Island Discovery and City Tour

Island Discovery & City Tour
March 04, 2023
Excellent guide. Very extensive tour. 5 stars. Saw a little bit of everything. Highly recommended.
Reviewer: John Sears
5 Stars
General Feedback
December 03, 2019
Guide was pleasant, knowledgeable and accommodating when questioned even stopping to let us all see a building that was not officially part of the tour. Information about the stops was provided before arriving at the location so that when we got there we could all go out and explore. A visit to the Green Mansion in lieu of another site because of heavy rain was delightful and our guide stayed with us for a long time while we visited. When we passed some interesting graffiti, he turned around and took us back to take photographs and provided the history of the street artist. Despite driving through very heavy rain at times, our guide was very helpful and courteous throughout the tour. We were never rushed at anytime and he assured us that we would be taken back to the ship well before it’s departure. Of the 7 tours booked for the entire trip, there was no doubt that this tour ranked 1st of the 7, thanks mainly in having an excellent guide in Allan.
Reviewer: TAM
5 Stars
loved the attention
July 09, 2018
got excellent service, very personal. could not have asked for anything better
Reviewer: David Herbert Ellig
5 Stars
Penang tour
March 25, 2018
This was my favorite tour. Loved Georgetown, Fort Cornwallis, Snake Temple. Guide was enthusiastic and listened to what the group wanted to do.
Reviewer: Vivian Balfour
4 Stars
Shopping stops included
April 17, 2017
Had an enjoyable small group tour on a hot day. Made several stops to tour the city. Included a couple of shopping stops--high quality. Thought I got my money's worth and a nice overview of Penang.
Reviewer: Cheri Mae Berti
4 Stars
Island Discovery and City Tour
January 12, 2017
The tour and the tour guide were both fantastic. Very knowledgeable, flexible, professional. Outstanding!
Reviewer: Bebe
5 Stars
must do this one
May 06, 2016
individual tour of the town with a driver assigned to me. awesome guide, knowledgeable, and ready to do whatever i wanted to do. i would do this again in a minute.
Reviewer: world traveler
5 Stars
Island Discovery and City Tour Georgetown, Penang,
April 04, 2016
I had a guide that took me where I wanted to go; there was another couple in another taxi, so we went together and enjoyed all the sights. My guide had more experience, was more knowledgeable about the area and spoke English better, so it worked out well for all of us. We had to take both taxis because that was how the tour was booked. I thoroughly enjoyed this trip and highly recommend it and Asia to other travelers.
Reviewer: Kathy Savate
5 Stars