Yukon Dog Musher Adventure Tour

Nice adventure
December 09, 2022
We enjoyed our small tour to the Yukon and the dog musher camp. The musher gave a brief overview of the races she competes in, we had a brief trail ride with a small team of dogs, and then we got to see the puppies waiting for homes. Emerald Lake was a highlight for me - it was a gorgeous mountain lake!
Reviewer: Deborah S.
4 Stars
Great day
August 30, 2022
Our journey took us many miles into the Yukon. ( Canada) Stopped several times for picture taking and sightseeing. Our dog mushing experience put us into a multi passenger ATV with dogs leading the way. We were able to see how the dogs in action but they did not pull us. The chicken dinner was very nice and tasty. What made our trip was our tour guide. He was very entertaining and very knowledgeable of the area. Great story teller.
Reviewer: Chuck Lombardo
5 Stars
Dog Musher Tour
July 21, 2022
Was enjoyable and infomative. Guide was actual musher and dog owner. Trail ride was team pulling all guests in motorised multipassenger atv with dogs pulling hard. Wanted more time to play with puppies, but they are fenced separate. Could reach through fence to touch puppies if they came close.
Reviewer: Blackie Blackketter
4 Stars
Awesome time
July 06, 2022
Really enjoyed the time and everyone was so friendly and informative. Wish we had more time with the puppies..
Reviewer: Floreen Guluarte
5 Stars
Great tour.
June 23, 2022
We greatly enjoyed this trip. The weather was wonderful, the scenery beautiful, the guide witty and informative, and the musher camp a lot of fun. It is a really beautiful drive with a number of opportunities for photos and enjoying the outdoors. The musher camp was fun and informative. The musher was in training for the Iditarod and shared a lot. I recommend the trip
Reviewer: G M Gentzler
5 Stars
May 30, 2022
Great views and the dog mushing was a real experience! Pollyanna our tour guide was amazing, she made sure we got great pics and saw wildlife- young black bear, young caribou, mountain goats and puppies at Caribou crossing where we had our mushing with a training team of 8 huskies! Pollyanna was great with historical facts and her energy was very contagious! Highly recommend.
Reviewer: Shirley and Victor
5 Stars
Brian was the best!
October 15, 2019
My wife and I signed up for the dog musher adventure tour and we absolutely loved it! Tour guide Brian was an absolute gem! The drive was a tad long, but beautiful and informative.
Reviewer: Ryan Feltis
5 Stars
Yukon Dog Musher Tour
September 15, 2019
I really loved this tour, great to see the dogs and get some good information on the Idatrod dog race. The only negative it was a bit rushed once we got there, got our lunch, but didn't have enough time to look around.
Reviewer: Sandra Cornish
5 Stars
Dog sledding and the Yukon
September 09, 2019
We were so glad we selected this tour. We were on a small bus and our driver was very informative and fun, he was also helpful with taking photos. We were able to stop at several picturesque locations on our way to and from the dog musher camp. The camp itself was excellent! A great BBQ lunch was provided, we wandered around the facility then went on a dog sled ride. For summer training they use a custom-designed wheeled summer rig. We were in the rig when the dogs were selected; they were so excited to be selected to pull the rig. After the ride we were shown supplies used and told about the 1000-mile Iditarod race by the owner of the camp who has competed in two of the races. We then played with and held the husky pups. On the drive to and from the camp we saw eagles, mountain goats and one black bear. Highly recommend this tour.
Reviewer: Ginny Scorup
5 Stars
Southeast Tours - Andrew Wurst
August 26, 2019
Great day, great driver, group of 6. Too hot for mushers at our scheduled time so Andrew called us to get there earlier. It was perfect. Beautiful scenic drive (plenty of photo stops), great BBQ lunch and plenty of time with Sled dogs and new pups. Musher ride replaced with RTV on trails - just great.
Reviewer: Sandy Salkow
5 Stars
August 17, 2019
We enjoyed the Yukon dog musher adventure tour so much. The joy of interacting with the puppies, learning the history of dog mushing and the Iditarod, the museum was outstanding, a very tasty bbq lunch and finally, experiencing a “training” run with a team of very excited dogs. Our only regret was that we only had three hours here, we could have spent another two easily.
Reviewer: Tony & Debbie
5 Stars
Yukon Dog Musher adventure Tour
August 05, 2019
We had great time seeing the dogs And understanding how they traine the doggies
Reviewer: EB
4 Stars
Entertaining Day
July 30, 2019
The tour guide, Brian, was excellent and humorous during our time. We stopped many times to take memorable photos during our drive. The dogs were so cute and we just wished we had more time to spend, but we were appreciative of being at the camp when other tours had already left, so we had the place to ourselves! Highly recommend.
Reviewer: Maxine
5 Stars
A Packed Trip!
July 26, 2019
Our driver for this trip, Marv, was great. He was very knowledgeable about anything anyone asked about. He was offering to take photos of everyone so there were quite a few opportunities for group shots. We made several stops on the way to the musher camp, and we got little history lessons throughout. When we made it to the camp, we had a quick lunch. I don't know if we were running late, but we were rushed over to the actual mushing portion so we didn't get too much time to look around the camp. The short ride with the dogs was great. It was fun to see how excited they got when they knew it was about time to run! Learning a bit bout the Iditarod was a neat little add on. I was a bit disappointed for our son, that we didn't have time to play with the puppies. We made a few more stops on the way back for more photo opportunities. We visited parts of Alaska, British Columbia and the Yukon Territory all on one day, so that was a fun realization.
Reviewer: Heather Watson
4 Stars
Drive there and back was the best part!
July 22, 2019
We were super excited to get to see the dogs and play with pups, but the tour guide and drive there and back was our favorite part. The scenary was amazing! We really couldn't ask for better views. And we saw lots of wildlife. Now at the camp they hooked the dogs to an electric buggy. That's how they train in the summer. Still heard the calls and saw the dogs though. There were 2 litters of puppies and we got to pet them, but you couldn't hold them. All in all, totally worth it. But it wasn't what we originally expected.
Reviewer: Heather Weber
4 Stars
I highly recommend this one!
July 11, 2019
We loved taking the tour across the Yukon, to see a working sled dog camp. They fed us a delicious bbq chicken meal and taught us what a sled dog team has to do to train for the races. Our tour guide Bethany was awesome and recommended an excellent restaurant when we got back to Juneau. She also gave us a bonus tour of the old graveyard of when the town started. There was a beautiful waterfall for great pictures. Most people buried there were young. I highly recommend this trip and the tour guide Bethany, she was a lot of fun!!
Reviewer: Marla Hoffmann
5 Stars
So much fun!
July 08, 2019
The whole experience was really fun for both the adults and teenagers in the group. We learned a lot about dog mushing and the Itidarod. Getting a lot of time to hang out with the dogs (both the grown dogs and the puppies) was a highlight. It was probably the favorite excursion we did.
Reviewer: Susan Klein
5 Stars
Dog Musher Camp
July 03, 2019
Was ok, Very Long, Lot of the same things and lots of driving. Dog Camp was smaller then I expected.And not much guidence there. Food was ok. Our Guide was good.
Reviewer: Donald Frank
3 Stars
Southeast Tours
July 03, 2019
Brian was more than fantastic, he truly was the consummate tour guide, both funny and extremely informative. He took his job to heart, he stopped plenty of times and for picture taking and story telling. My mom and I loved him as well as everyone on the bus; we even had repeat customers that specifically wanted Brian. Thank You for the memories and stories I will remember for life!
Reviewer: Matt D. - Milwaukee
5 Stars
Yukon dog musher tour
July 02, 2019
enjoyed the tour greatly especially our guide who was very informed about the area
Reviewer: Barbara Borriello
5 Stars
Good Trip
July 01, 2019
Really good day. Our driver kept our attention all day with great stories and education. The tax the musher gave at the camp was excellent. Loved spending time with the puppies as well.
Reviewer: Dave W.
5 Stars
Alaska at its Best@
June 27, 2019
We did this shore excursion off the Celebrity Solstice and it was a fascinating 5 plus hours. Our very personable guide drove our van of 7 people out of Skagway, into British Columbia then on into the Yukon, where we arrived at the dog mushing summer training camp. Along the way, we stopped at many beautiful vistas, were able to get out and explore the terrain; all while our guide provided us with fascinating information and background. We even saw a black bear and a wolf! The dig camp was alot of fun and informative - the dogs were so energetic and ready to run with us! Wish there could have been snow! The only disappointment was that there werent any husky puppies at the facility for us to interact with. But all in all, a wonderful day!
Reviewer: Kathleen K Cimina
5 Stars
June 27, 2019
So great to see the pups in their element. Loved that we could interact with them and give them some love. Because let’s face it ...all pups deserve love ! They know how to turn on the charm !
Reviewer: Shannon D
5 Stars
Fun Adventure
June 05, 2019
We completed this tour on 5/31 with awesome Bill as our tour guide. He really knows the area well and his commentary was both interesting & entertaining. The dog musher stop was a lot of fun, lunch was good & Bill offered lots of stops for picturesque photos. The mother & Bear cub sighting on the side of the road was a bonus! Again, kudos to Bill! We learned more on this excursion than all the others we took while in Alaska.
Reviewer: Karen & Glenn Walters
5 Stars
Dog Mushing
October 15, 2018
This was a marvellous adventure, particularly for South Africans - something way outside of anything we have experienced. I loved everything about it and our guide was great - only criticism I have is that I did not get enough time in the gift shop!
Reviewer: Ingrid Bosch
5 Stars
Great trip for the entire family!
September 18, 2018
We enjoyed this excursion. Tour guide was extremely entertaining and the dog sledding was fun. We almost did the train ride but decided to go with this tour instead. So happy with our decision!
Reviewer: Vic
5 Stars
Yukon Dog Musher Adventure Tour
July 23, 2018
It was a pleasant day. We learned a lot about the dogs and what they have to do in order to compete. Love seeing desert, and lakes during the tour.
Reviewer: Donna
4 Stars
Excursion Review
July 16, 2018
Our guide (Brian) did a fantastic job and I would highly recommend him to anyone. The actual Dog Musher part of the tour was good, but the history and colorful observations by Brian made this excursion our favorite of the cruise.
Reviewer: Michael Gill
5 Stars
A great guide and a great tour
July 16, 2018
I thought this tour would be way too long but it was delightful. The scenery was fabulous and of course,everyone loved the mush dogs. Brian had lots of stories and the small van was perfect,
Reviewer: Barbara Moss
5 Stars
Yukon Dog Musher Tour
July 02, 2018
Bryan was a fantastic tour guide. He provided lots of interesting and fun anecdotal information. The Musher tour felt very authentic and not too touristy. The lunch provided was excellent. Very friendly staff at the counter in the Popcorn shop.
Reviewer: Mary Carrick
5 Stars
Yukon Dog Musher Adventure Tour
October 07, 2017
Very nice. Saw a mother brown bear with 2 cubs crossing the highway right in front of our van. The scenery in Canada was just breathtaking. The dog mushing was very fun. The owners of the dog mushing company should offer the people sitting in the front rows of the cart some plastic to put over their clothes when the trail is muddy as our clothing got spattered with mud. The dogs just kick up the mud from the trail when they are running. Otherwise a great tour.
Reviewer: Ellen
5 Stars
Yukon Dog Musher Adventure Tour
September 15, 2017
It was a great tour, Bryan Terrell (our driver) made it interesting and informative, he was helpful and seemed to really like showing us around. The dog compound was great, sled ride lunch everything was great.
Reviewer: Charles B Blazier
5 Stars
Wonderful fun!
August 29, 2017
This was a really fun trip. Our guide, Bryan Terrell, was so knowledgeable about Skagway and all of the land from there to the Yukon. The scenery was magnificent! The highlight for us was the dogsled ride. Although it was summer training and the sled had wheels and rode on dusty dirt roads, it was so much fun. I highly recommend this excursion.
Reviewer: Jane Suesskind
5 Stars
Very Good Excursion
August 17, 2017
Had a great time, John was entertaining and funny and very informative. The excursion was very good. Only issue would be more time possibly spent socializing with the dogs at Carcross.
Reviewer: eric slack
4 Stars
Yukon Dog Mushing Tour
August 14, 2017
We had the best time! Even though we could not go all the way to the end for the BBQ chicken lunch and to the dog mushing area, they were able to make accommodations at another dog mushing camp as well as being able to stop at the Yukon Suspension Bridge and walk around there for an hour or so and a make shift lunch (not all that good) but they tried. We even had a little excitement with a black bear who wandered in.
Reviewer: Donna Lynch
5 Stars
A great day with wild and dogs
August 07, 2017
Our tourguide Brian was a very good driver and narrator. We enjoyed ourselves very much on this tour. The dogride and the close encounter with a black bear, who was braun, alongside the road were the big highlights of this great tour.
Reviewer: Ramshond
4 Stars
This is one of the best Shore excursion we have
July 17, 2017
We love this tour, we can see the beautiful view along the trip from Skagway to Yukon. We experience the Dog sleigh. The tour Guider very funny and informative.
Reviewer: Tim Trinh
5 Stars
Southeast Tours Yukon Dog Musher Adventure Tour
December 04, 2016
Check in was easy and the drive to Carcross was lovely. My husband and I had rented a car and driven the same route several years earlier and saw only a fraction of the things our guide, Bryan Terrell, pointed out. The major event for us was the dog sled ride. We were actually at a summer training camp for the dogs and mushers. As the trainer said, ""We don't care what they look like. We care about how fast they run, how much endurance they have and how well they team up."" As we were the only mushers in the group, we saw but did not hold the puppies. That was our choice due to a time constraint. Leaving when we did turned out to be a good thing as Bryan spotted a black bear on the side of the road on the return trip. We watched the bear from the van for several minutes. I want to return and do the same excursion again someday. My advice if you mush is to be prepared to hold on tight from beginning to end.
Reviewer: David and Brenda Dobbins
5 Stars
Yukon dog sled tour
November 20, 2016
The best excursion we had on our trip. The driver, Brian, was excellent! We had a two hour scenic ride to the dog camp with many stops for scenic pictures. The dog camp was fun. Overall, a very educational excursion thanks to the tour guide. The guide makes the difference.
Reviewer: Rich Wagner
5 Stars
A Mush
November 17, 2016
Had just as much fun on the drive to this camp as we did in the camp itself.
Reviewer: Crystal
5 Stars
First dog camp visit
November 14, 2016
Loved the dogs and especially the puppies. The drive from Skagway to Carcross was fantastic and very scenic.
Reviewer: Linda Bontrager
5 Stars
A highlight of our trip
September 28, 2016
Great trip from skgway to Yukon. Brian our guide was informative, funny and helpful. He stopped for us to take pictures and took pictures of us. Lunch was tasty. The sled ride was fun and experience was once in life time. Well worth the trip plus puppies to cuddle. A ten plus.
Reviewer: Vivian Willmets
5 Stars
Yukon Dog Musher Adventure
August 25, 2016
Great tour--good lunch and our driver knew lots of info--beautiful drive and loved the mushing and holding the puppies!!
Reviewer: Teri Hubert
5 Stars
Yukon Dog Musher
August 18, 2016
We had the best guide ever. He made it so much fun. Told stories and experiences he had all the way there. Stopped to take pictures and took pictures for us while we were there. The best.
Reviewer: Pamela Lusk
5 Stars
Beautiful and interesting
August 18, 2016
I really enjoyed the local guide for the tour operated by local business people. The landscape was spectacular and the puppies were fun to play with. The dog powered cart ride through the woods was very bumpy but fun.
Reviewer: Susan Greenberg
5 Stars
Well worth the visit!!
August 08, 2016
We had a wonderful time touring through Skagway, British Columbia, and into the Yukon! We had an amazing adventure with our guide Brian. He was informative and loved to stop along the way to take pictures in the most scenic areas. The sled dogs and their trainer were fantastic. So enthusiastic about their dogs and informative. We had the BEST time meeting and greeting Nellie and Hardrock...future sledders!! This is well worth the time and cost!! Do it!!
Reviewer: Kerrie
5 Stars
Highlight of our Alaskan Cruise
July 31, 2016
What could be better for two boys, 7 and 9, than dogs and puppies? Our driver Bryan Terrell gave us a running history lesson as we drove from the quaint town of Skagway, through Canadian Border Customs, out to a barbecue lunch and home-made donuts. We then went out to learn about the dog teams and boarded wheeled carts for a noisy tour through the woods. Finally, we got to visit the puppies and learn about the sledge and racing dogs in the winter over ice and snow. Bryan again provided a running commentary about the history of Skagway, including the ""floppy bridge"" and why it survives earthquakes and how children in Skagway get to school during the winer.
Reviewer: Mary Martin
5 Stars
Great tour!
June 08, 2016
Brian our tour driver was excellent! He told us a great deal about the area and took some pictures of us on our sled. Would recommend this to anyone!
Reviewer: traveler
5 Stars
Very informative and breathtaking views!
June 11, 2015
This excursion was well worth the price. It starts with a fantastic tour guide (Brian) who definitely knew his way around. The trip to the dog sledding camp, alhough a little long had breath-taking views of the local landscapes and wildlife. The dog sledding camp was both educational and enjoyable. And you can't beat puppy breath! Would have loved more time with the dogs but this was one of my favorite experiences.
Reviewer: Sharon
4 Stars
great experience
August 21, 2014
guide was very informative and knowledgeable about history of the area with lots of humor which made for a very enjoyable experience.
Reviewer: LK
4 Stars
Dog Mushing Tour
August 18, 2014
This was a very special opportunity. Tour guide Brian was very knowledgable and the countryside we drove through from Skagway to the dog mushing and back was incredible (we were fortunate to see a female moose and a black bear along the way). My teenage-and-younger daughters enjoyed the dogs (especially the puppies!), and it was fun being pulled around the practice track. I recommend this tour very highly.
Reviewer: Greg
5 Stars
Don't Miss This Excursion
August 06, 2014
This is a don't miss once in a lifetime excursion. The tour guide, Barbara Willett, was exceptional with her tales of old Alaska and her interspersing of passenger names in her tales. The views and scenery are breathtaking. The visit with the dogs, mingling with the puppies, the on site museum and above all the sled dog ride made for a great day.
Reviewer: boston
5 Stars
Wonderful time was had by all
June 16, 2014
This was a great experience to not only see the Yukon Territory, but to also experience hands-on activity with mushing dogs. I was very impressed with the facilities. The food provided was amazing and the experience was once in a life time.
Reviewer: weemic
5 Stars
Tours and Huskies
September 30, 2013
I really feel you made it as smooth as possible. Its a long drive up there, but it is truly beautiful!! You might let folks know there is a pickup at the ship. We walked down into Skagway only to get on a van and go back to the ship...
Reviewer: Cruiser Folks
4 Stars
Wonderful Experience!
July 25, 2013
This excursion was packed with much more than we expected. I thought we were simply going to see the dogs, which would have been enough for me. But there was much more to this excursion than the Musher Camp. The bus ride to the camp was phenomenal! We traveled into British Columbia and up the Yukon. The bus was kept to a fairly small size (18 people) which was nice because our driver was able to customize our route and time at each stop a bit depending on what we wanted to do since there were so few of us. We made stops at several sites including waterfalls, Emerald Lake, and the Canadian border sign to capture photos. We also saw 2 black bears along the way and our driver Bill stopped to allow for pictures; of course we all stayed in the van. At the Musher camp we got to play with the dogs and hold the puppies. They were so cute and friendly. This excursion also included a full course meal which was pretty good. Our cousins did a train excursion on their visit, but were unable to make stops for pictures. The stops along the way are definitely worth taking this excursion. I would highly recommend this excursion to anyone I know!!!
Reviewer: Chassy
5 Stars
Would do it again!
September 22, 2012
Loved this excursion. Incredible scenery thru British Columbia and Yukon. The dog cart ride was fun and interesting and just the right length. The musher was very interesting and informative. The meal was not great but perfectly adequate. Would have liked more time at Caribou Crossing to experience all that it has to offer. Our guide was outstanding. She kept us thoroughly entertained the entire trip.
Reviewer: phoneman
4 Stars
Best Alaskan Tour Ever. Period.
August 27, 2012
This was by-far the best excursion we went on in Alaska, and the best excursion I have done on any cruise trip. While everything in Alaska was gorgeous and amazing, this excursion was truly off-the-charts. My boyfriend and I chose this because I am a huge dog lover, but this trip isn't just about dogs. You are picked up at your port, told about the area from an experience guide, then transferred to an all-terrain open air vehicle which drives you literally vertical up a mountain side. This in itself was a wonderful tour--but we weren't even 1/2 way through with the excursion! Up the mountain, you are greeted by dog mushers, and groups of 16 dogs, all ready to go! It is very exciting, as the dogs are happy to see you, and love their work so can't wait to pull you off. You sit down in a large golf-cart type vehicle and away you go! The dogs are excellent, and respond with a word from the instructor, who is at the back of the vehicle during the ride. Tip: sit in the front seat for the best ride! After a thrilling ride, you are taken back down to the camp, where you are able to visit, hold, and kiss the puppies as much as you want. There is also a fascinating lecture about the history of the Iditarod. The best part of this excursion was definitely the guides. In many of the ports, college students from the continental U.S. come up during their summers to work in the tourist industry. Therefore, you don't get a sense of the real ""Alaskan"" from their tours. These guides, however, are in it to train with the dogs, and are much more knowledgeable and invested. A truly wonderful tour. I can't wait to get back to Alaska and do it again!
Reviewer: Sam
5 Stars
Car Crossing- Summer Working Dog Camp
September 06, 2011
Bill the tour guide was very good with our 9 year old grandson, no question was every to much, kept him occupied helping with hand outs and things. The girls at the musher camp are all friendly and knowledgable about what they are doing.
Reviewer: Miss Blue Muffin
4 Stars
The Best Trip Yet!
June 27, 2011
Very personal experience. Guide,J.C., was wonderful and accomidating. Would even back up on the freeway and let us get great pictures of 3 kinds of bears on the way. Beautiful scenery!! Very informative and fun young lady. I accidently left my camera in the mini bus and it was promptly returned [...]. Vey honest people! The best trip we have taken. Kudos to all!!!!
Reviewer: the Browns
5 Stars