sand dunes.
Reviewer: Kiva Adkins
4 Stars
Bennett Scenic Journey
August 06, 2016
We had a wonderful time. The drive up to Emerald Lake and then down to the train was awesome! We would highly recommend this excursion!
Reviewer: Barbara Builta
5 Stars