Helicopter Dog Sledding Adventure

Great experience!
June 08, 2023
Well worth it! Good staff.
Reviewer: S. Lemaitre
5 Stars
Dog sledding on a glacier
June 22, 2019
This Alaskan dog sled excursion was definitely our favorite (and we had some other fantastic adventures). Our musher, Luther was great, very knowledgeable and friendly. The helicopter ride, the dog sled ride, the puppy play, the scenery, it was a wonderful time.
Reviewer: Laser Carey
5 Stars
Once-in-a-lifetime Experience
June 18, 2019
My two sons and I did this excursion, pricey but the experience is priceless.
Reviewer: Greg Head
5 Stars
Worth the splurge
August 27, 2018
This was a once in a lifetime experience! My kids loved it, and it really was a great way to see the glaciers. The helicopter ride was wonderful. The staff was professional as well.
Reviewer: Connie
5 Stars
Best part of Alaskan Cruise
August 20, 2018
While all of Alaska is beautiful, it is not truly appreciated and understood until you fly up to the glacier and all around the peaks. The tour operators were all knowledgeable and personable. It was a lot of fun and my entire family ( husband and 2 adult children)loved it. It was the best part of the trip and really the only one they talk about !
Reviewer: Noreen Veloz
5 Stars
Amazing Adventure
August 20, 2018
From the start when we got in the helicopter to the ride to meeting the mushers to the dog sled ride, the entire experience was amazing. We had fantastic weather and found out so much information about the camp, the dogs, the training, and the life of the staff on the glacier.
Reviewer: Cornelia Piersanti
5 Stars
July 30, 2018
Our tour was scheduled for 2:45 (clearly printed on our "confirmation")... I was called by tour earlier asking "where we were, for our 2:15 tour". Ended up not being a problem. Had to walk a long distance from ship to tour.... doesn't look far on map but there are fences and obstacles and it was far and everyone told us "it's just around there".
Reviewer: Judie
4 Stars
Dog sledding
July 30, 2018
Great trip.exaclty as advertised. Easy to get to the helipad from the city. Took very little time to get to the helipad.
Reviewer: Marcia
5 Stars
Mush, mush better than imagined
July 16, 2018
Do this! Seriously, it’s the coolest ever! It’s not like you’re taking off across the frozen tundra never to be seen again. You’re gently being set down in one of the most pristine places on earth, with 250 dogs and their happy keepers, all of who are just itching to get out on the sled. It is a far off cousin to the trail ride of your youth...the dogs and mushers have the path already carved out so you are no blazing new trails. But you are IN THE MIDDLE OF ALASKA ON A DOG SLED! I highly recommend for adults and older kids. (Not sure what the age restrictions are). And honestly, this is one of those adventures that gets better and better as the days pass.
Reviewer: Staci Addison
5 Stars
Amazing Excursion from beginning to end!!
July 02, 2018
This was truly a dream come true. The entire staff was accommodating, efficient and cordial throughout our experience. We were a family of 9 traveling with children from 2 through 20 - All of us were thrilled to be sharing this adventure which was amazing and thoroughly enjoyed by all!! Thank you!!
Reviewer: Patricia Labriola
5 Stars
A Must Do Experience
June 25, 2018
This really is a must do experience. I was concerned about the price but it is worth it. It really is a once in a lifetime experience. The helicopter ride was super smooth and our pilot was very knowledgeable. We learned some history about the area and the views are incredible. The dog sled camp/sledding was really fun and our guide Joey was awesome. Had a lot of fun and all the employees were really nice.
Reviewer: Ryan McGaughey
5 Stars
Helicopter/dog sled
September 28, 2017
The dog sled ride was amazing! The dogs are so friendly and adorable! Especially the puppies!
Reviewer: Jackie Posluszny
5 Stars
Once in a lifetime experience!
September 05, 2017
This was one the absolute best excursions we have ever booked! It was a little expensive, but it was worth every penny. I had read some scary reviews prior to our trip which made me think about cancelling the excursion, but I am very happy I didn't. The pilot made us feel very comfortable and explained all these interesting facts about the scenery while we were in the air. The dog sledding was so much fun! Highly recommend this excursion to anyone going to Juneau or Skagway, Alaska.
Reviewer: Brittany Edward
5 Stars
Helicopter and dog sled ride
August 28, 2017
Absolutely wonderful beyond words. Five stars across the board. Great people, perfect scenery, one of the best days of our lives!!
Reviewer: Pam Somer
5 Stars
Worth Every Penny
August 03, 2017
We looked forward to this excursion and were not disappointed. The flight was fun, scenery beautiful and the dog camp educational. Our guide Ryne Olson was great. She really educated us on her life and sport. And let's not forget the dogs who are awesome! Especially what I called the "mush puppies" i.e. the 8 wk old sled dogs.
Reviewer: Jennifer
5 Stars
Dog sledding
July 27, 2017
Great experience, I was petrified of the helicopter but it was great ! Outstanding views Love the dog sledding once in a life time event Truly a great experience
Reviewer: Sabrina Witherspoon
5 Stars
Helicopter Dog Sledding Adventure
July 10, 2017
Amazing!!!!!!! Everything about it was unbelievable. I loved the helicopter ride and the sled dogs and the guides were awesome. Everyone should do this.
Reviewer: Grisel Velez
5 Stars
dog sled & helicopter
July 04, 2017
This a great. Flying in the helicopter was amazing over the snow covered mountains. So vass, coming into the camp was so cool to see how they live all summer with the dogs. The sledding was short and the route was not great. Just a big circle, but is was still neat. Visiting with the puppies was also fun, although the time was fast.
Reviewer: Teri Cadieux
5 Stars
Best vacation tour taken in years
July 03, 2017
We travel 3 weeks every year and love tours...this was by far the best tour in years. The helicopter ride was my favorite part with breathtaking scenery. My husband liked the dog camp the best and our guide Dre was so enthusiastic and full of energy...it made the experience extra special. Yes a little pricey...but worth every penny.
Reviewer: Donna
5 Stars
The best experience ever
November 08, 2016
Our Musher was Matt Hall from Smoking Ace Kennels. He was running is own dogs and was very happy to answer all of our questions about everything. We had a dad and daugher with us she around 12 and the dad asked if we could see Matt tent at the end because she complains about camping and he wanted to show her real camping conditions. Matt was so accommodating to let us peek in on his life for 5 month on a glacier. The dogs were all amazing and the best part holding the puppies at the end also letting us know what it feels like to be on the back of the sled standing up! Really it was all amazing and if you are going to book only one excursion and you love dogs this must be it!
Reviewer: Joyce
5 Stars
November 07, 2016
This was our second time taking this excursion, this time with our daughter & son-in-law, and grandchildren (ages 5 & 7). A fantastic experience for everyone!! Yes, it is a pricey adventure, but definitely worth it and you will always only remember how amazing it was!!
Reviewer: Susan
5 Stars
Best part of my Alaska trip
August 10, 2016
The helicopter ride was incredible. The dog camp was totally different than I expected. It was very interesting to really learn about the dogs. Mushing was great fun. We even got to play with some puppies.
Reviewer: Pat
5 Stars
A trip worth taking!
August 08, 2016
The helicopter ride was amazing. The pilot did a great job ""narrating"" and ensuring that everyone in the chopper got a good view of what he was pointing out. Landing on and walking around on an actually glacier was mind boggling! I wish the dog sledding part could have been a little longer. But, overall, an amazing experience worth doing!
Reviewer: Janice Y
5 Stars
Mr Watson. Tourist
July 31, 2016
Had a great time. Excellent. Copter pilots/ride. Great guide that introduced us to the dogs. Very informative about the dog camp and their operation. Will definitly reccomend to others.
Reviewer: Doug w
5 Stars
Sensational Adventure for those of average health
February 26, 2016
We are a 'Middle Aged couple', looking for adventure and some sightseeing that would be memorable for years to come. The cruise itself had been a little on the tame side, there seemed to be so many older people than us, my husband's in good shape (I'm of reasonable fitness,certainly not fantastic). When we heard about the various tours this one stood out as a little more active but since I don't ski or have much snow experience at all there was a bit of concern as to how I'd handle the walking on the snow aspect....loved it!!! The best thing we did all cruise and would certainly do it again given the opportunity.
Reviewer: Liz & David
5 Stars
Hi light of our Alaska cruise, unreal, one of thos
June 30, 2015
Reviewer: Steveo
5 Stars
A bit less than expected
June 20, 2015
Great experience overall. Amazing view of the glaciers. Pilot was experienced and informative. The dog team owner was courteous and friendly - even helped take a few photos. Dog sledding was fun. Distance covered during helicopter ride was short, the dog sledding camp was around the mountain.
Reviewer: AE
4 Stars
Good adventure
August 29, 2014
It was a great tour but could have had a bit more time with the dog sledding . while i did enjoy the trip, i find it a bit pricey after returning from.
Reviewer: fredo
4 Stars
Loved it!!!!!!!!
August 25, 2014
People were great. Very informed. Mushers were energetic and courteous. My family had a blast!
Reviewer: Lorie
5 Stars
Amazing Experience
August 06, 2014
An amazing experience, the helicopter ride was smooth, fun and educational. Once we landed on the glacier, we took an arctic cat to the dog camp and met the guide we were going with. Then we got to meet and pet all the dogs on the team. Once all of the safety rules and general Q&A were completed off we went. We were able to stop and change positions on the sled so that each person could ride up front and stand up in the back similar to what the musher did. Then in no time at all we were back at the camp. Got to meet and play with new puppies then we were getting ready to leave. My Wife and I could have spent all day up there.
Reviewer: The Honeymooners (J&L)
5 Stars
Best Day Ever!
August 29, 2012
The helicopter ride to the glacier was amazing. Pilot offered a lot of information about what we were seeing. The dogsled adventure was so much fun...I felt like a kid at Christmas! 200 friendly dogs and their wonderful handlers made for a great experience. Sledding was fun, we all took turns driving, and then my favorite part...getting to interact with the dogs and puppies.
Reviewer: Jenn
5 Stars
A fabulous experience!
July 25, 2012
Very organized adventure. Beautiful scenary in flight and then so much fun with the dogs! Minnesota couple owned our team of dogs. She was friendly and fun and helped us with several photos of my husband and myself together so we can cherish the experience forever! Breathtakingly beautiful!
Reviewer: ShelBob
5 Stars
Absolutely amazing!
July 05, 2012
Extremely well organized and professional
Reviewer: Larry
5 Stars
Best Alaskan experience ever!
August 12, 2011
Our family took a helicopter ride to the top of a glacier/snow-covered mountain and had an intimate 90 minutes with 200+ Iditerod dogs( and their pups. We played with the dogs, hung out with the dog trainers had a chance to mush with the dogs. What fun!!! Not commercial; very authentic. It was the highlight of our trip and something we'll always remember.
Reviewer: The Hecht Family
5 Stars
Highlight of our cruise
August 10, 2011
The Helicopter dog sled we did in Scagway was the highlight of our cruise with the best weather day ever and wonderful pilot and dog sled teams making the experience something to never forget. I also want to give thanks and praise to the crew at the helicopter base, fantastic and very helpful
Reviewer: Paul and Jian
5 Stars
Absolutely awesome
June 29, 2011
Without a doubt one of the best experiences we've ever had...and we have done a lot!! It was wonderfully organised. We felt very safe because of all the preliminary briefings etc. Our pilot seemed very experienced and was a great guide. Everyone at the dog camp was super and very anxious to make the whole adventure a wonderful and memorable experience. We got a ton of great photos...the mushers and dogs were awesome. I just cannot say enough about this excursion. Definitely great value for money.
Reviewer: Angie, thrilled and inspired
5 Stars
Terrific but not long enough
July 23, 2010
Excellent guides, well organized. Very experienced group. Time was too short though especially for the expense.
Reviewer: Ya gotta love dogs
4 Stars