Private Hanoi

Very Extensive Tour
January 16, 2019
Our guide Long, was super energetic and clearly loves his city. Best way to experience it is through the eyes of a native. Prepare yourself to not understand everything, as most of our guides in Asia do not have an excellent command of our language, but they do quite well...just don't expect to understand all. Long was very good at realizing when we didn't understand something and tried explaining a different way. We even had lunch at Bun Cha Ha Noi, a restaurant made famous by the late Anthony Bourdain and of course President Obama. In the end Long wanted to give us the full flavor of his city by having us ride on Rick Shaws, but our group was very tired and we opted to head back to the ship. It was a very through journey. Thank you Long for making it great!
Reviewer: Monica Rose
5 Stars