The Hobart Wanderer

Hobart Wanderer
March 14, 2023
This excursion was exactly what I was looking for. My family and I truly enjoyed this excursion. It was difficult to locaye them at the disembarkment location.
Reviewer: Linda Sue Fitch
5 Stars
Hobart Wander
February 25, 2023
Great guide, made the best of a rainy day and not being able to go up to the mountain.
Reviewer: Scott Hamilton
4 Stars
April 01, 2020
To our surprise, us and our friends ended up being the only four people on this excursion. The driver was our guide. He was very informative and flexible at each stop so we could spend the amount of time we wanted. We had a wonderful day exploring Hobart!
Reviewer: Dianna
5 Stars
Very good
March 26, 2020
Very good guide, but because the rain and the freezy temperature, we did not see Mount Wellington but we had more time in an animal refuge and appreciate the time at a local brewery Thank you!
Reviewer: Denise Perron
4 Stars
Hobart Wanderer in the Rain
March 26, 2020
Jarod was extremely helpful in adjusting our itinerary while the rain was coming down and we certainly felt our money was well spent!
Reviewer: Brad Shears
5 Stars
Great tour
March 20, 2020
It's a small group of 6 people and everything went well. I would definitely recommend the tour to others. These tours are way better than the ones booked from cruise line. The price is better too.
Reviewer: Jody Kao
5 Stars
March 05, 2020
Felt more like The Hobart zip around. It felt rushed but for all the places we went that was the only way to see all there was to see. Guide did a nice job of rearranging the day to wait for the clouds to clear Mount Wellington. All in all we packed a lot in one day. We would do it again.
Reviewer: Jeff
5 Stars