Kayaking the Mangroves

Outdoor Adventures in Langkawi
February 17, 2018
Our tour guide Elis Ishak, she was very well spoken. These are tandem kayaks so be prepared for that. We kayaked for 1-2 hours and Eli’s pointed out animals, birds and plants along to way. After the kayaking we were treated to a Malaysian lunch at a local home. We were not sure who’s home but it was wonderful, a homemade lunch which included a couple fish, chicken and vegetable dishes. This meal was so good. After lunch, to a watering hole for a relaxing swim!.Well an easy walk it was not, good thing we are all in okay shape the path was quite rocky and uneven with tree roots or fallen branches to go over or under. The last section to go down to the water was very steep with not much to hold onto. The water was a creek so to speak It was quite rocky, so it would be a good idea to have water shoes.All in all we had a fun outdoor adventure. I would recommend this excursion to others but I might not consider it as moderate activities, some physical strength to kayak and do the hike
Reviewer: C Babichuk
4 Stars