Yukon Sightseeing Tour

Well Worth It!
October 20, 2023
We really enjoyed this side trip from Skagway. The smaller bus and full narration was just what we were looking for. All important sites and information were pointed out and as a bonus, we made it to the Yukon! We would highly recommend this trip with this company to anyone looking to see if whites pass, and say you have been in that you’ve gone! Even if it is just visiting the Welcome to the Yukon sign, LOL!
Reviewer: Craig Andersen
5 Stars
Yukon Sightseeing
October 17, 2023
We booked the 31/2 hr Yukon Sightseeing Tour but because of high winds all ships arrived late so the company offered us space on Deluxe Yukon Tour (6hrs) scheduled an hour later, just had to pay a small amount extra for the included lunch. 14 guests so lots of space on the small bus, our driver/guide was wonderful, a font of information, and really made the history of the area come alive as we drove up the pass, through spectacular scenery, stopping to watch the train on the other side of the valley, to take in amazing views, and even to walk the beach and stick our toes into the glacial waters of remote Canadian Lakes. Stopped at Caribou Crossing for about 90 minutes, had a BBQ chicken lunch, and free time to explore - see the sled dogs (and puppies), small but interesting museum about the history of the Mounties, and a small exhibit of the local wildlife. We arrived back in Skagway exactly on schedule, and had time for a quick look around the town before walking back to the ship.
Reviewer: JC
5 Stars
Excursion Upgrade
October 17, 2023
Very pleased that I was able to get on another trip to the Yukon after my first choice was not available. It was excellent and I got to the Yukon..dog sleds scenery outstanding and ketchup chips ! Our tour guide Eric made the outing very enjoyable as well. Skagway and area very interesting, historical & breathtaking. Sam in the main office was very kind and helpful too. Would recommend this tour.
Reviewer: Sandra Watson
5 Stars
Beautiful trip
September 03, 2023
We were disappointed at first because we were able to take the train ride. However, this was the better choice because many stops were made on the way to Yukon to take pictures and take in the beautiful scenery. The bus driver-tour guide did a great job of giving us the history of the area. We absolutely loved this excursion.
Reviewer: Jerry W Hanson
5 Stars
Outstanding Views and Great Guide
October 03, 2022
Daniel was fantastic as a tour guide. The ability to stop and get pictures along the way as well as the varying views makes this so much better than the more expensive train ride.
Reviewer: Bill
5 Stars
Yukon sightseeing tour
June 12, 2022
Excellent tour guide. Polly was very the best guide I have ever had. The scenery was amazing and highly recomend this tour. Tinkerbell the bus was super clean.
Reviewer: Cynthia Shetler
5 Stars
Yukon Sightseeing Tour
October 15, 2019
Good Driver with lots of information at regular stopping off points also helpful at Customs Border crossings
Reviewer: Mr and Mrs Hood
4 Stars
Yukon tour
October 03, 2019
We had a great time tour guide fun,witty knowledgeable, pleasant, she made the trip so worthwhile. Sorry I don't remember her I think it wa Beth not sure but she was just grest.
Reviewer: Maureen Nieves
5 Stars
Beautiful, Simply Beautiful!
September 26, 2019
We really enjoyed the bus tour of the area. When we stopped the scenery was gorgeous. The people were very nice. We did feel as though it was rushed, and could have stopped more. All in all a very nice tour.
Reviewer: Dennis Van Waes
5 Stars
Exceptional guide
September 22, 2019
Our guide was very knowledgeable and personable and made this place excursion very memorable
Reviewer: Thomas C Knueppel
5 Stars
Yukon tour
September 09, 2019
Loved this tour! It was much more than I expected. Beautiful scenery and our guide was very informative.
Reviewer: Karen L. Hiatt
5 Stars
Tour guide was amazing
September 09, 2019
The road trip was great. We stopped at some beautiful points along the way. Waterfall and some incredible blue lakes. Lots of photo opportunities including the Welcome to The Yukon and welcome to Alaska. Our tour guide knew everything including dates of events and lots of history
Reviewer: Ruth kergan
4 Stars
Yukon Sightseeing Tour
August 19, 2019
Great scenic and educational trip! We did this tour two years in a row, because we loved it so much! Excellent guide!
Reviewer: Joni Plourd
5 Stars
A Highlight of Our Cruise
August 17, 2019
We took this tour while on a 7 day Alaska cruise. It turned out to be one of the highlights of the trip. We travelled from Skagway through the White Pass into BC as far as the Yukon border. The scenery along the Klondike Highway was spectacular. Bryan Terrell, our driver/guide made the tour interesting and and entertaining. He gave good explanations of the geography, vegetation, and wildlife of the area. He also had some good stories about what it is like to live in Skagway. We made frequent stops for picture taking. The bus was comfortable and with about 12 of us on the tour, the group wasn't too large.
Reviewer: John
5 Stars
But Tour to Yukon
August 16, 2019
Nice experience with a lot of historical commentary. Wonderful picture taking opportunities.
Reviewer: Roswell
4 Stars
Great Trip
August 05, 2019
Bill was our driver. He made it a fun and exciting trip. I enjoyed many aspects of this trip more than the railway, because we made several stops and we’re able to join in with the narrative.
Reviewer: Dianne
5 Stars
August 03, 2019
The scenery was absolutely breathtaking...many, many opportunities for beautiful photos of snow-capped mountains, raging rivers, fields of fireweed, and wildlife in their natural habitat (eagles, moose).
Reviewer: C, McGraime
5 Stars
Yukon Sightseeing Tour
August 02, 2019
The guide made this tour. He was well versed and took the just right amount of time at each stop.
Reviewer: George Shalhoub
4 Stars
Nice tour but you only see the Yukon border
July 22, 2019
The tour is nice and is much better than the rail road trip that doesn't go as far and doesn't various stops. The sites are nice and the border crossing go quickly. The tour is confusingly named Yukon Sightseeing but you are actually in British Columbia and only go to the Yukon border sign.
Reviewer: Patrick Davis
5 Stars
Must do tour in Skagway
June 17, 2019
This is a must do tour in Skagway. It is about a 3 hour tour through the White Pass into BC and the Yukon. The scenery is absolutely breathtaking. A large part of why this was such a good tour was due to our Driver/Guide Bryan Terrell. He was friendly, funny and knowledgeable. He knew all the best places to stop for outstanding photos, and willingly stopped whenever someone saw something that caught their eye. We thoroughly enjoyed this tour, and highly recommend it.
Reviewer: Vincent Vogt
5 Stars
Yukon Sightseeing Tour
June 04, 2019
We were in a small group and in a small bus which allowed our driver to stop when wildlife was sighted in addition to all roadside pull offs The driver was very knowledgeable about the area and provided interesting dialogue. He answered questions as well
Reviewer: Dauna Crooks
5 Stars
September 17, 2018
The Yukon Sightseeing tour was excellent. Our driver/tour guide did an awesome job telling the history of the area as well as her own personal camping and fishing experiences in the area
Reviewer: Wendy Stevenson
5 Stars
Yukon Sightseeing Tour
August 13, 2018
This was such a magnificent tour, one of my favorites! Being on the small bus, and making various stops along the way made the trip more personal. It was also a small group (less than 20), so there was plenty of time at each stop to admire the gorgeous scenery, walk around and take pictures. Our driver, Dori Madsen, was fantastic. She knows so much about the area, and even introduced us to some of her friends along the way. What a great day we had, I highly recommend this over the train, when you are in Skagway.
Reviewer: Mary Pat Bischoff
5 Stars
July 30, 2018
Our driver was very knowledgeable & fun. We learned a lot about Skagway & the surrounding area
Reviewer: Carolyn Helfrick
5 Stars
July 09, 2018
Had a very nice drive through wonderful scenery. The driver was very informative.
Reviewer: Ronda Holden
5 Stars
Perfect day!
July 02, 2018
The weather was beautiful! We got to the check-in early enough to be upgraded to a longer tour into the Yukon. Our driver Maria was very chatty and provided a lot of information about the area and the history. We made a few stops along the way for pictures and rest stops but we had to get to Carcross in time for a BBQ lunch! On the way back, she showed us a desert and beach created after the glaciers receeded. A spontaneous turn into a campground found us between two bear cubs, not 20 feet from the van on either side. SO cool!! Maria even drove us to our ship because of the short timespan before it departed. It was the highlight of our cruise!
Reviewer: Gretchen Buzzell
5 Stars
Yukon Sightseeing
June 11, 2018
Very knowledgeable driver. Stopped frequently. Black bear sightings X 2, great picture opportunities. We were close enough for great shots with regular point and shoot cameras. The mountain goats needed a good zoom lens for decent pictures but the scenery was great. Lots of fun.
Reviewer: Carol Currie
5 Stars
Tour guide
May 24, 2018
Liz , our tour guide was fantastic! We would definitely ask for her if we ever return
Reviewer: Shashee Riordan
5 Stars
Tour guide
May 24, 2018
Our fantastic tour guide was Brian. He knew everything there is to know about the area and he is the reason we would go back to Alaska. What a wonderful person, a wonderful tour guide and s wonderful place to visit!
Reviewer: Stephen Riordan
5 Stars
Wonderful guide
May 14, 2018
We took this tour with Brian; who was exceptional, We got the best tour ever because we were the only two people on the tour being the first cruise ship in spring
Reviewer: Steve Riordan
5 Stars
October 05, 2017
It was a beautiful trip. The scenery was beautiful. Our tour guide was very knowledgeable & fun.
Reviewer: Paula Flatley
5 Stars
Yukon Sightseeing Tour Review
September 20, 2017
The tour staff were not visible at the waiting area. The tour guide was awesome and made sure we had a good time.
Reviewer: Maria Corazon Alviar
4 Stars
Great Tour
September 07, 2017
Brian was a great guide. In addition to beautiful scenery, learned a lot about life in Skagway and the Yukon. We ended up taking the longer tour and we loved it. Traveled in comfortable coach where we could stop and see the scenery. Got to play with sled dogs. Would highly recommend this tour.
Reviewer: Eva
5 Stars
Yukon Sightseeing Tour
August 31, 2017
We did not see any wildlife but the area was beautiful, the driver/guide was very good and knowledgeable about the area. Enjoyed the town of Skagway.
Reviewer: James Elliott
4 Stars
Personalized extensive tour into the Yukon
August 28, 2017
We were totally pleased with our tour from Skagway into the Yukon. Our driver was knowledgeable and had excellent taste in deciding which adventures to share during the trip. He is new to AK and told many inside stories of understanding the local conditions and people. The tour company was generous. Plenty of time was allowed for for photo opps. 10-11/10 in favor of this experience!
Reviewer: Alice R Shanaver
5 Stars
Great Tour
August 09, 2017
We were upgraded to a 6 hour tour with lunch at the last minute because of overbooking on our original tour. our tour guide, Bryan, was excellent, interesting and went out of his way to include extra sights and stops not on the route. Very humorous also. We loved it!
Reviewer: Gail and John Grueneberg
5 Stars
Yukon Sightseeing Tour
August 07, 2017
I was with my family of five. My son and daughter in law and two children age 2 and 6 yrs old. Our guide John was amazing and great with the grandchildren. Highly recommend this tour to everyone. He delivered this tour top class and offered to take our pictures with our camera's. Classic, professional guide.
Reviewer: Lynne Parish
5 Stars
Excellent views
August 03, 2017
Great tour guide with excellent info on Alaska history and Yukon. Amazing landscape.
Reviewer: Shahram Salamian
5 Stars
Yukon Sightseeing, Skagway, AK
July 22, 2017
A small group with an excellent driver/guide. It was informative and we saw a few interesting landmarks. Wildlife was limited to sighting of one bear momentarily ahead of the bus. Despite viewing some decent scenery, this was a rather long bus ride to view very few significant scenic areas. In other words, while the "Yukon" label had grabbed our interest, the tour itself did not provide a great deal of excitement. Had we not toured in Alaska previously, I would have booked a different available tour.
Reviewer: Jack
4 Stars
Incredible views!!
June 21, 2017
Trying to decide between the train ride or bus? Choose the bus!! We stopped to see waterfalls and wildlife and went further into the Yukon than by train. Our driver was great-- knowledgable, accommodating and friendly. Great tour!!
5 Stars
Great tour
December 16, 2016
We had a fantastic time. Our tour guide/driver was very knowledgeable and accommodating. He stopped often to point out scenery or give us the history of what we were looking at. He even volunteered to take pictures with our cameras or phones.
Reviewer: Elfreda Murray
5 Stars
Beautiful Scenery and a grizzly bear
November 28, 2016
The day was overcast and chilly, but visibility was very good. We saw the beautiful countryside with numerous mountain goats and Dahl sheep. As we drove along one of the riders said she saw a bear in the bushes beside the road. We went back and watched a grizzly happily grazing. She even reared up on her hind legs several times. Watched about 5 min until she moved into thicker brush. This alone made the trip worthwhile.
Reviewer: James Wolfe
5 Stars
Great views of Alaska and the Yukon!
November 26, 2016
We loved the smaller group size of your tours ... much more personal! We had a great driver who was very experienced, could provide great information on the area and made lots of stops for photos! We really enjoyed having the opportunity to get out into ""REAL ALASKA"" and travel all the way to the Yukon!
Reviewer: Beth Stafford
5 Stars
August 24, 2016
Enjoyed sightseeing! It was beautiful!
Reviewer: Sue Robertson
4 Stars
Yukon Sightseeing toiur
June 08, 2016
Interesting Guide. We did see a Bear up close from the bus which was exciting.
Reviewer: none
4 Stars
This was an excellent adventure.
May 25, 2016
There were only five of us on the van tour including the driver. Superb wilderness scenery all through Alaska, B.C., and into Yukon. Tour guide was very informative about the history of this vast area and its natural surroundings. The driver will stop in any place along the highway, as long as its safe. We saw our first wild caribou on this tour! Recommend this tour as you are seeing most of the same things as you would on the train tour for less money.
Reviewer: yukon jack
5 Stars
Stunning Scenery!
September 02, 2015
Shortly after departing, our van had mechanical problems forcing us to return to base. Owner provided us with a bigger van. Our guide, Brian, was great from start to finish. He was very interesting, knowledgeable and provided many amusing anecdotes & historical facts! The scenery was breathtaking..one scene more beautiful than the last. The museum we stopped at for lunch provided a good meal. After lunch we toured the grounds. The wildlife museum was exceptional!!! We also enjoyed interacting with the Husky puppies, watching the adult dogs being trained & seeing the alpacas & feeding the goats! Brian was also kind enough to take our pictures at every stop! We very much appreciated him doing so as we have picture perfect memories of this fantastic outing!
Reviewer: The Happy Campers!
5 Stars
great views
August 06, 2015
the driver was a great historian. enjoyed listening to the history of the area. was hoping to see eagles and maybe a bear lumber about but alas they were elsewhere. would still go again.
Reviewer: Marsie
4 Stars
long day great scenery
October 11, 2013
weather was a drizzly day so the tour guide did a great job in keeping us active
Reviewer: brummy
5 Stars
Got to know the area and local lore.
August 21, 2013
waiting area could be larger
Reviewer: Gift of Grace
4 Stars
Great information and entertaining along
August 15, 2013
Our guide really knew his history and the area we visited. He kept us entertained the entire 3 hours. I would really encourage others to take this tour - ESPECIALLY with our guide.
Reviewer: Georgia Peach
5 Stars
Beautiful scenery
July 03, 2013
Reviewer: Fran,bird lady
5 Stars
Great history lesson
June 22, 2013
We were blessed with gorgeous weather. Our tour guide was a very enthusiastic storyteller about the gold rush era. Our group was small and he was very accomodating to our needs. It was a great experience.
Reviewer: Jen
5 Stars
A must!
June 09, 2013
Very Knowledgeable Guide. Very Funny.
Reviewer: Felie
5 Stars
Great Guide
September 16, 2012
Our guide was wonderful! Very informative. Great scenery. Loved the suspension bridge---totally worth the money! If you are super adventurous then this is not the tour for you...If you want great photo ops, wonderful tour guide, small group instead of the crowds of the Train then I highly recommend this tour. Our guide even offered to drop us off back at our ship instead of in town (not that Skagway is a long walk) but I thought that was very nice!
Reviewer: Jim & Michelle
5 Stars
Very interesting
July 05, 2012
Alissa was our guide and she was very well informed. She was a good driver. The scenery beautiful. She had a book in the van that was an additional help to see and understand what took place in this country. We were glad we took this tour with her.
Reviewer: Mr &Mrs Murdoch
5 Stars
Frozen splender
May 25, 2012
Excellent Service My husband and I were the only two on this tour so we actually got to do more stops to just take in the awesome beauty. Tour guide has excellent knowledge of local area - both the natural landscapes and cultural/historical facts.
Reviewer: Shamilla the tree hugger
5 Stars
We enjoyed the tour.
September 05, 2011
The guide was very experienced and she was telling us stories about the region.
Reviewer: Anaam
4 Stars
i would go again
July 25, 2011
wonderful sights
Reviewer: uncle doug
5 Stars