Mt. Field & Bonorong Wildlife Park Adventure

Wonderful Experience
March 02, 2020
Because of sea conditions our stop was cut short by three hours. We were worried that we wouldn't be able to go on this scheduled 7 hour excursion. Our tour guide though made this possible and we were able to see BEAUTIFUL beyond words or photos, Mt. Field. It was breath taking! We also very much enjoyed Bonorong Wildlife Park. It was so fun getting up close with the kangaroos. This is a great tour for anyone that is able to walk easily over bumpy terrain. My 75 year old mother had no issues. Everyone in our group was thrilled with the tour.
Reviewer: Kendra Weber
5 Stars
Worth the time & money
January 13, 2020
Not a serious hike, more of a walk ending in some steps. If you walk around the block st home and live in a house with stairs you’ve got this. Trees rivaling redwoods were astounding. Photo tip.. pano starting from top down for best light effects. The animal experience was the best of our trip. Unforgettable.
Reviewer: Judy Keneipp
5 Stars
Great Scenic and Wildlife Experience
January 10, 2020
We very much enjoyed the scenic beauty of Mt. Field National Park and the opportunity to hike around a portion of it and experience it up close. Our guide was very knowledgeable and the information was relayed in an informative and entertaining manner. The visit to Bonorong refuge allowed us to observe a wide variety of native wildlife in a relatively short time, which wouldn't have been possible otherwise.
Reviewer: Keith Dayton
5 Stars
This was truly an adventure.
December 24, 2019
This was truly an adventure. The rainforest reminded me of Jurassic Park and we were able to work all the way around on a nice path looking at beautiful waterfalls in huge foliage with gigantic trees. Wildlife park was cold and windy but it made up for it when the sun came up and I was able to feed and pet the kangaroos..A coffee shop I do very well up there when one needs to rest and get warmed up.
Reviewer: Rima Riggs
4 Stars
Well Worth It
December 24, 2019
This tour is very well organized. The information given is clear and precise. The pick-up is only a short walk from the cruise pier. The small bus used was suitable for the group and in good condition. Our driver Andrew was informative and engaging. The drive to Mt Field showed how beautiful Tasmania is. The Tall Trees walk there is on a very well maintained trail. Although we experienced rain showers, the footing was good for the downhill walk. I am 75 and experienced no difficulty. Bonorong was fun. The kangaroos are entertaining and friendly. It was great to tick off the bucket list Tasmanian Devils. Buy a scallop pie at the coffee/lunch stop. It's a Tasmanian delicacy. .
5 Stars
Mt Field/Bonorong
December 04, 2019
This was a great excursion (except for the rain and unseasonably cold weather). Our tour guide, Dan was exceptional - I asked a question he couldn't answer but before we boarded the bus at our next stop, he had already found the answer to my question. He was very informative. This could have been a miserable tour with the weather we had, but Dan made all the difference. Rain gear was provided for those of us who did not have it (like me, even though it was suggested in the tour description). I would definitely recommend this tour!
Reviewer: Richard Henke
5 Stars
A beautiful Trip
April 30, 2019
What a wonderful day. Hiking in a forest of tall trees with beautiful water falls and a knowledgeable guide, what could be better. The wildlife park is where you are able to see and interact with all the local critters. The advantages of a small tour group are you can ask questions and hear the guide's descriptions.
Reviewer: Roy Hunter
5 Stars
A Wonderful Way to Experience Tazmania
March 26, 2019
Our first stop was in a quaint town to purchase lunch. Our driver had a cooler and we were able to store our lunches for later that day. The hike to the falls was beautiful-lush greenery and huge trees. The first falls was pretty and we saw it from its base. There was a 230 step climb to the second waterfall. Several in our group who were unable to finish the climb. After the park, we stopped in a lovely picnic area and had lunch. Then it was off to Bonorong. This was our third wildlife park to visit in Australia and was by far our favorite. Kangaroos were in abundance through the park and very tame. The rest of the animals were interesting and the workers there seemed caring and compassionate and were eager for folks to ask them questions. They tried to make things as interactive as possible - like letting us get up close to a sleeping koala for pictures. There was beautiful scenery throughout the trip and our guide was informative and entertaining.
Reviewer: Karen Stanfield
5 Stars
Awesom stop
December 11, 2018
Really enjoyed seeing sights and animals that just are not available any where else.
Reviewer: Don
5 Stars
Tasmanian devil, koalas, kangaroos, platypus. plus
December 08, 2018
Guaranteed a wonderful experience. While seeing and feeding the animals was part of my bucket list and hubby was thrilled for all the picture opportunities, it was the guide Daniel Rose that made the entire day phenomenal. A brilliant and kind man adapt at story telling of the wonderful history. Make sure to dress in layers and bring lots of ways to take photos. Give yourself a few extra minutes to find the small bus and your set for a great time that is well worth the money.
Reviewer: Rose and Blake Schug
5 Stars
Delightful Day
April 23, 2018
While the cruise ship offered a similar cruise, this smaller group experience was very much to my liking. It required a fair amount of walking with some stair climbing, but the views of the Falls and trees were with it. I would recommend it!
Reviewer: Joe Geders
4 Stars
Wonderful experience
March 08, 2018
Our guide was very knowledgable. Hiking through the woods we saw wallaby and waterfalls. The Bonorong Park was a wonderful experience to interact with kangaroos. They are doing such good work there to help the animals.
Reviewer: rb
5 Stars
My Field tour
March 18, 2017
Loved it. Our guide was great and small group really makes a difference. My only criticism is that we really didn't get a small group tour of the preserve. It was very crowded with a big bus and we just hit left to attach ourselves to them or go on our own. The hike was wonderful the knowledge of our guide about the local area was very informative b
Reviewer: Denise Brown
4 Stars
Relaxing exploration in the country around Hobart
February 25, 2017
What a delight to hike the forests with a knowledgeable guide. The falls where bountiful, the trees expansive, and the rest stop in little town to buy our picnic lunch memorable. The wildlife park was essential to be able to see the local critters we've so long heard about. The small tour group that just filled the van was a bonus too. No lines to wait in and you could hear the guide's descriptions and ask questions.
Reviewer: Sarah Pommer
5 Stars
hands on experiences
February 25, 2017
The short hiking into the tall trees and waterfalls of Mt Field were refreshing to the senses and offered meaningful exercise after being on a cruise ship! The wildlife visit was also interactive with kangaroos eating right out of your hands!
Reviewer: Colleen Mcaleer
5 Stars