Banks Peninsula & Christchurch

Banks Peninsula & Christchurch
April 11, 2020
Scotty - a very entertaining guide with heaps of knowledge. Very informative tour from start to finish. Wonderful experience.
Reviewer: Ron Watkins
5 Stars
Coach Tour from Arkaroa
March 21, 2020
Outstanding...!! Guide/Driver was MOST knowledgeable and helpful with questions. Thoroughly recommend.
Reviewer: Peter Bennetts
5 Stars
Beuatiful Sights
March 17, 2020
We were very pleased with this tour, lots to see and we saw lots. Stops were interesting as well as the guide doing a great job.
Reviewer: David Brindle
5 Stars
Lots of information
February 25, 2020
Our guide certainly knew his subject!! To see the ruins of Christchurch and how they are slowly rebuilding was inspirational. We were always updated on times etc and given enough time for lunch etc
Reviewer: Christine
4 Stars
Banks Peninsula @ Christchurch
February 19, 2020
This was a wonderful tour. We got off the ship and were able to see the back country and lots of information about Duniden, the back country, the earthquake in Christchuch and New Zealand in general. Very informative.
Reviewer: Nina Denson
5 Stars
February 16, 2020
This was my favorite of all the tours we took! The ride to Christchurch was beautiful, our driver was great, and I would have loved to have spent more time in Christchurch. Loved it!
Reviewer: Anni McClung
5 Stars
Good driver and guide
January 14, 2020
Good driver and guide
Reviewer: BJS
5 Stars
Lovely scenic tour of Christchurch
January 10, 2020
Well organized tour. Ours was scheduled for 10.30 & we left early as we had a full bus. Very scenic countryside & it was interesting to see areas of Christchurch still damaged from earthquake in 2014 & areas that have since been rebuilt.
Reviewer: Sharon Walsh
5 Stars
coach tour
January 02, 2020
scotty was the best he was so informative and quite the comic can highly recommend this tour
Reviewer: Ian Burton
5 Stars
A beautiful day out
December 18, 2019
Took a small boat off the cruise ship to where we docked and a very pleasant drive to Christchurch.The driver was very knowledgeable and gave an excellent commentary during the trip. Had an excellent lunch in the City and saw all the sites including the renovations and rebuilding the city after the earthquakes of a few years ago
Reviewer: Timothy Plant
4 Stars
Beautiful Vistas, Long Ride, great guide
November 24, 2019
Very worthwhile. Long ride to Christchurch Good way to see countryside Also interesting to see Christchurch 10 years after the earthquake. Guide was excellent- very knowledgeable
Reviewer: Ken
4 Stars
November 11, 2019
Beautiful tour. Trying to find a place for lunch was a bit challenging. We eventually found a good eating palce.
Reviewer: Lloyd T Kobayashi
4 Stars
October 31, 2019
good history and lots of info on the tours, just a tad too long a day.....great sites visited
5 Stars
Banks Peninsular & Christchurch
April 20, 2019
A very good tour. Our driver was interesting and very informative.
Reviewer: John Courtney
5 Stars
Lovely scenery and visit to Christchurch
March 30, 2019
We had a sunny warm day from Akaroa to Christchurch. Our driver/guide gave excellent commentary about the points of interest along the way. Christchurch was a city in transition but the effort to rebuild the city was really inspiring. Wish we had longer time in the city but the cruise ship scheduled limited that. Akaroa was a delightful town and the citizens very welcoming. All instructions were excellent for meeting the coach.
Reviewer: Susan Moore
4 Stars
Best tour ever
March 11, 2019
It was a fantastic tour. We loved every minute of it. We were picked up promptly and returned on time. Our tour guide Scotty was one of the best tour guides we have ever had, he was so knowledgeable, personable and professional.
Reviewer: Jim Bryan
5 Stars
Very Good Excursion
March 01, 2019
Very slow transfer from cruise ship via tender to shore. But the peninsula and Christchurch were very pretty and the guide was fairly good.
Reviewer: Ming-yuan Kao
4 Stars
February 20, 2019
This was the best tour. The tour guide (Scotty) is very knowledgeable - explained things real well. Nice bus. This is the most enjoyable tour.
Reviewer: David S Chinoraks
5 Stars
February 18, 2019
Excellent tour guide with a plethora of information about the earthquakes, rebuilding, etc. The tour is alot of time in a bus and the scenery is redundant.
Reviewer: Sharon Jones
5 Stars
February 10, 2019
Tour guy was funny. Nice sights. good itinerary
Reviewer: Christine Knaus
3 Stars
Banks Peninsula and Christchurch
February 04, 2019
Very informative, excellent guide, loved Christchurch just wish the weather had been slightly better, don’t think your firm could be held responsible for that- -
Reviewer: Margith K. Hansen
4 Stars
verry nice places
January 10, 2019
goog guiding
Reviewer: yacob naor
4 Stars
Banks Peninsula & Christchurch
December 11, 2018
This was a beautiful drive throughout the country side on a comfortable bus. We had a few very short stops in Christchurch but seemed sufficient. I would recommend this tour.
Reviewer: Gerard Hughes
4 Stars
good tour
January 02, 2018
Great excursion. It was easy to contact the SEG guide at the beginning of the excursion,
Reviewer: T Choate
5 Stars
Well Done
March 17, 2017
Driver/Guide was well versed on the area and history of the Banks Peninsula and the earthquake/rehab of the damage.
Reviewer: Bob
5 Stars
January 21, 2017
Because of weather, our ship was going to leave 1.5 hours earlier than planned. It was an hour ride to Christchurch. Everyone was ready to go but because it was stated for 12:30 we had to wait a half hour. We informed the driver/guide of our time change but he didn't seem concerned. Not knowing we had a lunch stop, we looked for food. The tour started with a 1.5 hr lunch stop! which was longer than needed since we were directed to the food courts. The tour itself was good but we do not know what was cut out in Banks Peninsula because we were making time back to the ship. We arrive back just in time for the last tender. Very nervous time.
Reviewer: Marcia Vogl
4 Stars
Banks Peninsula&Christchurch
January 04, 2017
I had been to Christchurch in 2005 but seeing it now it was so changed. There are many new buildings and they were still working on the University. I was disappointed that they hadn't done anything about the RC Cathedral or the Anglican Cathedral-they look so degraded. Are they going to replace the central downtown centre where the tram used to end?Had a very good driver and guide.
Reviewer: Margaret Ormond
5 Stars
Great Excursion but Long!
January 03, 2017
This excursion was great in most every way except we got back just in time to get on the ship before it left. We needed to miss a few stops to get back in time. Otherwise the driver-guide was very informative and a great driver, the bus was very nice and the itinerary was very good.
Reviewer: Jim Evans
4 Stars
True Green
December 18, 2016
Our trip to Banks Peninsula and Christchurch was very enjoyable. When we saw the lush New Zealand countryside, the word ""green"" took on new meaning. The colors were so vibrant and beautiful. We really like our driver and were very pleased with the excursion we bought from Shore Excursions Group. We will use them again.
Reviewer: Gene
5 Stars
Would Do It Again!
May 10, 2016
Although this group was larger than we usually experience with your company, it was manageable and courteous. We found we were rushed at the museum, but the tour of Christchurch damage was extensive.
Reviewer: Charlotte
5 Stars
Very good tour - Banks Beautiful, Christ Church sa
February 12, 2016
Very good overview of Banks Peninsula and Christ Church. Beautiful scenery but Christ Church still devestated by the earthquake. Excellent driver/guide. Not enough time for lunch. Lunch on your own which was fine but not enough time to get to a place and eat!!!
Reviewer: Pam
4 Stars
Beauty and Destruction
December 03, 2015
The ride into Christchurch was very scenic with many views down into the huge ancient volcano which constitutes the Banks peninsula. The visit to Christchurch fascinating and somewhat disturbing because of the degree of destruction still evident from the earthquake in 2011. It was enlightening to see how the population coped with the loss of 80% of the commercial establishments of the city. I would have appreciated more time in the beautiful botanic garden.
Reviewer: GardenerJack
4 Stars
Nice ride and scenery
November 29, 2015
It was long bus trip and we were very tired towards the end. But we got to see beautiful countrysides. I felt that Christchurch was just another huge city. But the stop at the botanical gardens was nice. I wished that we could have stayed there for a longer period of time.
Reviewer: Pam Chambers
4 Stars
Great Tour & Great Value
November 05, 2015
Although the bus ride was a bit long due to ships tender port. the tour and the history of the Christchurch earthquake damage and reconstruction was definitely worth the visit.
Reviewer: Dave's Raves
5 Stars
Banks, bus ride and Christchurch
March 04, 2014
The two year old earthquake in Christchurch also made cruise ships have to anchor farther away. This meant a longer bus ride to Christchurch. However the ride was nice, and seeing the earthquake damage two years later was interesting. Being from the Los Angeles area, we have been in earthquakes before.
Reviewer: tracknut
5 Stars