Chilkoot Wilderness and Wildlife Viewing Tour from Skagway

Plenty of Eagles
September 10, 2019
We really enjoyed the ferry ride to Haines and our tour with our guide/driver Barb. She shared many interesting facts about Haines and the Chilkoot River. She was also well prepared to answer questions. We were able to view numerous Bald Eagles and some spawning salmon, but no bears. I appreciate that Barb had plenty of binoculars and also set up a spotting scope. The brown bag lunch was delicious.
Reviewer: Darrell Beaver
4 Stars
Spectacular scenery
August 26, 2019
A ferry ride from Skagway brings you to the quaint, non-commercialized, town of Haines. The the tour quide picks you up at the dock and takes you to some beautiful scenic wilderness areas around Haines. A bag lunch is provided and bottled water. We did not see much of any kind of wildlife except eagles. I think if I went again I would do the Keyaking instead. It was beautiful but not really very exciting. Just a van ride around the Haines area.
Reviewer: Lashbrooks
3 Stars
Didn’t see any wildlife but tour guide was very ni
August 24, 2019
Well we did see A couple bald eagles I guess but that was it. Our tour guide did her best to show us the landscape. She was very knowledgeable about the area and of course had no control of the animals. The tour was very organized. When you get off the boat you are met just where instructed. Nice to see s little town fairly exemp from the tourist traps of the cruise ship.
Reviewer: Judith Anderson
4 Stars
Great Guide
August 07, 2019
The your was a disappointment due to the heavy smoke in the area. Jen the guide was great and she really made a bad weather day positive.
Reviewer: James Hager
4 Stars
Chilkoot wilderness
April 03, 2019
You are a wonderful company!
Reviewer: Sary Carbonell
5 Stars
Chilkoot Wilderness and Wildlife Viewing
September 17, 2018
We docked in Skagway and a SEG representative was at the pier to direct us to the fast ferry to Haines. The ferry ride through the Lynn Canal was beautiful. Once docked in Haines, we met our guide to go into the Chilkoot wilderness where we saw eagles and other birds but the highlight was a momma brown bear with 3 cubs. We watched them eat and play for 30-45 minutes as they wandered up the river. We left to see other sights and eat a box lunch at the beautiful lake. Then we returned revisit the bears who had wandered up the river close to our new viewing location. We were close enough to get great pictures - even with cell phones. After watching them there for another 30-40 minutes, we left for a quick drive through Haines and another photo op before having to head back to the fast ferry and back to Skagway. It was a beautiful, warm day and a great excursion.
Reviewer: Charlotte Scroggs
5 Stars
Skagway shore excursion
September 26, 2017
Great private wildlife viewing tour, up close to salmon spawning and bear feeding in river. Scenic ferry ride to Haines from Skagway.
Reviewer: Ray Rumsey
5 Stars
Infomative......saw Grizzlies!!
September 25, 2017
While everyone was scurrying for the train tour (which was cancelled due to landslides), we were comfortable in our touring bus, stopping along the way to view and photograph grizzlies, spawning salmon and bald eagles with a tour through off beat areas of Skagway. The guide was great, box lunch was provided and the town of Skagway is amazing with wooden sidewalks...much less 'touristy' than Juneau.
Reviewer: Natalie Paridy
5 Stars
Great excursion
September 25, 2017
We had a great time with Nate on our excursion, despite the rainy day on the way over on the ferry. Nate was a local and was knowledgable and we loved his style! We saw bears, eagles, trout swimming upstream and loved the scenery. Nate went out of his way to make sure all 4 of us had a great time!
Reviewer: Joni Plourd
5 Stars
Boat ride and jeep tour
November 20, 2016
Good excursion. Learned a lot from the guide about living in the wilderness in Alaska and how harsh the winters can be. Didn't see any bears, but lots of Bald Eagles, Salmon and water foul. Nice scenery!!
Reviewer: Bill
4 Stars
Wildlife tour
September 28, 2016
Great experience got to see bears and eagles the the wild, luncheons was a little disappointing, but still a great excursion.
Reviewer: John A. Griffith
4 Stars
chilkoot wilderness and wildlife viewing tour-hain
August 10, 2016
Reviewer: mark rabin
5 Stars
August 31, 2015
Oh my, where do I begin!! BEST excursion ever. Our guide was friendly, knowledgable, accommodating--everything you would want for a perfect excursion.
Reviewer: Shirley
5 Stars
Bears, bears, bears!!
August 30, 2015
We had a fantastic time on this excursion! The ferry to Haines would have been very scenic but the weather was terrible so we could not really see the scenery. When we got to Haines we were met by our guide, Sheryl, who was extremely personable and informative. She told us details of the life she leads subsistence fishing and hunting and growing things and how she stores things for the winter. She took us to see some interesting areas with eagles' nests and had a spotting scope so that we could view the juvenile eagles closely. She explained the habits of a mother bear and her two cubs who live in the area, and after driving to some of their favorite spots, we were able to see them! We were able to watch them cavorting on the side of the river and in the forest and were able to drive to different spots to view them for long periods of time. It was thrilling! She was a great guide and we had a wonderful time despite the rain!!
Reviewer: Susans
5 Stars
Fantastic outing, we saw bears!!
August 17, 2015
We had a wonderful time on this tour. Our guide was terrific! It was great to hear about her experience and her life in Alaska, as well as to see the area she showed us. The ferry ride to Haines was not as beautiful as it could have been because the weather was poor. Once we arrived, our guide took us in a comfortable bus to various spots to see eagles and their nests, and a juvenile eagle in the nest and on the beach. She also drove us around to several spots where we ultimately had several occasions to view a mother bear of a variety of grizzly and her two cubs cavorting in the woods and on the beach and later catching fish from the river. It was a wonderful experience. She knew a lot about this particular bear and her cubs, and was clearly concerned for the well-being of the bears while giving a chance to see them numerous times without disturbing them. We got wonderful pictures and videos. The fact that this is a small group tour enhanced its appeal. We also saw several seals.
Reviewer: SusanS
5 Stars
Beautiful area and wonderful guide
September 30, 2014
Awesome guide -very accomodating.
Reviewer: Karen
5 Stars
A unique, personal experience
July 12, 2012
The unexpected aspect of the tour was that there were three of us on the tour - my husband and I and our guide. It was a wonderful way to get up close to Alaska, when the rest of our cruise trip was much more impersonal. Out guide was friendly, excentric and special. It felt like we actually had a chance to ""touch"" Alaska.
Reviewer: Carol
5 Stars