The Best of Tauranga

The Best of Tauranga
March 14, 2020
The tour was well organized and covered the highlights of the area. The guide was extremely outgoing, funny and knowledgeable. The most interesting part was the Middle Earth part where the Lord of the Rings movies were shot. Bay of Plenty views were magnificent. The guide also gave interesting info about New Zealand. Totally recommend this tour.
Reviewer: Victoria Kalinsky
4 Stars
Great tour
March 07, 2020
We had Doug as our driver/guide who we met at the arranged rendevous point at the correct time. He immediately put us at ease and his knowledge continually surprised us. He kept our interest going and at no time were we bored. We learned lots about NZ history and the economy. The scenery was spectacular and the photo opportunities good.Fish and chips were a treat and we finished our tour with some retail therapy.
Reviewer: Norman Sutherland
5 Stars
February 24, 2020
A lovely, relaxed way to see the countryside around Tauranga. Well worth the price.
Reviewer: Steve
5 Stars
Wonderful exscursion , Highly recommend
January 10, 2020
Well organized tour of beautiful beach city. lovely beaches & gorgeous scenery. Outdoor lunch @ Bobby's fish market outstanding. Really fresh fish & homemade fries. Again, all ordered in advance, very little wait & our tour guide even brought ketchup for us as none was provided.
Reviewer: Sharon Walsh
5 Stars
Wonderful tour
January 07, 2020
We really enjoyed this tour, full of mixed type of sights. We especially enjoyed the botanical gardens and at the end of the tour, our fish and chips, which were included.
Reviewer: Gordon Milne
4 Stars
The Best of Tauranga
November 10, 2019
This was a great small group tour. Our guide was fun, informative, & gave good suggestions for other stops to try.
Reviewer: Mona Abrams
5 Stars
Best of Tauranga
April 02, 2019
This was a very pleasant excursion. We were taken to a beautiful beach along the lovely coastline. Then to the Honey store where we had the best ice cream. Next to the Kiwi farm to see them growing on their vines. Then up to a viewpoint where we could see our ship in the distance. Finally to the Elm House tour which had a very interesting history.
Reviewer: Ann Stafford
5 Stars
March 17, 2019
Best tour guide ever
Reviewer: Robert scott
5 Stars
Awesome Tour
March 12, 2019
I loved this Port. The pier is within walking distance of a coastal/holiday shopping centre which has a great vibe. Beautiful scenery. The tour guide was knowledgeable and friendly. The tour bus was about a 16 seater, modern and comfortable. We travelled a far distance with some great stops. The kiwi fruit orchid stop was very interesting. Loved this town.
Reviewer: Donna Reilly
5 Stars
Best of Taurango
February 24, 2019
It was a great excursion,very informative, the sights were amazing and the driver was very courteous. Thank you
Reviewer: Joanne Genzale
5 Stars
Lovely Tour
December 12, 2018
Colin was a wonderful tour guide, full of knowledge. Our tour of The Elms was very interesting. Colin pointed out many of the plants brought in by immigrants as well as local vegetation. The chapel here is used for weddings yet today.
Reviewer: Deborah Mader
5 Stars
An excellent view of Tauranga
March 19, 2018
The tour was comprehensive. We toured the beach area and the lovely homes along the way. We visited the old Mission and toured the grounds. A very good way to get a good look at Tauranga.
Reviewer: Alan Steinharter
5 Stars
Good tour
January 02, 2018
Great excursion. It was easy to contact the SEG guide at the beginning of the excursion,
Reviewer: T Choate
5 Stars
June 05, 2017
We enjoyed this excursion. What a beautiful city. Loved the stop along the beach. Thank you.
Reviewer: Larry Schwartz
5 Stars
Tour of Tauranga
March 08, 2017
Very interesting tour, both historically and geographically.Included a drive along the beach, visit to Gate Pa, site of Maori victory over English troops, visit to a kiwi farm with delicious fruit icecream! Ended with a visit to the Elm Mission Station, founded by CMS in the 1840s.
Reviewer: Jill and Brian Manton
5 Stars
The Best of Tauranga
February 13, 2017
The scenery was terrific. Our guide took us to many interesting places.
Reviewer: Ian Waters
4 Stars
January 21, 2017
Our cruise ship changed the time of arrival so our original tour had to leave. The company opened an afternoon tour for those of us who were late so it was a small group. Knowledgeable driver/tour guide and on site tour was arranged. Took us to historical places, the Kiwi farm, and scenic drives. We did not feel rushed and got back to the ship on time.
Reviewer: Marcia Vogl
5 Stars