Banks Peninsula, Christchurch, and Antarctic Center

Wonderful Experience - well worth time and money!
March 20, 2020
We enjoyed the vistas and panoramic views on the drive from Akaroa to Christchurch. Our driver provided much history and a great understanding of the agriculture and rebuilding efforts following the earth quake. In addition, our visit to the Antarctic Center was stupendous! We honestly felt as though we had visited the Arctic Circle and have a great appreciation for the work they do there.
Reviewer: Leah Naess
5 Stars
Best experience of our 19 day vacation!
February 26, 2020
The visit to the Antarctic Center was awesome! From experiencing the vehicles used on the ice to the cold room and 4D movie to seeing the injured penguins recovering their health we were constantly amazed.
Reviewer: Steven Bellmoff
5 Stars
Iris Panasiuk
February 08, 2020
The long drive into Christchurch really gave us a wonderful perspective of the land of New Zealand. The city tour was interesting to see the amount of resurrection of the city and how much more has to be done after the earthquake 10 years ago. The Antarctic Center was good, but we were not there long enough.... we were rushed off the bus and onto the ice mobile you didn't even have time to think if you wanted to go on it. Two of us were older and needed help with the huge step up to the vehicle there was no one to help. After the ride we were again rushed into the cafeteria where we had to buy our own meal and told we could not order anything hot as there was no time!! We then walked to the Antarctic room where we dawned coats, slippers for over our shoes. It was very interesting. After the Ice room, we were walked back to the exit with no time to look at any exhibits or buy souvenirs. Another 1 1/2 hrs needed to be added to this tour.
Reviewer: Iris Panasiuk
4 Stars
Banks Peninsula and Antarctic Centre
January 15, 2020
Trip from Akaroa into Christchurch was lengthy but very worthwhile to see the rebuilding from the earthquake. Highlight was the exciting experiences offered at the Antarctic Centre
Reviewer: Diane Healy
5 Stars
January 12, 2020
good excursion very good presenter
Reviewer: ben
5 Stars
Banks Peninsula, Christchurch & Antarctic Center
March 23, 2019
While the drive from the port in Akaroa to Christchurch is quite long, our guide/driver Scotty kept us entertained with a steady and entertaining flow of information about the history, topography, earthquake, etc, of the area. Seeing the reconstruction work being done in the city was very impressive, as was hearing about the huge impact it had. We had a different driver for the second part of the tour that included a city tour and visit to the Antarctic Centre. He added some additional info about the city history. The Antarctic Center was interesting, and the highlights were the 4D video & Hagglund ride. There was not really enough time to see all the Center had to offer since we had to wait to enter the display area until about 10 minutes prior to the video and then had to stand in line to make sure we got seats in the theatre. That made the rest of our visit rather rushed. Still, it is worth the visit.
Reviewer: Jan Bloomfield
4 Stars
It was just OK
March 13, 2019
Antarctic Center was a little disappointing. The Haglund ride was lame, and we were packed in the back like sardines. I really enjoyed going into Christchurch and our tour host was very informative.
Reviewer: Ryan Phelps
3 Stars
Banks Peninsula, Christchurch and Antarctic Center
February 22, 2019
Enjoyed seeing the New Zealand countryside on the ride to Christchurch. It was interesting to see the effects the 2011 earthquake had on the town. The International Antarctic Center was very informative and interesting to see. Don’t miss it.
Reviewer: Susan Abrams
5 Stars
Arctic Blast!
January 03, 2019
Our tour began with a coach ride across the Banks Peninsula with stops in Christchurch to see highlights and 2016 earthquake devastation. We also visited the Antarctic Center. What a blast! We rode on arctic track vehicles up 45 degree inclines, through water and over logs for bone jarring fun. We also toured the center and got to experience an antarctic storm at 20 below zero (Farenheit). Highly recommend this outing!
Reviewer: Robin Stearns
5 Stars
Two for one
December 12, 2018
Nice overview of Christchurch. Wished it were longer but constraints of ship cruising times didn’t allow it. Loved the Antarctic center. Nice insight into life there
Reviewer: Nancy
5 Stars
November 23, 2018
This was a wonderful tour. Would recommend it highly. Reallly liked Christchurch.
Reviewer: Nancy Sibilla
5 Stars
Haguland Ride
May 21, 2018
A very cool excursion the ride in the Haguland was worth the price it’s self. The tour around Christchurch was very revealing as to the level of damage due to the earthquake and a real tribute to the resilience of the people
Reviewer: John March
5 Stars
So worthwhile!
March 18, 2018
I loved this excursion-and the chance to ride inn an "antarctic mobile", one capable of moving across the surface in the Antarctic. I had debated not going because I was the only one in the group going on this tour, but I loved it!
Reviewer: P. Helt
5 Stars
Well Done
December 29, 2017
Just what we wanted: on-time departure, courteous & informed driver, clean bus. Keep up the good work!
Reviewer: P&P
5 Stars
Excursion in New Zealand
December 21, 2017
Our bus driver Scotty was the best. He gave such a great commentary of the area and he was passionate and proud of his City. He also gave some of the Maori perspective. It was an excellent tour. Being from Canada, the Antarctic Center was not as thrilling for us as we were used to parkas, cold and trips on the snowmobile similar to their machines.
Reviewer: Debra Parent
5 Stars
Long trip, good sights, a little disorganized
April 29, 2017
Due to the recent earthquakes, cruise ships cannot dock in Christchurch. As a result, shore excursions from ships anchored in Akaroa have to take a near 1-1/2 hour trip on a narrow, twisty two-lane road from Akaroa to Christchurch. This is not necessarily a bad thing, as the countryside is quite pretty. However, it also means you spend half the day traveling to/from your destinations. The bus itself was fine and our driver shared with us his experiences and stories of the area along the way. Christchurch is still struggling to recover from the earthquakes, and this makes going through town something of a challenge. We could have skipped this portion of the trip and not really missed it. The best part of the trip was the Antarctic Center. Frankly, we felt quite rushed here, the center is very interesting and we could have easily spent several more hours learning about the centers' mission and purpose through the various exhibits.
Reviewer: Philip McCutchen
4 Stars
Great experience
April 01, 2017
The problem with this tour was not with the tour operator, it was with the ship. The ship did not handled the tending well at all and many passengers were arriving late. The tour operator handled the tour in a professional manner. They were able to take separate trips and make sure all attended this tour. The tour was amazing, the antarctic experience was awesome and we would recommend this tour and the views of Christchurch and all its devastation to view.
Reviewer: Louis Suarez
5 Stars
Very enjoyable
March 04, 2017
Very well organized tour. We enjoyed our guide(s) and learning about the area.
Reviewer: Carlene Dunn
5 Stars
Don't miss this excursion
February 19, 2017
The ride from the ship to the Antarctic Center was long but ABSOLUTELY WORTH IT. The center is a fun and educational place. The ride on the 9 track vehicles was exciting and the cold room gave you a taste of what it's like to be in the Antarctic. The exhibits are fascinating and the penguin talk was great. Put this on your list of not-to-miss place.
Reviewer: Diane
5 Stars
Well arranged⦠good personal local inputs
December 27, 2015
Like the local personally ‚¶
Reviewer: Ten thousand questions Deb
4 Stars