Post Cruise Vancouver Highlights

Very educational tour
October 22, 2023
Our tour guided was informative and took us to many places of interest.
Reviewer: Patricia Uhland
5 Stars
City Tour
October 18, 2023
Excellent tour, driver knowledgeable
Reviewer: Randi Fox
4 Stars
Good overview of the city
August 19, 2023
This was a great way to see Vancouver in a few hours and have our luggage from the cruise taken care of and dropped off with us at our hotel after the tour. It hit on all the highlights and the stops were appropriate and plenty enough time to see the sights. I would highly recommend it.
Reviewer: Karen
5 Stars
Interesting and enjoyable
August 09, 2023
Our tour guide was very friendly and knowledgeable. He shared information as we moved through the city and we learned a lot of history about Vancouver. Loved the park with the totem poles and the Capilano Suspension Bridge Park. The only downfall was the bus was VERY warm and the air conditioning didn't keep us cool.
Reviewer: Debbi DeRyke
5 Stars
Good but Short
October 10, 2022
We enjoyed our tour around Vancouver. My one suggestion would be make it longer. Perhaps there was a longer version not available on the day we traveled, a shame we would have enjoyed more time to explore
Reviewer: CJ
4 Stars
Vancouver Tour
August 29, 2022
The tour of Vancouver was a great addition to our vacation. We saw many details of Vancouver on this tour and used what we learned as we planned our next day in Vancouver. We would highly recommend this tour!
Reviewer: Janice Blachford
5 Stars
Loved it!
August 12, 2022
Vancouver is a beautiful city and this excursion covered all the highlights! Great to be dropped off at our hotel near the airport for our morning flight the next day!
Reviewer: Suzanne Elledge
5 Stars
Post Cruise Vancouver
June 05, 2022
After a few hurdles (ship disembarked late), Scott was able to readjust his time and energy to make a rainy day in Vancouver a successful one. It was not so much about the tour as it was the people with the tour company, who went beyond their control to assist and give us a good experience.
Reviewer: Kathy
4 Stars
Island tour
June 05, 2022
A good overview of Vancouver. Scott was informative and friendly.
Reviewer: Darla Cline
4 Stars
Excellent overview of Vancouver
May 21, 2022
Our tour guide, Aleseo, did a great job of keeping our tour group laughing and well informed. He is very knowledgeable about Vancouver and gave us many insights into life in the city. So happy we got to see so many landmarks. Enjoyed it very much!
Reviewer: Tammy Klein
5 Stars
October 08, 2019
We had a next day flight and this tour was great! We toured the city and numerous highlights and parks. Driver was funny and informative!
Reviewer: Kathleen
5 Stars
Good Tour / Great Guide
October 07, 2019
The guide for our tour (I think his name was Stephen) was excellent. The tour was a good and informative way to spend some time before going to the airport. My only complaint is that the bus was PACKED (every seat full) with older people so getting on and off took forever at each stop.
Reviewer: Nicole
4 Stars
vancouver highlights tour
October 04, 2019
Excellent commentary knowledgable and easy to hear Interesting bus was comfortable
Reviewer: Coral Doak
5 Stars
Great end to our cruise
September 03, 2019
We added a day to our cruise. This was a wonderful overview of Vancouver,
Reviewer: Katherine Schultz
5 Stars
Glad we did this tour
August 23, 2019
We had just finished our cruise and decided to spend an extra day in Vancouver. This tour showed us all that we could see in our short amount of time in Vancouver!
Reviewer: Katherine Schultz
5 Stars
Vancouver Highlights Tour
August 16, 2019
We had a wonderful time touring Vancouver after our cruise on Princess. The post cruise tour guide was knowledgable and the tour covered some great sights. The next day we returned to some of our favorite places we visited on the highlight tour.
Reviewer: Virginia Rassi
5 Stars
Great scenic and informative overview of the city!
June 24, 2019
My husband and I took this tour after our cruise and it was the best, most professional tour of our entire 14 day trip! The guide was personable, knew when to make casual conversation and when to allow you to just enjoy your trip. He was entertaining without being corny, very informative and knew the right balance between keeping the tour on schedule and allowing appropriate time at each stop. The tour was a 'full pull' and we ended at the airport with plenty of time to spare for our evening flights. TIP: be aware that in Vancouver - you are not able to check any luggage more than 3 hours prior to your flight.....which means you may find yourself hanging out for awhile on a bench....pre security, so be prepared. This was a great tour and it made us want to come back to Vancouver for a long weekend visit.
Reviewer: Brenda and Jeff
5 Stars
Enjoyable tour of city; free delivery of luggage
June 22, 2019
What to do after your Alaska cruise at 8:30AM? Go on a post cruise tour of your host city Vancouver. We went on a bus tour which showed most of the highlights of Vancouver, including Granville Market, Vancouver Lookout, Stanley Park, and the Lyons Gate Bridge. By the time the tour was over, it was time to check in to our hotel room, with our luggage delivered to the hotel.
Reviewer: Richard Viglienzoni
4 Stars
Good Tour, Great Company
June 16, 2019
The tour was very enjoyable and informative. Allowed time to enjoy a good meal. What made it special, however, was the tour company and the staff. Due to a problem with unloading luggage from the ship, we missed our tour bus, though they had waited almost 30 minutes. When we called the office, they made arrangements for a shuttle to pick us up and connect us with the bus. The shuttle took the same route and the guide gave the same information so we really missed nothing, meeting the bus at one of the regular stops. Just wonderful customer service.
Reviewer: Dennis Melville
5 Stars
Vancouver Highlights
June 12, 2019
This was a wonderful way to see the city of Vancouver. Definitely recommend it! Plus we were dropped off at our hotel, for our overnight stay, plus this Tour Company continued on with other hotels and airport drop offs. We had a very knowledgeable Tour Guide.
Reviewer: Judy Humbarger
5 Stars
Pleasant overview of Vancouver!
June 02, 2019
We really enjoyed the excursion! Our guide was knowledgable and funny. She even rearranged her drop offs to ensure we arrived at the airport well before our flight. We didn’t even ask but we very impressed by her thoughtfulness. We will definitely book with Shore Excursions again!
Reviewer: Jill Attersley
5 Stars
Jeremy was wonderful.
May 24, 2019
Tour was a fantastic way to get an overview of beautiful Vancouver. Jeremy made it special.
Reviewer: Bill
5 Stars
Tour of Vancouver
May 16, 2019
Our guide was so helpful and had a wonderful attitude coupled with lots of patience for some of the group who were disabled. He kindly helped with luggage and getting off the van. And he knew his city! Well done.
Reviewer: Florine
5 Stars
Vancouver Highlights
November 07, 2018
Great way to have an overview of Vancouver and the transfer to the airport at the end was a real bonus.
Reviewer: Ian Dunn
5 Stars
Post Cruise Vancouver Tour
October 19, 2018
There were three of us on this tour. We found it to be a wonderful way to see many Vancouver highlights and be dropped off at the airport for our flight home. Highly recommend this tour!
Reviewer: Katy Noel
5 Stars
Post Cruise Vancouver Highlights
October 01, 2018
I really enjoyed the Vancouver Highlights. I was able to see the city before I checked into my hotel and spent the next two days spending more time at all the places I found interesting on the highlight tour.
Reviewer: Mary Ann Aguilera
5 Stars
Great way to finish a cruise!
September 19, 2018
This was a great tour of Vancouver highlights. Our guide Mikey was wonderful! He was knowledgeable, humorous, and seemed to really enjoy showing the city to us.The spots we visited were great - the Vancouver Lookout tower, Granville Island, and Stanley Park. As we traveled to each destination, Mikey pointed out other interesting things about the city. My only complaint was that the tour was scheduled at 9:30 and the pick up was a bit chaotic with traffic in front of the hotel so we had a late start (and 2 ladies were constantly late in returning to the bus at designated meet up time.) and therefore did not get to spend as much time at the locations we visited. A plus of this tour is that we were able to have our luggage locked on the bus and they transported us to the airport at the end of the tour!
Reviewer: Jane Walker
5 Stars
Better than sitting at the airport
September 08, 2018
Another poster nailed it. It was a bit rushed. Didn't stay anywhere too long, but then again, we we just wasting time until our flight. It was great that they picked us up at the cruise pier and carried our luggage around until they dropped us at the airport. And our tour driver was great. Very knowledgeable and personable. I was too tired to appreciate much of it, so I may not be the best reviewer :-)
Reviewer: Karen
3 Stars
A little to rushed.
August 20, 2018
Thought the tour was nice, but alittle hurried. Had enough time looking at totem poles, not time enough to enjoy the busy the waterfront .The SkyView was beautiful, but didn’t have time to read the information plaques.
Reviewer: Gayle Derrick
4 Stars
good way to get overview of Vancouver
August 06, 2018
I enjoyed this tour and it was a good way to get an overview of Vancouver, and fill in the time before airport or hotel.
Reviewer: meer
5 Stars
Touring Vancouver
August 06, 2018
What a wonderful introduction to Vancouver. I highly recommend this tour
Reviewer: Alicia
5 Stars
Good overview of city
August 06, 2018
We took this bus tour after disembarking our cruise ship to fill the time before our flight back home. The tour guide did a nice job giving us information about Vancouver and we had ample time to explore each spot where we got off the bus. We were then driven to the airport in time to catch our flight.
Reviewer: Anne Mason
4 Stars
Outstanding Excursion
July 23, 2018
Had a great time touring the city of Vancouver. Plenty to see, the tour guide was great and we learned much about the city. Highly recommended.
Reviewer: Ron Owdom
5 Stars
Vancouver Highlights
July 16, 2018
The tour surpassed our expectations and the tour guide was amazing. She had the entire tour captivated and has a sense of humor as she pointed out several highlights. When we stopped for lunch she recommended several locations which were excellent. We truly recommend this tour and the tour guide.
Reviewer: Louis Suarez
5 Stars
great way to see the city and get to the airport
July 16, 2018
This excursion offered a quick and interesting introduction to the city, with the convenience of being an airport transfer. The guide was well informed, entertaining and courteous, and the sights were varied and well chosen.
Reviewer: Cal
5 Stars
Post Cruise Tour of Vancouver
July 02, 2018
We thoroughly enjoyed the highlight tour. It was an excellent way to take up some of the time from the cruise end and airport departure. Megan, our guide, was very knowledgeable and personable as she shared with us many tips about Vancouver. Tour was a good value and glad we took it.
Reviewer: Alan Thompson
4 Stars
Vancouver Highlights
June 18, 2018
What a great overview of Vancouver. Drivers were knowledgeable & informative. Stops were perfectly timed to get a good sense of the area.
Reviewer: Leah Burriss
5 Stars
Great Tour of Vancouver Highlights
May 30, 2018
Having been to Vancouver twice before, but looking for something to do after a cruise but before our hotel room would be ready, we decided to take the Post Cruise Vancouver Highlights excursion. What a great choice! Our driver/guide was awesome! She did an amazing job keeping us informed and entertained. I learned things and saw things I had not seen before. Definitely recommend this excursion.
Reviewer: Bill McCabe
5 Stars
Great way to see Vancouver before flight home
October 16, 2017
We decided to book the Post cruise Vancouver highlights tour as our flight home did not depart until 10 pm the day we finished our Alaskan Cruise. Pickup was convenient and our luggage was kept secure on board the bus until we were dropped at the airport. Our tour guide, Sarah was delightful and gave us a fun and interesting day. Our group was not the most enthusiastic and some did not even go up the tower for the magnificent city view. It was Fabulous but after a week of touring everyone just wanted to relax. There is a good amount of walking involved but it's your choice how far you go. We enjoyed the free time to explore and enjoy lunch. If you are looking for a great way to spend the day between cruise and flight this is the perfect choice.
Reviewer: Judith Calgaro
4 Stars
Vancouver Tour
October 14, 2017
Was very impressed with this tour. They did a great job of showing us the highlights of Vancouver. Would have liked to be able to spend more time in Chinatown and the city market but, understand the time constraints.
Reviewer: Terry Russell
5 Stars
Great tour and guide
October 09, 2017
From meeting point to end of tour the guide was humorous,friendly and informative. Just right amount of time and stops to see some of Vancouver from our cruise arrival until flight departure in the evening. Recommend this if you have about four to five hours to spare.
Reviewer: Micael warren
5 Stars
Good Excursion
August 16, 2017
This was a good tour of Vancouver and was perfect to fill in the time we had to wait for our flight. Excellent driver!
Reviewer: Eunice Lovell
5 Stars
Thank you
August 08, 2017
It was an informative tour even though it was only city highlights . I love the convenience that they drop us off to our hotel.
Reviewer: Sarah
4 Stars
Post Cruise Vancouver Highlights
August 01, 2017
Value for the money. Covered Vancouver highlights well. Like the smaller group size. Costco must have an excellent system for vetting local tour operators!
Reviewer: Garritt Wemekamp
4 Stars
May 13, 2017
This was a great way to relax before our Hotel room was ready... Saw all the touristy thing in Vancouver. Tour guide was great, very informative. The coach was a brand new one and very comfortable... Great value
Reviewer: Bill Hutchinson
4 Stars
Post Cruise Vancouver Highlights
December 24, 2016
It was a very interesting tour to see Vancouver for the first time. Our tour guide/driver had an in-depth knowledge of the city and gave us a lot of information about historic Gastown, Chinatown, Robson Street and Stanley Park. He was also very friendly and funny. Great introduction to Vancouver while waiting to check your hotel.
Reviewer: Tadeusz from Chicago
5 Stars
Post Cruise vancouver
November 28, 2016
very good trip. Covers all interesting points including lookout.
Reviewer: Pranab Choudhury
5 Stars
Post cruise Vancouver Highlights
November 23, 2016
Was very satisfied with service and highlights of Vancouver. Would definitely take other tours with your company
Reviewer: Diane Pflugel
5 Stars
Beautiful Vancouver
November 15, 2016
We completed an Alaska tour and cruise in Vancouver and took this shore excursion to see some of the sights of Vancouver. The excursion was great and our tour guide was exceptional. Highly recommend this tour to see highlights of this great city.
Reviewer: Rod Berlin
5 Stars
Nice Overview
November 07, 2016
Great way to get a nice overview of Vancouver,. Our tour guide was a great person, very knowledgeable! Got dropped off at the airport with plenty of time to spare!
Reviewer: Susan
5 Stars
November 02, 2016
The staff was very courteous and informative. Would definetlpy do that tour again
Reviewer: Patricia Cutler
5 Stars
This tour was great!
October 03, 2016
This is a perfect tour to take when you get off the ship and have time to kill in Vancouver. Our driver was great! We got to hit the highlights of Vancouver, a beautiful city. The bus was very comfortable and clean. The only complaint I would have is that we had to get our luggage from the ship and take it a pretty long way to this tour bus. Not easy to do when you have a lot of bags! If they could have someone to meet you where you get your bags and take them for you it would be very helpful.
Reviewer: Bonnie Marcus
5 Stars
Vancouver City Highlights
August 18, 2016
Broad view of Vancouver, about 4 hours by bus, touring city, parks,and marketplace, with time for lunch on your own. This is a great way to spend time if you have several hours to wait for your departure flight from Vancouver to your home.
Reviewer: BG Hobbs
4 Stars
City of Vancouver
August 09, 2016
Good transition from the ship to the hotel for an extended stay in Vancouver. Learned some of the history of Vancouver and toured some of the sites you have to see in Vancouver---including Stanley park and the cement plant on ? island.
Reviewer: John
5 Stars
Wonderful hightlights of the city tour
June 10, 2016
Our tour guide Max was fantastic and provided lots of information on the Vancouver area and its people. Very nice way to spend a few hours before we were dropped off at our hotel.
Reviewer: Todd L.
5 Stars
Excellent way to end a cruise that started in Hawa
May 27, 2016
Our bus driver and also our guide was excellent. The tour covered all that I hoped to be able to see and learn about Vancouver, British Columbia. After we went to Vancouver Lookout, he gave us each our pass to be able to go again that evening, which I did. Our tour of Stanley Park was perfect and the right amount of time to just walk about and take it all in. Then we were brought to our downtown hotels with our luggage and on to the next adventure.
Reviewer: Senior Traveler
5 Stars
May 21, 2016
Devin was tour guide. She was great and explained everything we saw. Very enjoyable tour going all over Vancouver. Drop off right at my hotel!
Reviewer: Bonbon
5 Stars
It's what I expect and got more.
May 21, 2016
It was a great introduction to the city that I've never visited while waiting for us to check our hotel.
Reviewer: Ron
5 Stars
Great way to see Vancouver!
October 28, 2015
The guide was excellent. He accommodated all of the travelers' needs and dropped us off right at our hotel door!
Reviewer: Nick and Sandi
5 Stars
Great tour but they were not expecting us
September 13, 2015
We had to arrange this right before our cruise so we paid the extra fee. When we arrived at the pickup spot they did not have us on their list. The company did however arrange for a very nice tour and we were very pleased with the tour. We should not have been charge for the ""expedite"" fee when it was not handled properly.
Reviewer: Anita
4 Stars
Delivered what it advertises!
August 24, 2015
Our guide was very informative. This was a great way to experience a bit of Vancouver. The driver was very helpful with our luggage and made sure everyone got where they needed to go at the end of the journey.
Reviewer: Deb
5 Stars
Great Vancouver Tour
August 07, 2015
We were picked up at the cruise terminal on time and delivered to the airport on time as well. The Vancouver city tour was very interesting and the stops we made were also. Our guide was from Vancouver so he knew everything about the city - he was great. I think his name was Eric. We really enjoyed him and the tour.
Reviewer: Sally
5 Stars
Great glimpse of city
September 23, 2013
Nice way to see city without driving. Really enjoyed the day.
Reviewer: Bob
5 Stars