Whale Watching and Marine Wildlife

Great experience!
September 29, 2023
This was a small group experience 6 people in all. We all had a great time, first spotting the humpbacks blowing and then seeing a mother and her calf. We watched them surface and dive a number of times before moving on and looking for more. It was a very enjoyable afternoon. Our favourite part was watching the large whale tail surface and then disappearing beneath the waves.
Reviewer: Mary McKinney
5 Stars
Fun Time!
July 28, 2023
Although the seas were very rough, we had an amazing time. Our captain, Tad, explained before we went out that it was very rough and the odds of seeing a whale were very slim, we all decided to go and glad we did. Tad took us in every cove and pointed out the sites and was very informative. His hard work paid off as he got us on a whale at the very end of the day. We were glad we took the bumps and went, the scenery was amazing.
Reviewer: Mark Stone
5 Stars
A journey to whales
October 11, 2022
What better way to experience the natural beauty of the waters off Sitka, Alaska, than with a small group of fellow travelers guided by an expert mariner? I cannot think of any. And did we see whales? Oh yes, lots of them. Humpbacks, they were, and they are magnificent creatures. Not only whales, but sea lions and sea otters were plentiful. And lets not forget the birds. Wonderful. But it wasn't just the marine mammals and aviary that made this journey special. From start to finish, we were under the wing of an experienced and knowledgeable guide who not only knew where to find these animals but who was able to explain their habitat, their feeding habits, and their migratory nature. The advantage of being on a small boat with only five guests cannot be overemphasized. To have such "personalized" attention was wonderful and the experience was unmatched by anything else I could have imagined on the water. I highly recommend this adventure.
Reviewer: Ori Siegel
5 Stars