White Pass Summit and Yukon Suspension Bridge

Shore Excursion
September 12, 2022
Terrific tour and breathtaking views. Driver was very knowledgeable and, besides that, he was a professional photographer that showed us how to take great pictures.
Reviewer: Chris Steele
5 Stars
September 01, 2022
A highlight of our entire cruise/trip. Our guide, Dale, was exceptional. He was personable, knowledgeable, connected with our group, took us to unique scenic spots, all of them gems. He offered excellent photography tips as well as took pictures with our phones to show us features. (He also took pictures with his professional camera.) The pace was perfect. He started at the most distant destination, the Yukon Suspension Bridge, and then worked back toward Skagway. He made sure to keep things moving, so we maximized how much we could see. Our group dynamics were also tremendous, and the entire experience was more than worthwhile and loads of fun. We got our best photos from the entire cruise on this excursion. Most highly recommended. Dale was a superstar.
Reviewer: Mark Nagurka
5 Stars
Fringe Benefits on This One!
August 30, 2022
I am chalking this tour up to our fabulous guide, Dale, who showed us so much of the beautiful country driving through White Pass Summit, it was truly unreal. Turquoise lakes in a forest and waterfalls everywhere. Dale likes photography so he took clever pictures with our cell phones and stopped frequently. He was knowledgeable about the area and answered all our questions. The bridge was very cool, and he gave us ample time to eat and walk around. Highly recommend this to see some of the Country you would not see otherwise. Dale is awesome and made this tour special!
Reviewer: Cheryl
5 Stars
Yukon and Suspension Bridge
August 25, 2022
Beautiful scenery and our driver, Paul, was so informative. We had a fun day and have memories we will never forget.
Reviewer: Marilyn
5 Stars
Skagway ride and suspension bridge
July 17, 2022
It was a very relaxing way to spend an afternoon in Skagway. Dale, our guide, was quirky in a good way. He made us feel totally at ease for the drive to the suspension bridge through some drop dead gorgeous scenery. He knew some of the best photo stops, and we saw some wildlife in the form of eagles and a black bear along the way. Clearing customs was a breeze both ways, and the stop at the suspension bridge was different than I expected. It is very stable, and the views were amazing. The walk to the bridge, and the cabin at the other end had a lot of information and exhibits. It was also a very good gift shop. When back in Skagway, Dale made sure that he had time to take us to a beautiful waterfall that flows through the historic cemetery.
Reviewer: Scott Jensen
5 Stars
July 13, 2022
What a beautiful drive and awesome views. Our guide was super sweet and was sure to take pictures of all of us as she is also a photographer. She was mindful of the time but also made sure we saw the sights and had enough time and ample opportunities to see and take pictures. Worth the money!
Reviewer: Jessica
5 Stars
White Pass summit and Yukon Suspension Bridge
June 30, 2022
This was such a nice excursion . Highly recommend.
Reviewer: Marie Stevens
5 Stars
June 19, 2022
Well narrated tour of White Pass and Yukon Bridge.
Reviewer: Lisa Venditti
5 Stars
September 11, 2019
Wonderful excursion for photography! Driver was a photographer and stopped at all the most beautiful sites. Exciting to go from USA to Canada to the Suspension bridge. It was made of metal, not the type we had in mind, however very thrilling and safe with views that blow your mind!
Reviewer: Bill & Gail Emery
5 Stars
Highly enjoyable
September 11, 2019
We were the only 2 on the tour so had a very personalised experience with Paul our Guide. He stopped at all points of interest and even spotted a moose to photograph before a large tour bus scared it off. Walking the Yukon Suspension Bridge was an incredible experience.
Reviewer: Peter Stone
5 Stars
Sturdy Suspension Bridge
August 30, 2019
The tour operator was there on time, checked all passports, narrated the bus trip in an interesting manner and made additional stops along the way. We had a wide range of ages in our group and all enjoyed it.
Reviewer: Ed Colling
5 Stars
Absolutely Beautiful
August 28, 2019
This tour was fantastic. Our tour guide, Dana, was friendly and knowledgable and made the experience better overall. He even took photos for us, and is a talented photographer! The Yukon territory was gorgeous; there were several spots we stopped along our drive to get pictures, including a waterfall right on the road. The suspension bridge was an awesome sight to see and to walk across. You must do this tour!
Reviewer: Audra
5 Stars
White Pass Summit and Yukon suspension bridge Dana
August 17, 2019
Dina was very educated in a great informant on the entire version do the White Pass in Summit and suspension bridge. This is Excursion was a lot more than be expected and we are very appreciative of Dana!
Reviewer: Teresa Lynn Rademacher
5 Stars
August 13, 2019
It was a good excursion
Reviewer: Calamo Giovanna
4 Stars
Dana was an excellent guide
August 03, 2019
We saw a beautiful untouched landscape and had a great historical tour. Dana showed us the trek the gold miners passed through during the gold rush. The suspension bridge was beautiful, along with views along the way where we stopped. Loved having a small group and all the wonderful tidbits Dana was able to impart.
Reviewer: Becky Kratz
5 Stars
Great surprise!
July 18, 2019
When I purchased this I thought it was actually on the train. However this was so much better! Lots of picture taking opportunities along our journey and the views were amazing from the bridge. Our tour guide was really funny and helpful with photo taking expertise!
Reviewer: Belinda
5 Stars
Best choice
July 11, 2019
Despite our initial disappointment at not riding the train, it soon dissipated into gratitude for MUCH BETTER viewing of White Pass, with a small group, in a small van with big windows, plenty of photo stops, and a fantastic narrative and history from our guide, a professional photographer. The suspension bridge was fantastic, and not on any other tour we saw.
Reviewer: Michele Pearson
5 Stars
Great excursion
June 04, 2019
Was great, a personnal excursion that day. Take the time to explane all history.
Reviewer: Lyne Robert
5 Stars
October 21, 2018
This was an amazing excursion. The waterfall was absolutely stunning.
5 Stars
October 21, 2018
I enjoyed this excursion, It was a relatively easy walk across the bridge. The scenery was perfect,
Reviewer: bettye hardy
5 Stars
October 21, 2018
This is my first suspension bridge. It was windy and a bit intimidating. However it was awesome!
Reviewer: Andrew Runnels
5 Stars
A Perfect Little Excursion
August 06, 2018
On these short excursions, a lot depends on your guide and we must have hit the jackpot with Cindy. It was super-slick from the get-go and Cindy created the perfect balance of fun, information and excitement (that would be the bears!!) Perfect and highly recommended!
Reviewer: Francis Dolley
5 Stars
Great time and friendly people.
July 16, 2018
Great time and friendly people.
Reviewer: Michael Molina
5 Stars
Pleasant rather than great
June 11, 2018
Essentially a drive through scenery that would have been more interesting had the weather been better. On the positive side the guide was pleasant and informative and did her best to compensate for the grey skies. Also liked the fact that it was a small group.
Reviewer: Meechu Booth
4 Stars
White Pass and Suspension Bridge
July 21, 2017
Enjoyed our tour with Rachel, our guide. My husband and I were the only ones on the tour and she made us feel very much at ease. Beautiful scenery and was good to get out of town and see the mountains and waterfalls.
Reviewer: Deborah Draughn
4 Stars
Yukon Suspension Bridge
July 20, 2017
excited tour
Reviewer: xt
4 Stars
The Bridge
June 22, 2017
This is a very informative tour with Micha, a great tour guide. Saw a Mother bear and her 3 cubs along the way. The suspension bridge over the pass was a real adventure and seeing how traders and miners lived.
Reviewer: Louise McKinney
5 Stars
June 05, 2017
This tour was amazing and made the whole trip experience for me. I loved the friendly and knowledgeable tour guides as well as the itinerary. I highly recommend this trip for anyone looking to enhance their experience in Alaska and travel to Canada and see an amazing glazier while also staying comfortable and not ever exerting yourself.
Reviewer: Michael Nimon
5 Stars