Skyrail Round Trip

Rainforest Adventure
January 08, 2018
Directions for excursions book through Shore Excursions can be confusing particularly if you have never visited an area. Once the bus arrived, about 1/2 hour late (great guide)the trip to the sky rail took about an hour an the guide provided commentary .The trip up the mountain is divided into 3 stages. First stop we met a park guide who provided a brief(20 minutes) educational program on the rainforest. The next stop is Barron Falls, a beautiful site. We learned that the falls while calm and peaceful during our visit would become a raging flood area in less than a month. The final part of the journey we shared a gondola with a family from a nearby town. The young man was about 9 and it was fun to see the park through his eyes .When we reached Katanga we decided to have lunch in the local hotel. The fish and chips were wonderful as was the ice cold beer! The trip back down the mountain by train allowed a different view of the rainforest. The screens were post card perfect.
Reviewer: jeanne
5 Stars