Hobbiton Movie Set & Rotorua Thermal Wonderland Combo

Amazing and well worth the visit
February 25, 2023
I was amazed with this excursion, seeing as it is exactly as you see in the movies. Truly fascinating listening to the Hobbiton guide, lots when on to finally create this amazing set. Which tree isn't real???
Reviewer: Dianne
5 Stars
Another spectacular shore excursions trip
December 27, 2022
Great way to spend the day and get the history of Hobbiton. The bus tour was informative, the guides on the bus and at Hobbiton were well informed and shared stories and lore. Loved the geothermal experience with Hanna. He had so much reverence for his culture and history.
Reviewer: Mary Gorski
5 Stars
great day
April 02, 2020
it was a wonderful day for a trip to the Maori Rotorua Thermal Wonderland and to the Hobbiton Movie set. Our guide was excellent and while the bus ride was over and hour and a half each way it was worth it. The first stop was at the Rotorua Thermal Wonderland which is sophisticated and very professionally run. We were able to watch and participate in a traditional Maori parade and demonstration of singing, dancing and the fierce Haka. The geysers were also amazing to watch. From there we went to the Hobbiton Movie set. We had 2 hours with a very entertaining and well-informed guide who walked as around the entire set. It was just like being part of the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit movies. It is an amazing site. Good value.
Reviewer: Allen Lynch
5 Stars
Value for money
March 28, 2020
Robyn was an excellent tour guide providing heaps of narrative without being too much. And the "goodies" bag was an extra special treat.
Reviewer: Marilyn Harrell
5 Stars
Truly Delightful Outing!
January 29, 2020
Even if you're not a big Lord of the Rings fan (we had several on the tour, including one in my own party, who were not), the visit to Hobbiton is well worth it. It's beautiful and picturesque, not to mention very interesting as a working farm and quirky story land. The thermal area with geysers was also very cool to see, including the Maori dance performance. Our tour guide, Rolf, was great, and having a nice small group really made it easy to interact and enjoy.
Reviewer: Lia Kamitsis
5 Stars
December 30, 2019
The shore excursion was well informative. Value for money. The tour guide for both places was fantastic. The bus driver for both was brilliant. Out of 10 I would give this tour 40. Just fantastic thank you.
Reviewer: Marie Lunt
5 Stars
Hobbiton & Rotorua Review
December 19, 2019
This excursion is a must!! It was one of the best excursions we have been on while cruising on HollandAmerica. Fantasy at Hobbiton and then back to reality with cultural immersion in Rotorua provided a tremendous experience that won't be forgotten.
Reviewer: Stephen Kelsey
5 Stars
Hobbiton and Rotorua village/springs
November 24, 2019
Lovely scenic drive to Hobbiton. Hobbiton was magical atmosphere and beautiful English Cottage gardens. Rotorua Village very interesting. Spot a Kiwi, visit geyser and hot springs. Traditional Maori greeting and short concert. Highly recommended tour all ages.
Reviewer: Marie
5 Stars
Hobbiton Movie Set & Rotorua Thermal
April 14, 2019
the directions were to meet tour operator was excellent even though the ship docked late the full tour was honoured and got back in time for boarding the ship overall we thoroughly enjoyed this tour . highly recommend this tour
Reviewer: Walter Kodakovic
5 Stars
Really Nice day!
April 11, 2019
Our guide, Rolf, was very professional and pleasant to spend the day with. I really enjoyed both sites on this tour. Hobbiton was amazing and totally worth going to see. I wish we had had more time at the Rotorua site. We spent most of the time at a cultural show which was great, but had almost no time to walk around and see the geysers, mud pools, hot springs and little shops. That part of the day was very frustrating as it felt we had almost no time there. I know Rolf had a specific time that we had for our Hobbiton tour which could not be missed so he had no flexibility. I wonder if it would be better to go to Hobbiton in the morning and then do the Rotorua part of the tour in the afternoon to allow for a little bit more time at there?? All in all, a really nice day. We also were impressed with the giant bag of snacks and drinks that were provided as soon as we got on the bus. We were able to snack whenever we wanted throughout the day and we were not hungry at all!
Reviewer: Michelle Curby-Lucier
4 Stars
Loved it!
March 29, 2019
Hobbiton was so much more than we expected! The small tour size was much better than cruise ship offers.
Reviewer: Sandy
5 Stars
Hobbiton and Rotorua
February 02, 2019
We bought the excursion for my sister-in-law who said it was a fantastic day out.very informative,beautiful and even better than the movie! Rotorua was also great,fantastic to see the thermals,steam ,mud and general experience. the Maori culture was eye opening and well presented.
Reviewer: Michael Walker
5 Stars
Loved this tour the most
January 27, 2019
My sister and my father went with me on this tour. Our dad found Hobbiton a challenge walkin up steep hill. He is 84. Our tour guides were amazing. Hobbiton was so beautiful and the attention to detail was impressive. Thermal Wonderland at Rotorua did not disappoint either. It was the perfect day in NZ.
Reviewer: Christine Fittock
5 Stars
Hobbiton and Rotorua
January 02, 2019
What a delightful day it was everything I hoped it would be and more. Two such different venue but Rotors was nature at its most impressive and our guide so knowledgeable and as for the welcome by the local Maori family we felt well loved. Our visit to magical Hobbiton was great and we'll worth walking the steep paths so easy to envisage Group and friends here. A lovely finishing touch was the complimentary drink in the Green Dragon we felt we were just waiting for our little friends to appear. Again our guide was informative and friendly. Well done Peter Jackson and the Anderson family to allow us to share the dream. These two venue are definitely not to be missed. We will do them again if we visit New Zealand again.
Reviewer: Helen Donaldson
5 Stars
Best shore excursion for port of Tauranga
January 01, 2019
Full day of great sightseeing at a reasonable price. We could not find another excursion that combined these two venues. Highly recommend this shore excursion to maximize time ashore.
Reviewer: ES
5 Stars
Hobbiton Movie Set and Rotorua Thermal
April 30, 2018
This was a wonderful excursion! The guide was terrific. The guide got us in early so we missed some lines. The sights were amazing. This was the best Maouri demonstration of the trip. And Hobbiton was delightful. A great day and well worth the money! Thank you!
Reviewer: Stephanie Ohnigian
5 Stars
Hobbiton and Rotorua
April 09, 2018
Had a great time and enjoyed what we saw and did. Would recommend it to anyone.
Reviewer: Karen Jacobsen
5 Stars
Great Experience Not Available From Cruise Line
March 13, 2018
This excursion allows travelers to visit the thermal fields, the Maori village and cultural show, and Hobbiton all in one excursion. The cruise line excursions only visited either the Maori village or Hobbiton, not both, for about the same price. The group was small, only 4 couples, so we were able to spend more time at the sites instead of waiting for a bus full of people to load and unload. Our guide Robin was knowledgeable and accommodating. He took care of ticketing and other arrangements at each site to allow efficient use of time. Our van was clean and comfortable, and Robin provided water and snacks to keep our energy up for the long day. He kept us on schedule so that we had plenty of time at each site and got us back to the ship well before departure.
Reviewer: Larry Haukedalen
5 Stars
Very interesting, especially Hobbitown
January 23, 2018
Two separate tours with an hour of transit time between. Guide was very efficient to keep schedule. Both visits very interesting.
Reviewer: Richard Udicious
4 Stars
A Must For Lord Of The Rings Fans
January 21, 2018
We traveled in a small van with a driver that shared stories, humor, and history of the areas surrounding Rotorua. Our first stop was at a Maori cultural center that was located around small geysers and mud pots. The Maori presented a show including dance and history plus we toured the grounds and viewed beautiful wood-carvings followed by a quality buffet lunch. From there we drove through beautiful rolling hills, mostly sheep farms, until we reached the original movie set for Hobbiton. Our tour guide was delightful and took us on a path that wound around every hobbit dwelling, allowing time for photos and stories about the filming of the movie. The tour requires some physical ability as there is a lot of walking on a trail with small hills. At the end of the tour is the famed pub where many scenes were shot during the movies - you can actually have lunch and a beer. Plan on this tour taking the entire day but is totally worth it!
Reviewer: Larry Starcevich
5 Stars
A Great Day Out
January 16, 2018
This excursion was excellent in every respect. The day was well organised, everything went as advised. Our tour operator was a wealth of knowledge and very enthusiastic. Rotorua is a unique and amazing place, and the lunch provided was absolutely delicious. The best part of the day however was the tour of Hobbiton. It was simply awesome. Went home and watched The Hobbit again to re-live the memories. Fantastic day, highly recommended.
Reviewer: Julie Walklate
5 Stars
Great Guide and Tour
December 31, 2017
Our guide was very knowledgeable. He was able to answer all our questions and managed the group expertly. He knew when the thermal geyser would erupt and made sure we were there to see it in action. The Hobbiton experience was all we hoped for. The guide even provided props for us to take pictures in at the end. We have memories to last a lifetime.
Reviewer: Helen
5 Stars
Best Tour Available in Rotorua!
May 22, 2017
This was the first of several shore excursions we purchased through Shore Excursion Group for our cruise of New Zealand the French Polynesia Islands and it was the best! The cruise ship we were on didn't even offer the Hobbiton Movie Set as a shore excursion. The Thermal Wonderland was so amazing --- Old Faithful in New Zealand plus a bonus if it is a cold day (won't give away the secret). An amazing lunch served family style and the art & culture center added to this great stop. The drive from the Thermal Wonderland to Hobbiton Movie Set was so beautiful. Learned about the history of the area and the kiwi fruit. The Hobbiton movie set tour was so much fun (especially if you have some Lord of the Rings fanatics in your group which we did) and you even get to drink at the Green Dragon Pub -- fun for all ages. Overall a great day, our tour guide Grant was terrific and we made some new friends from the ship being in the small group (8 of us).
Reviewer: Kevin Culhane
5 Stars
Wonderful tour giude
April 17, 2017
Great tour!
Reviewer: George Helfrich
5 Stars
Guide: Grant
February 28, 2017
Grant was a fabulous tour guide. . . he helped us get the most out of a wonderful full day of touring - This is one of the BEST tours I have ever taken. the Rotorua Thermal, the Maori folk presentation, the lunch, the Hobbiton tour - it was Magical!!! Grant was informative, patient, and engaging, which was the icing on the cake!
Reviewer: Meredith Schmahl
5 Stars
Fascinating excursion
February 16, 2017
On arrival at port we were confused as to where our driver/ group was as no one of the people with cards had our names we looked for Shore excursions but there was another company with this name not ours! The chap checked with another couple of people then found we were with Zealander tours we had not been given that information! Morning was to thermal wonderland amazing & interesting & enjoyable. But rather rushed. Maori experience excellent but initial talk or greeting ruined as we couldn't hear or see what was going on! We really enjoyed these 2 attractions great lunch included at Hobbiton,brilliant set & great guide with lots of info. The
Reviewer: Wood
5 Stars
January 11, 2017
Three excursions into one. Nobody else, including the cruise line, had this option. The best excursion we went in during our 14 days Australian and New Zealand cruise. In the Green Dragon's bar they gave us wine, which we drank by the fire place, and the tour guides had Lord of the Rings costumes which we put in and took pictures with it. The hot Lunch buffet was excellent. Amazing geysers and the mud pools were incredible. This tour was the highlight of our vacation. We loved it!
Reviewer: Paulino Corsino
5 Stars
A great day !
December 28, 2016
From the very first encounter with our husband & wife team tour guides we knew we were in good hands. Grant was an encyclopaedia of knowledge about Rotorua, its people,flora & fauna. Hobbiton is a must see even if you have never seen the movies. Once again the narrative from Grant was most informative with many behind the scenes stories as well as facts on everything about "" Hobbitses"" . Hobbiton is a truly well run family owned business. I recommend doing the extra tour which includes a very hearty feast in the long tents before a guide takes you on a tour of the village. Once again the scenery in NZ is breathtaking. At the end of the Hobbiton tour you finish a great day in the Green Dragon Inn having your choice of ale, cider or ginger beer. For the snap happy photograph it is a wonderful opportunity to take many many pictures of all your movie favourite spots. Its a very long day but one not to be missed.
Reviewer: Yvonne Grant
5 Stars
A simply wonderful excursion that we'll always rem
March 11, 2016
From geysers & mudpots, to ancient Maori dances, to a fantasy world where Hobbits live. This was a fantastic tour!! Everything in their description is true - no exaggerations. My 21 year old granddaughter loved it too, and at her age she's not always an easy customer to please. We topped it off with beer and lunch (included in tour) at the local Hobbiton pub, the Green Dragon. Didn't meet any actual Hobbits though.
Reviewer: Pat
5 Stars
This was a wonderful excursion
March 04, 2016
This excursion was not offered by the cruise line. I want to see the geothermal region, Mauri culture, and the Hobbit village. I got to see them all. I had a great time. I would highly recommend this excursion.
Reviewer: Rustguy
5 Stars
February 27, 2016
When booking this tour I thought I was booking a New Zealand company .The price on the site did not say Aud ,or Nzd ,or Usd . I was a little disappointed to find out that after purchasing the tour ,the true price was much more .The tour advertised should state the currency you charge .Not in the fine print after booking and paying.
Reviewer: Me
5 Stars
A wonderful first time experience!
February 20, 2016
We will definitely book more tours with Shore Excursions!!
Reviewer: K and D
5 Stars
Exceeded our expectations!
January 07, 2014
Our guide, Kevin, was so gracious & gave us such a detailed narration of Hobbitton & New Zealand, that we were sorry to see our trip come to an end! So very impressed with this excursion! Thank you for such a good time!
Reviewer: CptDad
5 Stars
April 07, 2013
Our tour guide was wonderful! He knew his stuff, and was prepared with ponchos and umbrellas for everyone when it started to pour, and he helped make the best of poor weather. Plus, since we had a little extra time, he showed us a few additional sites. He definitely went above and beyond. Yours is a FAR better value than excursions booked through the cruiseline itself. Will definitely use again.
Reviewer: The Sleepers
5 Stars
March 14, 2013
great to see hobbiton, rotArUa and the kiwi farm aND store and a falls all on a one day tour fabulous
Reviewer: PJ
5 Stars