Deluxe Yukon Sightseeing Tour

One of the Best
October 21, 2022
The Yukon Excursion is definitely one of the best excursions we have been on. My wife and I have been on many trips and this is the best. Great guide, very knowledgeable. Easy crossing the border both ways. I would recommend to anyone going to Alaska.
Reviewer: Michael Foreman
5 Stars
October 17, 2022
This excursion was great. My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed it, even though we didn’t get to see the Husky Puppies. The scenery was jaw dropping. We had several photo stops/photo ops. Our driver was friendly, funny, and knowledgeable, and the size was perfect. It was a small group in a small van. I would highly recommend this tour. You get to actually sightsee because you’re not on the train, and the excursion travels along the same route as the train and goes further.
5 Stars
Skagway and Canada sightseeing
June 14, 2022
Tour was very informative. Wildlife performed nicely. We saw 5 bears. Comfortable transportation and drivers were friendly, they made you feel at home. For the money, the experience was wonderful. HIGHLY recommend !!
Reviewer: Michelle suttle
5 Stars
Awesome Excursion with Joe
June 06, 2022
Joe the "tour guide" was very knowledgeable and enjoyable to take this excursion with. We were able to see so many wonderful things in Alaska.
Reviewer: Cara & Dana
5 Stars
January 23, 2020
Our bus driver was so informative. Loved the tour. Got some amazing pictures on the tour. Would highly recommend this tour. It was not rushed at all.
Reviewer: Sudith C Moraes
5 Stars
One of the best tours we've ever taken!
October 14, 2019
The best guide ever! So knowledgeable and friendly. The sites were outstanding. We even saw a bear up close and personal munching on some greenery by the roadside. What a fabulous way to spend the day. We highly recommend this tour!!
Reviewer: Marilyn F Wolff-Hall
5 Stars
Excellent Sights WORTH IT
October 11, 2019
We came into Skagway, AK and decided instead of the train that everyone does we would do a land tour. We are so glad we did as we got to see a lot more. We had so many stops and took excellent pictures. Our guide was very knowledge and made the experience even better. Thank You!
Reviewer: Bob
5 Stars
an excellent tour
September 30, 2019
This was a very good tour and we enjoyed lots of opportunities to stop and take pictures and especially enjoyed seeing all the lakes up close that we probably would not had an opportunity to do on other tours. The driver was very entertaining and we learned a lot about the area we were in.
Reviewer: leta holloway
5 Stars
Gold Rush Information and Sled Dogs
September 12, 2019
Skagway, the port for this tour, is a delightful small town, reminiscent of the old west with boardwalks along the main street, We followed the route taken by the Klondike Gold Rush prospectors. Our guide gave us an interesting history of the hardships of that era. We arrived, via a lot of great scenery, at Caribou Crossing. They specialize in training husky dogs for the Itedarod, a 1000 mile gruelling Alaskan race. The dogs pull sleds filled with tourists during the summer to continue their training. SO impressive how they desperately want to be the dog selected to go into the harness. There were 2 and 4 week old husky puppies there as well - unbelievably cute. On the road back, we spotted a black bear on the roadside. It was munching on a dandelion, apparently the go-to food to replenish body oils after emerging from hibernation - who knew!! Few tours that day spotted bears, we were lucky. The guide was passionate about this country, its wildlife, its scenery and its people.
Reviewer: Liz Bell
5 Stars
Fantastic Excursion
September 12, 2019
Bill did a fantastic job as bus driver and tour guide. He was very knowledgeable about the tour route, answered our questions and was funny, friendly and very accommodating when we sighted wildlife or needed a picture. He even obliged us by taking a short video for us. Great guy! The tour itself was very interesting with beautiful panoramic views. We also enjoyed watching the huskies mushing and were fortune to see a few bears close up. Would definitely recommend this trip.
Reviewer: Christopher Lutter
5 Stars
Wonderful trip
September 09, 2019
My wife and I took this excursion to be able to see as much of Alaska as possible and it doesn't disappoint. Stops at all the best places to take great pictures and our guide was very knowledgeable about the area's history. We definitely enjoyed the day.
Reviewer: Larry Hunt
5 Stars
Excellent Day!
August 20, 2019
This tour was one of our highlights on our cruise. We thoroughly enjoyed our day. Tim our guide was humorous and provided us with much information. Although it was a long day it was worth it for the scenery, picture taking and viewing the wildlife. We also enjoyed having less than 20 people on our tour so at stops we did not feel rushed.
Reviewer: Debra E
5 Stars
Yukon Excursion
August 20, 2019
Bethany our tour guide and driver was very entertaining and knowledgeable. Due to smoke from distant forest fires we did not see any animals but enjoyed the beautiful but slightly hazy scenery. She often pulled over to points of interest for photo ops and a leg stretch. Enjoyed a stop for BBQ chicken. Would recommend this small group tour.
Reviewer: Cindy Steeves
5 Stars
Yukon tour
August 18, 2019
Fantastic trip , tour guide was full of knowledge and info about the whole area , great that there was plenty of stops for photo opportunities , highly recommend much more personal than the train ride
Reviewer: Stephen Baker
5 Stars
Beautiful country, great guide/driver
August 07, 2019
We did the all day Yukon Sightseeing tour as a port option. It was good to get to see the beautiful countryside and here some of the history and learn about the area. Bus driver was a great guide. Emerald Lake was beautiful but note that you are there for only a few minutes at a lookout point above the lake. I would have loved to spend time at the lake. I was not impressed with the dogsled portion of the tour. The puppies are tired by afternoon and were under platforms sleeping when we were there so there was very little interaction with the puppies. I also hated seeing the adult dogs on the short chains also. Just my opinion that part was disappointing. We did have quite a few short stops to take view photos but this is most of your day is spent on the bus.
Reviewer: Angela Bristow
4 Stars
Deluxe Yukon Sightseeing Tour
July 31, 2019
Very good!
Reviewer: YVES DEVIN
4 Stars
Mountain views and sled dogs
July 30, 2019
Our tour time had been change to an hour later but our tour guide picked us up and gave us a tour around Skagway. The driver shared a lot of history of the area and stopped the van in a variety of places for photo opportunities. A nice barbecue chicken lunch was waiting for us at Carribo Crossing. The donuts were great and made on site. The museum was very informative and included in the tour price. The sled dogs puppies were adorable! Our driver was great!
Reviewer: Cheryl Hedrick
5 Stars
Yukon Tour
July 03, 2019
We took this tour in June 2019. The guide was amazing in his knowledge of the area and history. We saw four black bears on the trip. The scenery was beautiful and we made several stops to take pictures. The meal at Carcross was very good. Emerald Lake is beyond imagination and the view was almost surreal. The van was comfortable and the entire trip was an adventure. Highly recommend this tour.
Reviewer: Sue Mason
5 Stars
Very Good Day
June 24, 2019
The tour was excellent. Our guide was excellent. Liked the small group setting very much. The route, the scenery and the experience was outstanding. Stopping at Carcross was great. Enjoyed all of it and would recommend.
Reviewer: Kathy Counts
5 Stars
On of the best single day trips I've made
June 22, 2019
We left Skagway, drizzly, overcast and made our way to White Pass, the border between Alaska and BC Canada. As we passed the railroad tracks on the Klondike Highway, a few miles beyond White Pass, the skies started to clear, we saw some peeks of sunshine, and unbelievable natural beauty outside of our tour bus. Our guide for the day, Bryan Terell, is one of the best guides I have ever had, both with his knowledge of the area, and with the wildlife he was trying to show us. He went to great lengths to show us 3 black bears, just coming out of hibernation after winter. He explained that they need to eat dandelions in order to get their urinary tract functioning again. We continued, crossed into the Yukon Territory of Canada, and on to Carcross, which is short for Caribou Crossing. Had a wonderful bbq chicken lunch, and afterwards a trip farther north to Emerald Lake, an unreal colored body of water. Along the way, Bryan explained what living in Skagway in the winter is like.
Reviewer: Richard Viglienzoni
5 Stars
A wonderful tour!
June 19, 2019
We had a family group of 8 taking this tour. It was absolutely a stunning bus tour! We got to stop at all the breathtaking sites and enjoyed the tour guide. The lunch at Carcross was great too! Kids enjoyed seeing all those animals and walking through the little museum.
Reviewer: Meng Yu
5 Stars
A Toss Up With the Train Tour
June 18, 2019
We seriously considered taking the train tour but instead opted for this tour because we thought it would get us close attractions. It did: we has 4 bear sightings and stopped for pictures. Driving along the lake on top of the snow-capped mountains was also special. The BBQ lunch was very good. The Caribou Crossing museum has the most extensive collecting of preserved animals native to the Yukon. We have some great pictures. The tour guide made many scheduled and unscheduled stops for us. This tour was one of our Alaska highlight.
Reviewer: Barry Matthie
5 Stars
Bus/train tour
June 17, 2019
The views were amazing.
Reviewer: Fran G
5 Stars
Amazing views
June 16, 2019
We went on the Yukon tour May 2019. The van was very comfortable and the guide very informative. The Yukon is beautiful and well worth the time!
Reviewer: Barbara Pilcher
5 Stars
Best Tour Ever!
June 16, 2019
This was by far one of the BEST tours I have ever been on anywhere! Our guide was funny, informative, and very professional. He went above and beyond to make this full day of sightseeing memorable. My photos don't do justice to the beautiful scenery and wildlife we saw. Truly unforgettable day!
Reviewer: Suzanne Elledge
5 Stars
Great Introduction to the Yukon
June 07, 2019
We were in a small group that that took this tour in a van-type vehicle -- much nicer than the large buses used by some excursions! Our guide (Bill T.) gave us a great introduction to Skagway and its history as we started, and continued an informative commentary on the local history, scenery, and biology as the tour progressed. We enjoyed the stop at Caribou Crossing for lunch and the small museum there gave some additional insights into the history of the region. This isn't a short trip, but it's a great introduction to the Yukon and the Gold Rush history.
Reviewer: John Schmidt
5 Stars
Deluxe Yukon Sightseeing Tour
June 06, 2019
It was wonderful! Our driver/ tour guide was great! He turned around whenever we saw wildlife and stopped so we could view and take pictures. He also took pics of us,too.
Reviewer: Linda Ballard
5 Stars
Loved it
October 10, 2018
We took this excursion on September 19. The weather was beautiful and the scenery along the way was spectacular. Our tour guide was filled with knowledge about the areas we visited and he made it a point to stop several times for pictures, sometimes unscheduled (like a bear we saw on the side of the road).
Reviewer: Laura Behrens
5 Stars
Yukon Tour with lunch
September 30, 2018
We enjoyed our tour of town with a little history and then our drive into and through part of the Yukon. Our stop at Carcross with the delicious fried chicken lunch, museum and gift shop were very nice. We enjoyed the history lesson on the gold rush our guide shared with us also.
Reviewer: Dianne Bourne
5 Stars
September 20, 2018
What a tour guide! He was great. A very scenic tour with a lot of history told.
Reviewer: Susan Barnett
5 Stars
A long day but well worth it
September 03, 2018
We were hesitant to commit to 6 hours on a tour but it sounded like a lot better trip than the train everyone else was taking. We were right! Traveling on a motor coach that can stop and see things up close is much better. Also, we went all the way into the Yukon Territory and had a fun lunch and visit at Caribou Crossing. The train doesn't go that far. Our guide was awesome and the time asses very quickly.
Reviewer: Bob Leiper
5 Stars
Sights and Insights
September 01, 2018
Tour guide was Brian and best I've every encountered. Friendly & knowledgeable. Nice ride with many photo stops; varied topography, sometimes in clouds, sometimes above them. Also learned about the people of Skagway and their city, very interesting!
Reviewer: Reid Heitkamp
5 Stars
Excellent tour! Highly recommend!
August 13, 2018
The tour with Brian was very fun. He has a great sense of humor, very knowledgeable, and the scenery was just fabulous. Enjoyed our time in Yukon at Caribou Crossing immensely. The lunch was delicious!
Reviewer: Diane
5 Stars
Great Excursion
August 06, 2018
Great Tour and even our guide Bryan Terrell was great. It was a great experience. Money well spent. Lunch was also very tasty.
Reviewer: Hitesh Parmar
5 Stars
Deluxe Yukon Sightseeing Tour
July 30, 2018
Loved this tour! We were so happy we took the bus instead of the train. The scenery was gorgeous and the provided lunch was great!
Reviewer: Sharon Vasko
5 Stars
Must see!
July 23, 2018
Breathtaking scenery and to top it off we had the best tour guide Brian. Even my uninterested 16 yo teenager found it enjoyable. Brian shared amusing stories about his life living in Skaway. We took the trip end of June and were blessed with the best weather. The road was not too treacherous if you were afraid of getting car sick. The lakes were beautiful. The water threw off an interesting creamy turquoise hue with the sun and we were very impressed with Emerald lake. We encountered 4 bears! We were fairly close to 2 of them. We ended up at the dog mushing camp and lunch was included. The BBQ chicken was mighty juicy and tasty and the donuts....... I had a second one which I had never done in my adult life. Kids would love the dog camp. The camp has a petting zoo and a museum with a good collection of taxidermies. Take the bus tour and don't take the train. You would see a whole lot more!
Reviewer: Monica
5 Stars
favorite excursion
July 09, 2018
This tour was our favorite excursion. We had wanted to take the train but it was unavailable so we did this instead...we were very lucky as this was an excellent experience! Very interesting throughout with good stop points. Our tour guide was fun and provided a good balance of interesting narrative. I would recommend.
Reviewer: Shelley
5 Stars
Good Trip
July 09, 2018
The trip was interesting and the driver and guide did a good job. Of course the scenery was beautiful. I thought that the place that we stopped at to eat lunch, see some mush dogs and do some shopping was just marginal.
Reviewer: Daniel Shimshak
4 Stars
Deluxe Yukon Sightseeing Tour
June 25, 2018
This tour was excellent. My husdand & I both love wildlife & wanted to see the Yukon in Skagway & Canada. Our tour guide was fantastic, & very knowledgeable. She pulled over on the roadside at any place that was beautiful & picturesque so the whole group was able to get off the bus and take pictures. The mountains & Emerald Lake was breathtaking! We were taken to a area where they housed huskies for summer for training & care. Guests were able to take a sled ride with the dogs harnessed in a line & were happy to run & pull the sled for the exercise. The whole tour group was proviided a lunch that was very good. There was a petting area with animals that kids could feed & puppies to see. There was also a museum like building with a huge display of all kinds of wild animals mounted in natural poses. There were bears, moose, elk, mountain lions & rams, just to name a few. I would recommend this tour to any one, as there was see much to see,well worth the money.
Reviewer: Pam Munday
5 Stars
June 11, 2018
We did a similar tour 10 years ago thru the Cruise Line. We enjoyed the smaller group size and tour flexibility. Our driver/guide had spent many years in the area and told some personal stories about the local native culture. He also went out of his way to get us a chance to see bears and mountain goats on the tour.
Reviewer: Ed Waltrip
5 Stars
Forget the Train
October 18, 2017
Instead save $$$$ and see more Be part of a small group 10 to 20 Eat a great Chicken meal and pet a Doggie
Reviewer: Clarence M Spencer
5 Stars
Yukon sightseeing
October 07, 2017
Small group, Brian the guide told several stories (and jokes) about the surroundings and history. It was a very nice day and he took all the time for this excursion. Sledding with de dogs was a very beautiful experience.
Reviewer: Marc
4 Stars
Fantastic sightseeing day
September 29, 2017
We had a fabulous day with Bryan. He was very friendly, courteous, professional and extremely knowledgeable about the Skagway and Yukon area. The minibus he drove us around in was clean, well-maintained and very spacious. It allowed everyone in our group to have a window seat with a view of the incredible scenery. Bryan knew all of the best places to stop, including areas for wildlife viewing, and let us get out and spend as much time as we wanted. He always made us feel comfortable and never rushed us.
Reviewer: Roy Davis
5 Stars
September 27, 2017
It was the best tour I have ever been on Bryan Terrell was very knowledgeable and funny. He let us stop more times because we asked than any other tour ever. Everyone of us felt like he listened to us and treated us special.
Reviewer: Barbara K Colin
5 Stars
Yukon trip
September 14, 2017
I can't imagine a better excursion to experience Skagway and the Yukon! Our guide, Kenton, a young substitute teacher and recent transplant to Alaska, was s history major. He kept us fully entertained the whole trip with fantastic stories--both real and imagined (folklore). He made the very best use of our time, stopping at the best overviews st the least crowded times. He even spotted a bear and managed to get in close enough for us to take very close photos from the bus! We visited a place for lunch that included museums, a dog sled training facility and a petting zoo.
Reviewer: Donna Stramella
5 Stars
Deluxe Yukon Sightseeing Tour
September 13, 2017
Great trip. Was not sure from description if we were going by train or bus. Ended up being the bus, which was fine because we were able to see a lot more than those who took the train. Guide was very good. Was not impressed with the dog sled runs but enjoyed the pups & museum.
Reviewer: Elizabeth A. Hartman
5 Stars
Good tour
September 09, 2017
Our tour guide is nice and knowledgeable. We saw beautiful Emerald Lake. Highly recommend this tour.
Reviewer: Sherry
5 Stars
Alaska May 2017
August 21, 2017
We had a wonderful time on our deluxe yukon sightseeing tour and would recommend this tour to all that come to Alaska. Our tour guide Byran Terrell was great he explain a lot history on Alaska during our drive to the yukon.
Reviewer: Rebecca Rosas
5 Stars
Excellent tour!
August 14, 2017
Amazing views! Our Tour Guide was most accommodating with details, and helping us all take spectacular photos at each stop. He took us to remote places and gave his personal touch. Best tour!!!
Reviewer: William Lewis
5 Stars
A most enjoyable, entertaining & informative Trip
August 07, 2017
After talking to people that took the train ride I am most thankful that we took the Deluxe Yukon Sightseeing Tour. We got to go farther, see more and thanks to our bus driver, JOHN, get a lot of history of the local area. I highly recommend this trip and if you can get John as your driver he will make it a very enjoyable and memorable experience. The barbecue chicken lunch was great also.
Reviewer: Bill High
5 Stars
Great day trip!
August 02, 2017
Loved all the education and information of the guide! Able to stop periodically. Rainy day (as susual there) but didn't stop the tour. The countryside is amazing! My grand daughter LOVED the camp and able to hold the dogs. Great day!
4 Stars
yukon sightseeing tour
July 22, 2017
This was an amazing tour, going over the top of a mountain and into Yukon territory in Canada. The change in scenery was drastic, making you stop and think of how anything could survive in a such a wilderness. I thoroughly enjoy this journey.
Reviewer: Norma Handley
5 Stars
Awesome Tour!
July 21, 2017
On the way up and the return trip, the driver stopped whenever we sighted wildlife. He let us take pictures of the wildlife in their natural habitat. In the Yukon territory, we watched some sled dog races. Those dogs were sure hungry to get racing. We even got to see sled dog puppies.
Reviewer: Ida Tholen
5 Stars
This is a must do!!
July 20, 2017
This tour was only second to our time in Denali. The scenery was like nothing else we have ever seen. Brian was a great guide and very entertaining. We ended up having the Caribou Crossing to ourselves and that was very nice. I totally recommend this tour!!
Reviewer: Kim Swords
5 Stars
July 06, 2017
This tour by far was the best we had while in Alaska!! Bryan the tour guide was knowledgable, witty and made the tour even more spectacular than the sights alone. The Yukon is a must see! The views brought me to tears. A must do!! Would do again for sure
Reviewer: Bonnie Alley
5 Stars
Yukon Tour
July 06, 2017
The tour was as described in the ad. Frequent stops to take in the beautiful scenery. Enjoyed the dog sled demo.
Reviewer: Katherine Johnson
4 Stars
Wonderful Trip with Great Guide
June 14, 2017
We loved our tour, and really appreciated the time and attention our guide, Bryan Terrell, took to be sure we saw the beautiful sites along the way. We never felt rushed or uncomfortable and were given lots of great information about the area in a very entertaining manner. We feel that we really lucked out with Bryan, plus the weather that day was fantastic!
Reviewer: Maureen Brylka
5 Stars
Yukon Tour
June 12, 2017
Driver/guide Brian was informative and enthusiastic. A terrific day and would recommend highly.
Reviewer: george kelley
5 Stars
wonderful trip with a great tour guide
June 09, 2017
Our tour guide, Bryan Terrell, a former civil engineer, was very knowledgeable and entertaining, who did an exceptional job with our tours. A bonus for our trip besides the picturesque Alaska and Yukon scenery was the sighting of 2 real black bears. :-)
Reviewer: Paul Cheng
5 Stars
Bus trip to the Yukon
June 07, 2017
This tour to the Yukon was simply amazing! Our guide Brian gave us a wonderful explanation of the area and the people and stopped many times for pictures. You get to see much more from the road than you do from the train. The food at our stop in the Yukon was great and we would love to take this trip the next time we cruise to Alaska. The whole experience was amazing!!
Reviewer: Linda and Gary Wager
5 Stars
Amazing tour guide!
December 24, 2016
Bryan Terrell was an amazing tour guide that truly added to a wonderful day of sightseeing. He was extremely knowledgeable and went out of his way for us. He drove my 88 year mother back to the ship rather than have her walk back from town. I would definitely go on one of his tours again. The scenery was also magical and one of the highlights of our cruise.
Reviewer: Robin Stearns
5 Stars
Amazing Tour
December 05, 2016
We absolutely loved this mini-bus tour. We went back and forth whether to choose the train ride or this one. We chose this one due to the fact that they would make frequent stops at different areas of interest while the train cannot do that. Brian our tour guide was great and very informative of the area. Going into the Yukon and seeing the untouched areas on top of mountain was breathtaking. We stopped for lunch in Carcross and got to play with the puppies and other animals after lunch. Highly recommend. You will not be disappointed!
Reviewer: Monica in TX
5 Stars
Yukon tour
December 04, 2016
The only thing that we did not like was the food at our stop in the yukon.
Reviewer: Julie & Chuck Wolfe
4 Stars
worth every penny
November 28, 2016
Everything about this excursion was wonderful. Our tour guide was friendly, fantastic, and super knowledgeable. I can't seem to remember whether his name was Bill or Bob. He takes pride in what he does and loves guiding the tours; so much so that he drives up to Alaska from Arizona every summer so he and his wife can lead the Yukon sightseeing tours. The scenery was beautiful and even our stop at Caribou Crossing was great. The lunch meal served was so delicious! My only suggestion would be to increase the visit to Caribou Crossing to 2 hours because 1 hour (to include lunch) was not enough to time to visit the museum and see the outdoor attractions.
Reviewer: hhkkg
5 Stars
Scenic, Informative & Entertaining
November 20, 2016
Despite the cloud and some rain, this was a very enjoyable excursion. Our guide, Bryan, was great company. His knowledge and sense of humour made the trip. Right from the start the tour of Skagway itself was interesting even before we climbed out of the port into the scenic interior. The mini-bus was comfortable and the group size small enough to be manageable with no long waits for stragglers. Both of us thought this trip was great value for money.
Reviewer: Nigel & Liane
5 Stars
Yukon Sightseeing Tour
November 13, 2016
Early ship departure shortened our tour. Pleasant and helpful staff made the tour enjoyable. Bus ride into the vast countryside helps to appreciate all of Alaska.
Reviewer: Richard Steinhelper
4 Stars
November 05, 2016
Excellent day trip to a beautiful area. Brian was amazing as our driver!
5 Stars
Love this tour ! My 4th time !
November 05, 2016
I've been to Alaska 14 times, and have done several different tours (the ones that interest me) in Skagway. This is by far, my favorite, and I continue to repeat, even since my 1st time on this tour (been 4 times now). And I purchase through Shore Excursion Group (price hasn't gone up). Not even sure the cruise line offers this. The scenery is spectacular. Though similar, it still seems that I see something NEW or see it differently, each time. What you'll love even more, it's a mini-van tour, so not 50 folks getting on/off to view the sites when we stop. I love it ! And can't wait to do it again, next time I'm in Skagway ! Thank you again Skagway (Yukon) and Shore Excursion Group !
Reviewer: Vivian M Webb
5 Stars
October 07, 2016
We chose this tour as we thought we would see a lot Yukon, well what can I say it was just amazing Bill our bus driver just awesome and so informative. I will recommend with know hesitation.
Reviewer: Carolyn Baker
5 Stars
DeluxeYukon sight-seeing tour
August 05, 2016
Driver was very well versed in the history and scenic areas along the way, and made stops at very nice areas to get some photo memories along the way. The ride was comfortable, but it was a warm day (for Alaska), and the vehicle air conditioner could have worked better. Driver was friendly and accomodating - good sense of humor. My wife, her mother and I all enjoyed the excursion very much.
Reviewer: David Bonnett
5 Stars
A wonderful tour
August 04, 2016
I really enjoyed the ride through the spectacular scenery of Skagway, British Columbia and Yukon. It was truly breathtaking. The experience was made better because of our great tour guide Bill Thomas. His energy kept us going through the whole ride. He is a great storyteller and provided all the facts in an entertaining manner. We made several stops for photos and he was more than happy to take pictures and continue telling us great stories. I really enjoyed our afternoon with Bill. I recommend this tour for those who love to look at great scenery and learn about the place they are visiting.
Reviewer: Tom Pereira
5 Stars
Yukon Tour
July 13, 2016
This tour was GREAT! well worth it and memorable. Brian was very interesting, and had many stories about the region. Learned a lot about Skagway and the Yukon. I highly recommend this tour.
Reviewer: Kathleen K
5 Stars
Our whole group loved this excursion
June 10, 2016
We enjoyed traveling in a small group on a comfortable bus. Our driver was very knowledgeable. She kept an eye out for wildlife and was more than happy to stop whenever there photo opportunities. We enjoyed our stop at Caribou Crossing for lunch and were amazed at the beauty of Emerald Lake. This excursion goes into Canada, but not all excursions do. We highly recommend this excursion!!!
Reviewer: DnD group
5 Stars
June 05, 2016
It was great! We saw bears on our adventure, the driver stopping each time so we could all take pictures. Grizzly bears and black bears and they were close to the bus just eating dandelions along the road, some were walking in a field and some where perched up in a tree. We also saw the sled dogs and were able to hold the 3 week old puppies. We had lunch along the way and that was tasty. A stop at Emerald Lake another beautiful photo opportunity. It was an all day trip, but it was a great trip. We enjoyed our port stop in Skagway. After the long day our driver dropped us off right at the ship, which was well appreciated. This was one of our most favorite excursions on our 7 day cruise.
Reviewer: Snowysmother
5 Stars
A great trip
May 30, 2016
Brian our guide was great, really interesting and knew his history. Amazing journey through the white pass into the Yukon. Beautiful scenery, easy to view from bus. Great food at Caribou Crossing, especially the donuts. Saw black bears at side of road. Good photo opportunities
Reviewer: Sam
5 Stars
Yukon adventure
October 19, 2015
It's very interesting to visit some places you read about (Jack London's stories, for example).
Reviewer: Psiros
5 Stars
Well worth the money!
August 28, 2015
Bryan, our guide, was so very friendly and knowledgable. I really liked that he had a microphone to talk to us while he drove. Great touch! He also was willing to help me with a very special request! He found the perfect spot for me to propose to my girlfriend. We were able completely surprise her! He even helped to film the occasion! Thanks Brian!
Reviewer: Mark & Cindy
5 Stars
Great Choice
August 19, 2015
Our guide Bryan was so excited about the tour more than the travellers. He acted as if we were the first travellers going for this tour and he was doing it for the first time. He was full of energy and took us to places that was not included in the tour. He wanted to make sure if see the most and know most about Alaska. We really enjoyed the tour and more so Bryan's enthusiasm.
Reviewer: Kimiya
5 Stars
A full day
August 12, 2015
Guide made extra effort to get us back to the cruise ship in plenty of time.
Reviewer: Dave O
4 Stars
August 05, 2015
Guide, a professional story teller, suggested side trips since our group had time, which were WORTH the time. E.G. since he was in communication with other guides, we saw three adult grizzlies (probably mother with two 2-year old cubs) meandering along near the road.
Reviewer: gerigne
5 Stars
Absolutely Gorgeous
July 02, 2015
Beautiful day traveling into the Yukon. Enjoyed Carcross Crossing and meeting Ididarod dogs.
Reviewer: Patty
5 Stars
I would take this again
June 21, 2015
One of the highlights of my trip. Beautiful scenery and much wild life. Seeing Emerald Lake was beautiful.
Reviewer: Dorie
5 Stars
Great Sightseeing
October 13, 2014
Wonderful Sightseeing Trip
Reviewer: Corky
5 Stars
Worth the Money
September 28, 2014
The scenery in the Yukon was very good. The tour went over the allotted time because the tour guide wanted to make sure we saw all the wildlife and scenery as possible. This was great.
Reviewer: cruisers
5 Stars
Great Tour!
September 14, 2014
Great scenic tour. Stopped several times for photos. Driver (Brian) very knowledgeable and knew other busses schedules so we could avoid crowds and retur for photos on return trip. Smaller bus so plenty of room when we got out to take photos. Lunch was tasty. Saw beautiful autum colors--took tour ist week in Sept.
Reviewer: LEEZ
4 Stars
Wonderful tour and tour guide
August 13, 2014
Our tour guide knew the territory and she shared so many things with us. Great tour!
Reviewer: CAB
5 Stars
Worth the time and cost
August 05, 2014
The only negetive was finding the pick-up point. even though we had a specfic spot and directions, for a stranger it was still hard to find. A small sketch map would have been helpful. Example: for a stranger in town, even the street numbers are a problem until one figures out how the numbering system is laid out.
Reviewer: Jack
4 Stars
A relaxing trip.
July 02, 2014
The scenery was beautiful and we had an excellent guide. Just wished we had seen some wildlife.
Reviewer: First visit to Alaska
4 Stars
Great tour & guide!
June 30, 2014
Brian was our guide, and he was fabulous! We couldn't have had better weather & the bears co-operated by wandering along the roadside. Brian was as excited about the views (largely due to the weather) and animal sightings as the rest of the group. His enthusiasm was infectious! Also saw iditarod dogs (so fun) and had a nice lunch. Would highly recommend!
Reviewer: Wanderlust Girl
5 Stars
Enjoyable Tour
October 06, 2013
Guide/driver was very knowledgeable about the area we toured. Tour was well organized.
Reviewer: Light Travelers
5 Stars
Great photo trip
July 15, 2013
Peggy was very knowledgeable and we enjoyed her stories of the stampeders.
Reviewer: Jacon
5 Stars
June 14, 2013
Tour guide was very nice and knowledgable, views on this excursion are amazing
Reviewer: Ms Neba
5 Stars
Deluxe Yukon sightseeing tour
June 13, 2013
We had the good fortune to only be a group of 10 so the driver was very accommodating if someone spotted a moose, for example. We could stop and look whereas in a large bus this may not have happened.
Reviewer: Kanatian
4 Stars
Up close and personal
May 30, 2013
Glad we booked this tour as it would have been one of the first tours for 2013 and there was plenty of snow, so much so that the train was unable to leave Skagway due to landslides while we travelled without incident. Whilst lakes were frozen and there was much snow on the ground and mountains it was picture postcard viewing. The tour travels through pristine country and the only inhabitants appear to be the border crossing staff. The tour takes you approximately 100 km west of Skagway to Caribou Crossing Trading Post a collection of buildings constructed by the cruise lines to create a destination for its passengers. The museum contains the most amazing collection of animals. They are absolutely breathtaking. To see them up close and personal you realise just how massive some of these animals are. The taxidermist has done a wonderful job in restoring them to their former glory. It's a great shame that the indigenous people at Bennett Lake haven't quite embraced the tourists and taken full advantage of interacting with them. No doubt in time they will recognise the benefits that will flow to them when they do as we would have loved the opportunity to sample their culture and perhaps take home some keepsakes. The guides were excellent, both informative and entertaining. Being a small group tour we found it excellent.
Reviewer: BazfromOz
4 Stars
Awesome Sightseeing Tour
August 22, 2012
There were only 4 of us on this 4-hour van tour. Our driver, Chrisian, was young and very enthusiastic. He was very knowledgeable and very accommodating. We all laughed, learned, and had a wonderful time!!
Reviewer: Marcia
5 Stars
July 09, 2012
Our travel guide was a wonderful personality. I loved her. The trip was amazing with beautiful scenery, and LOTS of animal sightings, we saw 6 bears on the trip!!!! The Caribou Crossings was a bit of a tourist trap area, but the nature of the trip was awesome.
Reviewer: lovetocruise
5 Stars
One of the Best Tours to Date
June 25, 2012
We were looking for a trip in Skagway. We considered the train ride, but found this tour. This tour was twice as long as the train ride for a similar price. And we even had picture stops! It was a great value and presented a funfilled day.
Reviewer: Payroll Girl
5 Stars